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MS Word file resumes18065r.doc

  1. 1. OBJECTIVE To seek a position where my Database / Business Intelligence expertise, quantitative strength, as well as my communication and interpersonal skill can be utilized to meet the business or technology needs. Status: Canadian Citizen. Job Location Preferred: Princeton / New Jersey, New York City, Greater Toronto Area. AREAS OF SKILLS AND STRENGTHS Technology & Mathematics • Data Warehouse, OLAP, BI and Data Mining • Database Design, Administration, and Architect • Algorithm Design and Implementation • Quantitative Analysis and Mathematical Modeling • Princeton Ph.D. in Mathematics • Passion for Data Analysis, BI and Quantitative Finance Work Communication and • Strong Communication, Presentation, and Interpersonal skills People Skills, and all the • Extraordinary initiative, drive, leadership, professional integrity, other sense of responsibility and commitment to get things done • Extensive experience in facing and interacting with clients • Outstanding in delivering Training & Presentation WORK EXPERIENCE Senior Database Advisor and Business Intelligence Specialist December 1998 – Present, Princeton Algorithm Inc. Toronto, Canada Providing consulting services to a variety of Clients in Canada, US, and China in following areas: • Database, Data Warehouse and BI Work: Database architecture, database enhancement and tuning, trouble-shooting, data migration, data analysis, data warehouse, data mining, OLAP and BI solution design and development. • Pre-sales, Communication and Liaison: Pre-Sales communication, presentation, and negotiation; Bidding for IT outsourcing projects; Managing project teams; Training project team members; Communication and Coordination between clients and project teams; Acting as a bridge between U.S./Canada and China. • Database Application Development: Design and develop Database Applications with SQL, VB, and C; Involved in both front-end, back-end, and middle-tier coding, and Algorithm design. Toolset: Everything on Microsoft SQL Server (including SSAS, SSRS & SSIS), Applied Statistics, Numerical Method, Algorithm, SAS, Matlab, Mathematica, Microsoft Excel, Programming in SQL, C, VB and VBA. Client: Vastardis Capital Services, NYC; Role: Sr. Business Intelligence Specialist Worked closely with business executives and financial analysts to Develop Database solutions for Financial Investment Performance Return and Risk Measurement. Extensive Quantitative Calculation covering Investment Vehicles, Custom Benchmarks, Consolidations, Valuation, Return, Modified Dietz, IRR, and Statistics (Standard deviation, Beta, Sharpe ratio, Skewness, Kurtosis, … etc.) On technology side, we use primarily Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and .Net. Combining my math strength and database skill, I successfully solved IRR problem and implemented faster IRR calculation in SQL with numerical algorithm. I also used mathematics in a few other areas of the system for better and faster solution. Client: Geosign; Role: Business Intelligence Specialist Worked with very large database to analyze internet data and develop OLAP cubes and BI solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Service, Integration Service, and Reporting Service, as well as BI Studio and SQL and MDX languages. Responsibility covers: • ETL: Extract, Transform, and Load data from heterogeneous data sources into SQL Server Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. • Design Data warehouse and transform data from OLTP structure into warehouse structure • Determine measures (metrics) and dimensions based on data knowledge and sense as well as user requirements, and then design OLAP cubes with Microsoft SSAS and BI Studio • Automate the processing of OLAP cubes and analytical results Data analysis involves: Internet traffic and website performance comparison analysis (sessions, clicks, click through rate, cost per click, IP origin, … etc.), Popularity of ad-keywords (the keywords purchased from search engine) and search terms (the actual terms that user searched for), and Financial analysis (revenue, expenses, and profit) generated from internet traffic. Client: Buchanan Associates; Role: Managing Consultant Worked on the migration of strategic information systems (including fix and enhancement) of Buchanan’s client. Primary Responsibilities: • Convert existing Crystal Reports to SQL Server 2005 Reports • Develop new reports with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services • Migrate existing OLAP cubes from SQL Server 2000 Data warehouse to SQL Server 2005 • Develop new OLAP cubes with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Client: Verified Person; Role: Developer & Mathematician / Data Analytics with Fuzzy Logic Deal with VLDB (Very Large Database) containing people, address, criminal records with traditional query and fuzzy