Predictive Web Insight for More Effective Action


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Predictive Web Insight for More Effective Action

  1. 1. Web Mining for Clementine® Predictive Web Insight for More Effective Action Traditional Web analytics are most often failing to provide the insight decision makers need to successfully manage their online business—they simply count and report Web usage. While an important analytical foundation, these simple statistics offer limited support for answering critical online business questions. Data mining is a proven analytical technology for detecting conversion and purchase, using proven NetGenesis key patterns and trends that would otherwise be missed, Web analytics technology. These online business events and generating actionable predictive business insight. But are made available within Clementine Web analysis the complexities of accurately preparing raw Web data with applications that quickly deliver predictive insight. the business context necessary for data mining has hampered its use in online business management. Data preparation Enable online business decision makers in your organization accounts for approximately 80 percent of the time spent on to take more effective action through the ability to: most data mining projects. The difficulties associated with ■ Automatically discover user segments. Discover user analyzing Web data—technical information that was never groupings based on actual online behavior using designed for analysis—push that percentage even higher. automated segmentation, and provide your organization with a clearer, more accurate understanding of online The new standard in Web analysis prospects and customers. ® Web Mining for Clementine is an add-on module that ■ Detect the most significant sequences. Sequence makes it easy for analysts to perform ad hoc predictive detection techniques automatically identify which pages Web analysis within Clementine’s intuitive visual workflow are critical to specific online business goals—such as interface. The award-winning Clementine data mining improving search engine effectiveness—highlighting workbench enables analysts to quickly develop predictive important chains of activity. models using business expertise and deploy them into ■ Understand product and content affinities. Long used by business operations to improve decision making. Unlike retailers to understand product associations in the mind traditional Web analytics methods that simply count Web of the consumer, affinity, or “market basket”, analysis interactions, Web Mining for Clementine delivers more identifies online customer preferences to improve meaningful customer intelligence on both the current and cross-selling and optimize content. future state of your online business. ■ Predict user propensity to convert, buy, or churn. One of the most powerful analytical best practices that data By bringing together the leading technologies for both Web mining brings to Web analytics is propensity modeling analytics and data mining—along with SPSS’ more than 35 and the ability to predict the likelihood that an years of analytical experience—Web Mining for Clementine individual user will convert, purchase, or churn. sets a new standard for Web analysis. Easily transform raw Web data into data on key business events, such as
  2. 2. Web Mining for Clementine analytical workflow 1 2 3 1 Raw Web data is technically focused and difficult Terminated to interpret Search 0 - W3SVC23 Visit Purchase 2 HQWLIVE1 Prepare Web data by transforming it into Convert 4 80 GET Review Search business events /default.ida 3 Analyze business events within Clementine Raw Web Business Predictive and deliver actionable predictive insight such as “97% of searches for help result in a data event data insight terminated visit” Accurately prepare Web data automatically prepared, all of the included Web analysis Web Mining for Clementine greatly simplifies the applications are easily executable without previous preparation of Web data for predictive analysis using Web mining experience—eliminating the need for NetGenesis Web analytics technology proven over more specialist support. than a decade—expertise unmatched by any vendor. Raw Web data only supplies technically focused information, Six Web analysis application modules are included to which is of little use for business analysis. The Web Mining address key online business problems: for Clementine analytical process begins with your ■ Search engine optimization organizations’ online business goals, and mapping Web ■ Automated user and visit segmentation data to support those goals. By mapping Web pages to critical ■ Web site activity and user behavior analysis business events such as “completion of registration,” Web ■ Home page activity data becomes usable for predictive analysis. ■ Activity sequence analysis ■ Propensity analysis Easily process Web data using the Web Mining for Clementine source node, integrated within the Clementine Web Mining for Clementine brings all the benefits of the visual workflow. Time-tested Web data-processing rules drive award-winning Clementine workbench to predictive Web the Web mining node as it automatically transforms volumes analysis—including easy data preparation, scalability, of Web data into focused online business events. The Web and interactive visualization. Clementine’s visualization mining node efficiently scales to enterprise Web analysis techniques accelerate time-to-insight with the ability to demands by processing only the data needed to create derive new attributes and metrics. Unlike traditional Web an accurate view of online behavior. Accurate user analytics—which is limited to predefined, generic data— identification, business event mapping, sessionizing of Web Mining for Clementine provides unrivaled flexibility to visits, and noise data filtering help ensure that decision perform the additional aggregation and derivation required makers draw reliable conclusions about current conditions for actionable insight. Even combine online business event and future events. data with data from other channels—such as transactional data and textual data from call center notes—for multi- Quickly deliver predictive insight channel analysis. The Web Mining for Clementine Application Template combines the power and flexibility of the Clementine workbench with Bring this new standard of Web analytics to your company predictive Web analysis applications designed to quickly and help decision makers take the most effective action deliver online insight. Since business event data is with a deeper level of online insight. To learn more, please visit For SPSS office locations and telephone numbers, go to SPSS is a registered trademark and the other SPSS products named are trademarks of SPSS Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective owners. Web Mining for Clementine is powered by NetGenesis Web analytics technology. © Copyright 2004 SPSS Inc. WMCLMINS-0104