How to Install SPSS 11.5 and Related Products
                                    for Microsoft Windows
10. If you install the Mapping feature, it will give you a set of maps that will meet most needs. However there are many m...
Software on the SPSS Suite CD (mostly for Windows)
                                  Install only the applications you wan...
Software on the ActivStats for SPSS CD

The ActivStats readme file states that it "is a comprehensive               To ins...
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Statistical and Computational Consulting Center


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Statistical and Computational Consulting Center

  1. 1. How to Install SPSS 11.5 and Related Products for Microsoft Windows The Statistical Consulting Center If you are installing or renewing SPSS on a single PC, this brief guide should be all you will need. Instructions that are more detailed are on the SPSS CD. If you need assistance, call the Helpdesk at 974-9900, send email to, or stop by the SCC walk-in support area at 200 Stokely Management Center. All UT students, faculty, and staff researchers can get up to 10 hours of free assistance for their statistical computing needs each semester. See for details. We also offer training in SPSS each semester. See for details. You may use one SPSS license on second computer such as office/home or desktop/laptop so long as only one copy is in use at any time. Server versions are available for Windows and various versions of UNIX. The per-user cost is the same as for the desktop version, up to a maximum charge of 10 users. These licenses are legal only for University work. If you perform the analysis for the benefit of an outside organization, you need to purchase a separate commercial license even if you do not charge that organization. Commercial licenses are available directly from the company for around $2,200. You can order one at Computer Requirements • Windows ME, 98, NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6, 2000 or XP. • A graphics adapter set at least to 800 by 600 resolution. • A Pentium-class processor. • 16 megabytes of random-access memory. 64 or more is recommended. • At least 91 megabytes of free disk space for the SPSS files plus 80 megabytes free for swap space. • If you run Windows NT, you must install Service Pack 3 or later for the Help system to work. 1. Before beginning the installation process, exit all other programs and make sure that you turn off any virus protection software you may be running. 2. If you have SPSS 7.5 or later currently installed, we recommend that you not uninstall the previous version. Instead, install SPSS in the same folder and all of your current settings will be maintained. 3. To begin the installation process, insert the SPSS CD into your CD drive (not the Suite CD). The Windows AutoPlay feature will start the setup process. If this doesn't happen, simply double-click on the SETUP.EXE file on the CD. When the setup window appears, start the installation by selecting Install SPSS with a single click of the mouse. 4. Follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the User Information screen. Fill in your name, The University of Tennessee as the organization and the serial number 19239001. Then click the Next button. 5. On the Setup Type screen, the Typical installation should suffice. It will install the most popular parts of the package, including the Statistics Coach. The Statistics Coach requires the use of Internet Explorer, which it can install for you. The Custom choice allows you to skip any parts you don't want to install and allows users of the SPSS command language to install an online version of the Syntax Guide. Then click Next. 6. On the Personal or Shared screen choose Personal unless you are a network administrator. Then click Next. 7. On the Product License Codes screen enter the following numbers complete with the spaces as shown below: 30161 34497 72753 04210 91599 3612 then click Update, and then click Next. If the program complains at this point, check the numbers very carefully and make sure that you have entered the spaces between the numbers. This code expires June 1st, 2003. See What to Do When SPSS Expires below for renewal information. 8. On the Select Options screen we recommend that you leave all of the options selected. You may not need some of these pieces, but we recommend installing them now because they take little extra space and may make it easier for one of our consultants to help you with future analyses. 9. Continue following the online instructions until the process is finished. 10/31/2002
  2. 2. 10. If you install the Mapping feature, it will give you a set of maps that will meet most needs. However there are many more detailed maps on the CD in the Geosets directory. See that directory for instructions on how to install other maps. 11. To access data in many database formats such as Microsoft Access, see the Individual Installation Instructions on the SPSS CD for how to install the Database Drivers. Updates and Repairs SPSS Inc. maintains a web site that allows you to download updates and repairs or "patches" to many of their products. You can check to see if any new patches are available for the programs you use by looking at SPSS Training There are a number of ways to learn how to use SPSS, including books, instructor- and computer-based training. The SPSS Base User’s Guide is very well written. It is available at the UT Book and Supply Store. Also, a complete set of SPSS manuals is on reserve at the Hodges Library. The staff of the Statistical Consulting Center teaches hands-on courses each semester. The web page that has course descriptions and a registration form is at The SPSS package itself contains a brief tutorial that is started by choosing Tutorial from the Help menu. The Help menu offers extensive online help and also contains the Statistics Coach, which can help you to decide what analysis to use. Also, the SPSS CD includes Survey Tips, a very helpful introduction to survey design. The SPSS Suite CD, available for a minor media cost, contains a library of reference books on research methods