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  1. 1. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery April 22, 2002 College Of Business Administration Managerial Sciences Department Sara Sheldon MGRS 324 Principles of Internet Marketing Site Description Attributes Rank Companies Offering Services and Pertinent Information About Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery http://www.dwinfocenter.or This site's aim is to help readers Strengths: Excellent ***** g/ learn about data warehousing and information provided decision support (i.e., business to visitors on what intelligence) systems. Links data warehousing is. provided on pages lead visitor to The site also provides sites of vendors of tools for data a vast array of links retrieval and analysis, tools for that are useful in building and maintaining system finding a service infrastructure, and tools directed at provider and different specific industries and functions vendor sites. which could be very helpful to a Weaknesses: None business. Provides automated, real-time, scalable, Strengths: Provides a **** ndex.htm open, and embeddable information to 5 step process to help allow companies maximum business companies understand optimization. what steps they need to follow to achieve success Weaknesses:
  2. 2. Homepage does not fill entire screen; too much white space http://www.salford- Salford Systems provides a broad Strengths: Easy site to ***** range of analytical, statistical, navigate; provide strategic and software consulting seminars to both services to corporations and public and private management consulting companies. sectors; explains They specialize in database mining, current system segmentation, targeting, and choice methodologies; modeling, and they have most consultants aimed at experience in the helping a business telecommunications, retail, catalog, implement a new health care and financial services system markets. Focus on potential ROI. Weaknesses: None Site Description Attributes Rank KDnuggets (KD stands for Strengths: Entire site **** Knowledge Discovery) is the leading is focused on data source of information on Data mining and related Mining, Web Mining, Knowledge topics. Free Discovery, and Decision Support subscription to the Topics, including News, Software, magazine. Provides Solutions, Companies, Jobs, Courses, consulting services Meetings, Publications, and more. (individually and with KDnuggets News has been colleagues) focusing on recognized as the #1 e-newsletter effective use of data for the Data Mining and Knowledge mining for creating Discovery community reaching business value. about 11,000 professionals. Top ranked website for data mining, web Weaknesses: Lots of mining, and knowledge discovery on open space on homepage that could be used more efficiently DMBA™ conducts benchmarking Strengths: Many links ****½ m studies to identify practices that to additional resources improve the overall operations of the in almost every members. To identify "Best in industry in existence Class" data mining processes, which, when implemented, will lead Weaknesses: member companies to exceptional Homepage has excess performance. white space
  3. 3. DM Review is recognized as the Strengths: Excellent * * * *½ leading business intelligence and information to keep data warehousing publication. For business managers and more than a decade, DM Review has executives up to date provided thought-provoking and on the most recent informative editorial covering developments in data strategic solutions for business mining research, as intelligence, analytic applications - well as other closely including CRM - and data related topics. warehousing across all major Provides many helpful industries. DM Review’ s authors and links to thousands of columnists are internationally published articles; recognized experts in a variety of provides free web business intelligence fields. DM seminars from software Review editorial provides both corporations executives business and technology perspectives discussing newest regarding issues, trends and software solutions solutions of interest to corporate executives and IT managers. The Weaknesses: The subscription to this magazine is website does not take FREE!! up the whole page; there are black lines along the sides that are distracting and unappealing to a visitor Site Description Attributes Rank http://www.dw- The Data Warehousing Institute™ Strengths: Extremely ***½ (TDWI), a division of informative to data 101communications, is the premier warehousing provider of in-depth, high quality professionals and
  4. 4. education and training in the data businesses considering warehousing and business it. Many online intelligence industry. TDWI is articles and research. dedicated to educating business and Aesthetically pleasing information technology professionals to visitors. about the strategies, techniques, and tools required to successfully design, Weaknesses: build, and maintain data Membership in The warehousing implementations, and Data Warehousing also to the advancement of data Institute is available warehousing research, knowledge for an annual fee of transfer, and the professional $245 ($295 outside the development of its Members U.S.). Membership fees are non-refundable. Need to be a member to access most articles within site. Data Mining and Knowledge Strengths: Has easily **½ /datamine/ Discovery is a peer reviewed journal accessible articles Data Mining and publishing articles on all aspects of about data mining; Knowledge Knowledge Discovery in Databases however, only a few Discovery Journal (KDD) and data mining methods for are free while the extracting high-level representations others are only (patterns and models) from data. accessible to members Submissions of high-quality original research or technical survey articles Weaknesses: Website that pertain to related fields such as is plain and has no theory issues in knowledge excitement to it. Last development, data mining methods update on seminars and algorithms, knowledge was in 1999. discovery, and application issues are highly encouraged.
  5. 5. Site Description Attributes Data Mining Technologies Inc. Strengths: Informative **** provides knowledge management papers found under White and decision support software and Paper section that services for data warehouse and explains to customers what data mining is and business applications pertaining to why is it useful within several industries including Internet each industry; specifically e-Commerce, Direct Marketing, focuses on data mining Healthcare, CRM, with regards direct Telecommunications, Utilities, and marketing by explaining Financial Services to solve problems. what type of segmentation DMT’ s proprietary technology modeling they offer automatically finds patterns and Weaknesses: Too much subtle relationships in data and empty white space on infers rules that allow the prediction homepage of future results. Applications for data mining are numerous and growing because ever-increasing amounts of data are being collected and stored at unprecedented speed. This is the personal website of Kurt Strengths: Easily ***** Thearling, Ph.D., Director of understood explanation of Engineering at AnVil Informatics, and the what data mining is good purpose of this web site is to share for; links to white papers information about data mining and other and other publications on analytic technologies. data mining; glossary of data mining terms; multiple links to useful data mining and CRM references; very useful data mining tutorial Weaknesses: None