query; Handle bad data (misspelling, address abbreviations, nicknames, error and inaccurate data) with three different methods; Used SQL Server 2005 Fuzzy Lookup and transformation capability; Wrote extensive Stored Proc code to process and query data; Developed an program to encrypt data that can not be decrypted after encryption. One of the fundamental challenges is: Find a person in VLDB with any combination of the following given information: first name, last name, date of birth, address, and social security number, provided that the given first name may be a nickname (like Bill vs. Williams), the given last name may not match (like Lee vs. Li), the year of birth could be off by one year, the address could be misspelled or abbreviated, the given ssn may not exist in the database. You may find several people. Rank them by relevance, similarity, or accuracy based on the given input. Client: Triversity Shanghai Branch; Role: Head DBA & Database Architect • Investigate and trouble-shoot a database containing retail data with poorly-designed large tables. • Made recommendations from 9 perspectives to improve the database performance: Table restructuring, vertical data partition, index redesign, data access strategy, database server configuration, stored procedure code re-writing, Distributed Partitioned View, Separation of OLAP activities from OLTP database, Transactional Replication; • Lead and drive Plan B – a project born out of my recommendations, until its full implementation under a tight timeframe. • Plan B’s success improved the database performance significantly, and more importantly, solved or fixed more than 70% of existing problems, bugs, and issues. 【See my writing “Investigation & Recommendation for the Plan B Initiative on the Database Server RCCData” which is available upon request.】 Client: Willson International; Role: Senior Consultant / Leader Worked as VB/SQL Consultant on the project Custom Brokerage System. Duties include: Design & Development with VB and SQL Server; Trouble-shooting and fixing problems in VB Programs, SQL Server, and the data access method. Client: Chapters Inc; Role: Project Manager & SQL Server DBA Worked as Project Manager and SQL Server DBA in charge of the Auto Replenishment Project. The Auto Replenishment system is a data-intensive, time-sensitive, and mission-critical system deployed in every Chapters bookstore nation-wide in Canada. (Chapters was the largest retail bookstore company in Canada. The ideas, functionality, algorithms, applications, and values behind the Auto Replenishment system can be useful in any retail business.) Responsibilities covering from user requirement gathering, business analysis, to database/architecture design; from system analysis to algorithm design and to front-end and back-end coding; from user support to SQL Server maintenance/administration; from planning, documentation to project management; from team Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. development to technical leadership. Replenishment uses SQL Server as back-end and VB as front- end, and involves large data feed from Oracle databases. Client: E5 Systems; Role: IT Out-sourcing Project Manager Representing E5 (a Boston-based IT company) in China and Interfacing with Chinese Software companies having partnership with E5 on out-sourcing projects. Acted as a liaison between U.S. and China in communication and coordination; Managed U.S. outsourcing projects executed in China, Provided training on a variety of soft skills necessary to work on U.S. outsourcing projects. Client: ITtrain Corp; Role: IT Director Responsible for the design and implementation of database servers, MIS system (ITtrainMIS), E- mail processing system (EmailPro), web site (, Welcome system (Welcome), accounting and bookkeeping system (InfoStor). Also responsible for Technology Training course design, and hiring of instructors and technical staff members. Created procedures, policies, regulations that control hiring process and performance measurement. As a hands-on manager, involved in Database Architecture Design and SQL Programming; Utility tools and Components Development; SQL Server Database Administration, Configuration, Performance Tuning, and Backup/Recovery; Data Transformation, Extraction, and Analysis (Data Warehousing and Mining); Technology Involved: Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 Server, SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, Microsoft Analysis Server 2000, VB 6.0, .NET, C++, Java, ASP, ADO, COM/DCOM, MTS, IIS, XML Application with DOM, Object-Oriented Analysis and Mathematical Analysis. IT Consultant August 1998 - December 1998, Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, Toronto (Left because the business unit I was in was taken over by CGI in Canada) The Liberty Health Project, MS Access Developer & Report Builder Developed a Microsoft Access application which is used by business