and SPSS techniques called the Training Online Course Guides. The guides are designed to accompany training offered by SPSS personnel but also work well as textbooks on the subjects. They are stored in Adobe Portable Document Format and so can be read and printed on both PCs and Macintoshes. The SPSS Suite CD also contains interactive computer-based training (CBT) in SPSS. This training is similar to the Tutorial but covers far more material. However, these are Windows programs that can only run on Macintosh computers when they emulate PCs. Finally, the ActiveStats for SPSS CD covers material that is roughly the equivilant to an introductory course in statistics. It uses SPSS as the analysis tool for its assignments. It works in Windows and Macintosh computers. What To Do When SPSS for Windows Expires To ensure that SPSS is paid for, it stops working or “expires” once a year on June 1st. It will warn you in advance when you start the program. For personal use, you can purchase the right to run it another year from the UT Computer Store. Departmental purchases can get a reduced rate by calling OIT's Contracts, Procurement, and License Management group at 974-6461, or by using the online software catalog at They will provide you with a new set of these instructions that will contain a code good until next June 1st. To renew your copy of SPSS, go to your existing SPSS folder, double-click on LICRENEW.EXE. It will prompt you to enter your new license code listed in step 7 above. Enter the code carefully including the blanks that separate the individual numbers. It will prompt you to enter any other codes you have. Just press the Enter key and you are done. If you continue to have problems, call the HelpDesk at 974-9800. 10/31/2002
  3. 3. Software on the SPSS Suite CD (mostly for Windows) Install only the applications you want from the list below. Amos 4.0.1 for Windows (Analysis of MOment as average income by country, state or county. They can also Structures) can solve Structural Equations Models (SEM) by display how well a model such as regression analysis fits in simply drawing a path diagram. SEM models are also known as different regions. This is a part of SPSS itself, which is installed LISREL models, confirmatory factor analysis, analysis of when SPSS is installed (see page 1). It is mentioned here covariance structures, path analysis or causal modeling. The because people may not realize statistics packages have such web page is, and SEM information is at features. Due to shared files, Amos requires 12MB of disk space if SPSS Data Entry Builder 3.0.3 for Windows is a tool that SPSS and Microsoft Office are installed, or 32MB if they're not. helps you to quickly design and print surveys and then later Amos 3.6 and 4.0 can be run simultaneously without causing enter the data directly into the on-screen form or via the web. problems, but 4.0 saves files that 3.6 cannot read. The forms help ensure that you do not enter bad data. The To install Amos, go to the Amos folder on the SPSS Suite resulting dataset is ready for analysis and contains the data as CD and double-click on SETUP.EXE. When it asks, provide the well as variable labels and value labels. Despite its name, this is serial number 182667 and the license code a stand-alone product, not an add-on to SPSS itself. 40611 86385 60083 70060 31215 48248 45830 641 To install it go to the Data Entry Builder folder on the SPSS Suite CD and double-click on Autoplay.exe. Choose AnswerTree 3.1 for Windows is SPSS’ easiest to use data Install SPSS Data Entry and when it asks, provide the serial mining tool. It uses a variety of searching methods to discover number 3738822 and then the install code: relationships in your data. These methods include Chi-Square 46176 97482 32197 03361 26420 15353 84032 793 Automatic Interaction Detection (CHAID), Classification and Regression Trees (C&RT) and the Quick, Unbiased, Efficient SamplePower 2.0 for Windows helps you plan your study Statistical Tree (QUEST). Output is in the form of easy-to-use by figuring out the smallest number of subjects (or experimental decision trees. units) you would need to find a significant result. You can learn how to use AnswerTree by running the To install SamplePower, go to the Sample Power folder on tutorial located on the Help menu, or by reading the well-written the SPSS Suite CD and double-click on SETUP.EXE. When it manual. asks, provide the serial number 3722530 and then the license To install AnswerTree, first uninstall any older versions if number: you have any. Then go to the AnswerTree folder on the SPSS 43213 69587 65814 23754 04480 97671 77711 905 Suite CD and double-click on SETUP.EXE. When it asks, provide the serial number 3817952 and the install code: TextSmart 1.1 for Windows helps you perform 44783 58747 67855 65446 58594 61759 64567 604 "qualitative analysis" of text data. It calculates how often words appear apart and together. It then creates automatic conceptual CBT Basics/Intermediate for Windows teaches you how to categories based on word co-occurrence, frequency of use SPSS using interactive computer based training techniques. occurrence, or both. It uses multidimensional scaling plots and To start one of the sessions, open either the CBT The Basics the brushing visualization technique to study categories for folder, or CBT Intermediate Topics folder by double-clicking refinement. Results can then be output to SPSS files for further on one of them. Then double-click on SETUP.EXE and the analysis. training will begin. No files need to be copied to your hard To install TextSmart, go to the Textsmart folder on the drive. SPSS Suite CD and double-click on SETUP.EXE. When it asks, provide the serial number 182667 and then the install code DeltaGraph 5.0 for Windows is a very capable package 30043 40752 61148 90251 87631 5912. that does data graphics such as bar, line and pie charts. However, if you're a statistics user, we consider SPSS' own Online Course Guide Library in PDF Format is a graphics to be almost as good and well integrated into each collection of 19 well-written books on a variety of research and analysis. A Macintosh version of DeltaGraph is available on a computing topics, and the datasets that are used in each separate CD (see next page). example. Topics include Statistical Analysis, Advanced To install DeltaGraph for Windows, go to the DeltaGraph Statistical Analysis, Survey Research, Analysis of Variance, for Windows folder on the SPSS Suite CD and double-click on Regression, Market Segmentation, Perceptual Mapping, Time SETUP.EXE. The first time you run the program fill in the Series Forecasting; SPSS Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and serial number 3763964 and the license code 42296 02866 44056 Introductions to: SPSS Data Entry and TextSmart. 