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TOMMY RESUME 02-25-2016


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TOMMY RESUME 02-25-2016

  1. 1. TOMMY NGO 385 North Temple Dr Milpitas, California 95035 Contact (408) 903 - 0014 OBJECTIVE To obtain a position where I can utilize my skills and experience EDUCATION San Jose State University, San Jose, CA Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering 12/2004 WORK RELATED 01/2007-Present GEOMETRICS INC, SAN JOSE, CA 95131 SENIOR ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN  Examine, test components, troubleshoot, and fix complex Printed Circuit Board assemblies, sub assemblies and final assemblies to the component level, ensuring proper operation and conformance with product specifications.  Responsible for system test, environmental test, functional test, and final test on seismographs, magnetometers, electromagnetic instruments, transmitters, receivers, and geo electrical products such as OhmMapper, MetalMapper, and Stratagem.  Responsible for system boards bring up for new design system board; installing operating system, updating software, hardware and firmware.  Communicate with manufacturing engineers to resolve problems relating to test specifications, plans, instructions and procedures.  Generate and maintain relevant product assembly and test documentation. Report testing information, testing result, bugs and enter bugs into database as required.  Perform other duties as assigned by engineers such as schematics checking, system board hardware, software testing and updating to conform to new design specifications.  Utilize PC workstations, tools, and test equipment such as Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Counters, Frequency Meters, Function Generators, Digital Multi-meters, Spectrum Analyzers and other electronic devices to test, set up, calibrate and measure Seismographs, Magnetometers, Transmitters, Receivers, and Electromagnetic Instruments.  Take feedback from customers and investigate the root causes to improve product quality later on.  Use NASA facilities to adjust, test, and calibrate the functionality of magnetometer sensors, coils, and other electromagnetic instruments.  Support manufacturing engineers with prototype hardware modifications; build test fixtures to test new system boards. 03/2004-03/2005 QUANTA COMPUTER, FREMONT, CA 94538 COMPUTER NETWORK TECHNICIAN  Configured, updated test equipment, and installed Software such as Solaris 8, 9 &10, AIX 5.0 & 5.3, HP-UX 11.v1, v2 & v3, Red hat 3, 4, &5 and SUSE 9 &10, Window server 2003.  Worked with engineering teams to understand their test strategies and environments and identify gaps in overall testing for the platforms.
  2. 2.  Responsible for software and hardware testing with multiple storages and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs). Testing processes include Operating System compatibility testing, third party Hardware and Software compatibility testing.  Tested with multiple platforms like Windows, UNIX, HP-UX, Red hat, SUSE and AIX on client server environment  Applied automation testing tools to the testing environment that can reduce testing time line.  Finding, reporting, tracing and thoroughly identifying bugs within many Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and storage products such as DS6800, DS8000 and DS8100 using Windows, UNIX, Red hat, SUSE, HP-UX, and AIX.  Diagnosed and found effective solutions to problems related to networking hardware, software, IBM storages and other networking devices.  Ran diagnostic tests; checked and replaced power supplies, cables, connectors, boards, switches, routers, storage tapes and other defected parts to the component level.  Acted as a technical resource in assisting users and customers to resolve problems with IBM storages; staffed a centralized help desk to facilitate exchange of information and advice for customers.  Assisted with the planning, design, research and acquisition of new or upgraded hardware and software systems; maintained current knowledge of hardware, software and network technology and recommended modifications as necessary, edited and modified short scripting files and testing procedures. SKILLS AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT USE  Tektronix AFG3021 Function Generator.  Agilent 33500B Waveform Generator.  Data Physics Quattro Analyzer.  Tektronix TPS 2004B, 2014 four channel digital storage Oscilloscope.  Stanford Research Systems model SR785 two channel dynamic signal analyzer.  Wave Surfer 3024 200 MHz Oscilloscope 4 GS/S with differential probe.  5302A 50MHz Universal Frequency Counter.  BK Precision 889A Bench LCR/ESR Meter.  8903A Audio Analyzer 20Hz to 100 kHz.  Familiar with networking concepts, excellent in math solving skills, programming language skills, circuit analysis, touchup & rework in all kinds of circuit boards, schematic drawings reading.  Ability to work independently and consistently meet deadlines, strong analytical skills, attention to details and fast learner. COMPUTER TOOLS Operating System  Linux, Unix (Sun Solaris & Linux), Windows, Windows NT, HP-UX, AIX, SUSE Programming Languages  C, C++, Perl, Python STATUS  U.S. Citizenship