managers to run, customize and generate more than 30 types of reports for Disability Claims business. Data comes from linked tables which are linked to Sybase Database Server. No hierarchy, logical structure or relationship can be found in the awkward and poorly designed Database structure. I quickly absorbed basic business logic on Disability Claims, and based on my logical sense, I created Level II tables. The purpose was to sort and organize existing data from chaos by joining multiple source tables so that certain hierarchy, logical structure and table relationships are implemented. Level II tables were then used as the foundation for the Access Application and all the reports generated by the application. To make the application scaleable and easy to use, and also to overcome the difficulty resulted from bad data structure, many advanced MS Access techniques were used. Technology Tools: Windows NT, MS Access 97, Sybase. Senior Consultant May 1996 – July 1998, Butler Technology Solutions, New Jersey Design and develop Software Applications; Modeling in Rational Rose and UML; Analyzing and designing relational databases; GUI design; Front-end coding in VB, C, C++, and back-end coding in SQL (stored procedures, triggers, views); Developing parsing algorithms for conversions between different data formats; Error-handling, trouble-shooting, and debugging spaghetti code; Context-sensitive on-line help development, Handling user security (authentication server); Developing algorithms, utility functions, OLE servers, and COM/DCOM; Applying math skills to solve business problems for clients; Training team members on soft skills, Conducting technical interviews, Leading development teams and managing project life cycles. The Citibank Project, Senior Consultant, Mar 98 - Jul 98 Served as Technical Leader. Trouble-shoot WorldLink Plus system on both technical and business logic level. Fixed bugs and spaghetti source code. Y2K analysis and conversion: rewrote all date/time-related code to make the system Y2K compliant. Implemented the new European currency Euro into the system. Solved, with math skills, “Penny” (yet annoying) problem occurred in the system when funding foreign exchange contracts. System Front-Tier: Visual Basic, Middle-Tier: Visual C++, Database: Sybase SQL Server. The Bankers Trust Project, Senior Developer & System Architect, Mar 97 - Mar 98 Working as a Senior Developer and System Architect on a 2-tier System Advance Pricing Agreement (APA). Wrote a comprehensive developer reference based on the evaluation of Object- Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Oriented analysis and design tools. Created Architecture Models for two systems: APA and BTAS (Bankers Trust Authentication Service), where BTAS is an OLE server which communicates between a Database Application and SQL Verification Server to authenticate a Database user. Significantly enhanced my own utility component “Status Box Server.” The refined Status Box Server is used everywhere in APA system, and has been published in November 1997 issue of Visual Basic Developer magazine. Wrote extensive code to build functions and procedures into a streamlined automated workflow that has automated over 90% of manual work in APA process. Now APA process takes less than one day to run through, where it previously took more than one week to run through. Received “Utility Award” for the service and performance. Technology Tools: Windows NT, Rational Rose, SourceSafe, Visual Basic 5.0 & 4.0, Microsoft Access, Crystal Report, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, DAO and RDO Data Access Methods. The AT&T Project, Chief Client/Server Developer & SQL Server DBA, Oct 96 - Mar 97 Worked as the chief VB Developer and SQL Server Developer/DBA on both front and back-end for the project Space/Telephone Request System (STRS) at AT&T. Managed the entire development process of the system in Client/Server architecture. The system was previously written in a single environment: Microsoft Access as both front-end and back-end. Re-wrote the system using Visual Basic 4.0 as front-end and SQL Server 6.5 as back-end with RDO as the Data Access method. The utility component “Status Box Server” also served the STRS system. Developed a math formula, with algebraic skills, to solve Bonus allocation problem for the AT&T manager. Technology Tools: Windows NT, Visual Basic 4.0, Visual C++, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 6.5, and RDO Data Access Method. The UPS Project, Senior Technical Specialist, May 96 - Oct 96 Worked as the Technical Leader on a 3-tier Project Package Claims System (PCS). Trained and educated team members through extensive diagnosis, trouble-shooting, debugging on spaghetti code and wrong code. (Before Chris joined the PCS team, the team could not even compile PCS source code.) Spent the first two weeks in going through the source code and discovered many