29359 61289 73648 17438 73911. To read or print the books, open the Online Course Guide Library folder by double-clicking on it. Then, if you already Neural Connection 2.1 for Windows uses neural network have Adobe Acrobat installed, simply double-click on the file algorithms to model, forecast and classify data. To install it, named home.pdf. It will show you the full list of books and let open the Neural Connection folder on the SPSS Suite CD and you read or print any of them. double-click on SETUP.EXE. When it asks, provide the serial If you don’t have Acrobat already installed, double-click on number 182667. No license code is required for Neural SETUP.EXE in the acroread folder and follow the directions. Connection. Then you can open home.pdf as described above. Macintosh users can get Acrobat for free at SPSS Maps 10.0.7 for Windows does statistical data maps called thematic maps. They can display simple information such SPSS Contract Number 100184099 10/31/2002
  4. 4. Software on the ActivStats for SPSS CD The ActivStats readme file states that it "is a comprehensive To install it insert the CD. It will open a setup screen. Choose multimedia introduction to statistics. More than 300 activities Run ActiveStats from CD-ROM. You can also install it to run show you how statistics is used with real-world videos, illustrate from your hard drive, but this takes more space and you must basic concepts with hands-on interactive animations, and let you have the CD in the CD drive regardless of how it is installed! discover how random events behave by experimenting for The first time you run it, choose the New student file button. It yourself in specially designed computer-based experiments. The will ask for your name and serial number. Enter the serial program teaches you how to use statistical methods with the number NTUT45QW. If you don't have QuickTime 3.0 award-winning Data Desk statistics program (included on the installed, double-click on the QuickTime30 icon and follow the CD-ROM) and SPSS." It runs on Windows and Macintosh instructions. After installing ActivStats, you can choose "Open computers. student file" to continue from where you left off. The readme file on the CD contains more detailed installation instructions. Software on the Clementine for Windows CDs Clementine 7.0 is the SPSS Corporation’s most AutoPlay feature will start the setup process. If this doesn't comprehensive Data Mining tool. It is available in our computer happen, simply double-click on the SETUP.EXE file on the CD. labs. Faculty and staff can obtain it for use on machines owned When the setup window appears, start the installation by by UT. It comes on two CDs, one with the main program, selecting Install Clementine with a single click of the mouse. tutorial (see Help menu) and complete manual set in PDF format When it asks enter the serial number 3888237 and the license and another containing Application Templates that are useful in code is: web mining and telecommunications. A server edition is 49752 89636 36679 33648 90508 69119 10001 495. available that has Windows, Solaris, AIX and HP UNIX To expand the range of data files and databases Clementine versions all on a single Server CD. The server edition costs the can read, install the Database Drivers on the SPSS CD if you same per-user as the desktop version, up to a maximum of 10 have not done so already (see SPSS installation instructions users. The server version is installed on our central UNIX above). systems. You can use your desktop version to control those Students wishing to use Clementine on their personally systems while freeing up your desktop computer for other tasks owned machines, may be able to purchase it as a Grad Pack while your models run. from the UC Computer Store. Hardware requirements include a minimum of 256 MB of However, the Computer Store must order five at a time, so RAM, 320 MB of disk space and a monitor set to 1024x768 they may not be able to purchase a set unless you can get four resolution with at least 65,536 colors. To begin the installation friends to purchase it with you. process, insert the Clementine CD into your CD. The Windows Software on the DeltaGraph for Macintosh CD DeltaGraph 4.5 for Macintosh is a very capable package that does data graphics such as bar, line and pie charts. However, if you're a statistics user, we consider SPSS' own graphics to be almost as good and well integrated into each analysis. Its installation serial number is DGMAC-0450-1505166350. Software on the SPSS DecisionTime/WhatIf? For Windows CD DecisionTime 1.1 is an automated forecasting program When you insert the CD it should automatically offer to that helps you to make forecasts for time-series data. The install either package. If it doesn’t, double-click on forecasts can be used as is, or can be saved for use in WhatIf? SETUP.EXE. The CD also includes installations for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat. Internet WhatIf? 1.0 allows you to use DecisionTime models to Explorer is required to view help files. Acrobat is needed to easily examine alternative scenarios, such as increasing read or print copies of the User’s Guides, which are also on advertising expenditures, to see how they affect the forecasted the CD. outcomes. For DecisionTime the serial number is 3692094 and the license code is: 46248 23226 30026 34632 42392 28156 38121 181 For WhatIf? the serial number is 3692094 and the license code is: 30046 73652 12798 14223 93895 891 SPSS Contract Number 100184099 10/31/2002