serious bugs and problems. Then documented these bugs and problems and explained why they are bugs or problems and how to fix them. Such a document educated the whole team and the project manager. Finally made PCS compilable and runnable after fixing all the major problems in the source code. Also made program conventions and guidelines which were used by the entire project team. Made extensive training effort to each UPS worker in the project team, and improved their job skills. Developed a subsystem “Casualty Information” alone. Technology Tools: Windows NT, PVCS, Visual Basic 4.0, OLE Server, Mainframe DB2, ODBC API. MIS Lead Developer September 1994 - April 1996, Fountain Technologies, New Jersey Responsible for large migration (ETL Process) of company-wide Management Information Systems (MIS) from FoxPro to VB/SQL Architecture. Specific duties include: Analyzing, designing and creating relational databases, Building Data Bridges from FoxPro to Microsoft SQL Server, Extensive front-end and back-end coding in VB and SQL produced many utility functions and components (OLE Servers) and Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views, Developed context-sensitive on-line help and report from RTF files and help projects; Leading and managing multiple projects; Training and supervising junior programmers. Technology Tools: Windows (3.x, NT and 95), Visual Basic, FoxPro, Visual C++, SQL Server, MS Access, ODBC, DB-Library, DAO, RDO, Crystal Report, Windows API, DDE, In and Out Process OLE Server, Help compiler and help projects, Hot Spots Editor. Systems Developed: Sales Order Entry and Processing, Inventory Browser, Customer Information, Sales Packages, Sign In/Out System, User Security Level Control, MIS Book Library, Personnel System, Client/Server Speed Performance Test. EDUCATION • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Princeton University, o Specialties: Number Theory and Automorphic Forms • B.S. in Computer Science, Shan Dong University, o Specialties: Software Engineering, and Algorithm HONORS & AWARDS Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. • Dr. SQL, Triversity Asia Pacific, September 2005 • Achievement Award, Butler Technology Solutions, December 1997 • Utility Award, Bankers Trust Corporate Center Technology, December 1997. • Dr. VB Award, Butler Technology Solutions, October 1996. • Princeton University Scholarship for Ph.D. program, 1988 - 1991. • Number-One National Mathematics Winner in China at College Graduate Level, Oct. 1985. • Chess Championship, University of Science and Technology of China, 1984. BIBLIOGRAPHY (Partial) Certain Dirichlet series attached to automorphic forms over imaginary quadratic fields Duke Mathematical Journal, Vol. 72, 695-724, December 1993. Fuzzy Database Query Written for Verified Person Inc., May 2006 Build a StatusBox Server Visual Basic Developer magazine, November 1997. ( Solution to a Mathematical Problem The Mathematical Intelligencer, Vol. 10, No. 3, P. 45, 1988. Database Programming Guidelines (for SQL Server & Oracle) Written for Cryptologic Inc., November 2001 Quotes From Written References “As his Princeton Math Ph.D. proves, Dr. Zhao has a brilliant analytical mind and great mathematical sense and he often sees or discovers potential issues and logic errors that are embedded in the details. His analytical mind often leads him to the simplification and improvement of our business logic as well as brilliant algorithm to implement our business logic. As he often says: 'When it comes to logic, algorithm, or data analysis, I rarely make mistakes.' That’s indeed the case since I know him.” --Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, Fund Performance, NYC “Dr. Zhao has been a chief architect in Business Process Modeling and Reengineering, in building utility functions and components, and in the design and implementation of information systems “Advance Pricing Agreement” (APA) and “Bankers Trust Authentication Service” (BTAS)… Zhao’s work is based on algorithm design and mathematical modeling, and produces core components that work as a form of “expert system” for the areas in which they are utilized. For example, one of core components, called the Status Box Server, is a messaging tool in the Windows environment which Zhao invented two years ago, and restructured and enhanced at Bankers Trust. In fact, the Status Box Server is so useful it will be introduced and made available to millions of Windows programmers and developers through a widely read trade publication ... Not only his work (the actual results), but also his ideas and methods are practical and extremely valuable in Information Technology ... It is difficult to find an individual who is dedicated to his work, highly competent, reliable, honest, and sufficiently skilled to make the level of contribution that Zhao has made.” -- APA Project Manager and RAD Director at Bankers Trust, NYC Page 5 of 5