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THE MATHEMATICA                                      ®

Pull in your data or ours, ap...

Interactive Data Analysis and Mining Examples
The Wolfram Demonstrations Project ...
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  1. 1. THE MATHEMATICA ® DATA ANALYSIS AND MINING SOLUTION Pull in your data or ours, apply sophisticated symbolic and numeric analysis, and create state-of-the-art visualizations—all in one 10 system, with one integrated workflow. 5 -20 -10 10 20 30 40 -5 Underlying the Mathematica data analysis and mining solution are world-class analysis and classification algorithms, built-in scientific and socioeconomic data, and hundreds of importable data formats. Why Mathematica in Data Analysis and Mining? Mathematica includes thousands of built-in functions for computation, modeling, visualization, development, and deployment. KEY DATA ANALYSIS AND MINING CAPABILITIES WAYS TO USE • Cluster analysis for numerical, Boolean, and string • Build customized analytical tools data, in arbitrary dimensions and with arbitrary distance functions • Fit data to common models or to newly developed theoretical models • State-of-the-art data classification algorithms • Study voting patterns or other social statistics • Text analysis with built-in string manipulation functions • Merge built-in economic data with your customer data • Interactive analysis tools that are quick to build and to understand how changes in sales are linked to deploy broader events • Descriptive statistics for univariate and multivariate data abash • Visualize your data in any way you choose • Convolutions and correlations of data dash bash • Create interactive plots of your data ash • Built-in data—including geographic, economic, and aah ah • Develop original, sophisticated algorithms for data demographic information—easily combined with your mining own And more at:
  2. 2. MATHEMATICA IN DATA ANALYSIS AND MINING Interactive Data Analysis and Mining Examples The Wolfram Demonstrations Project offers thousands of free, ready-to-use models contributed by users. Here are a few examples: region census 1790 hour of the day 12 South America maximum permissable 0.43 seats 69 plot style points lines both dissimilarity data displayed applicants applicants per capita percentage granted plot density 0.2 0.25 0.33 0.5 1 node labeling function none framed text tooltip show what? absolute relative to mean relative to quota relative to specific method connected specific comparison method geometric scale Fahrenheit Celsius label states? DEC JAN NOV FEB minimum 48561.3 harmonic 45363.8 100 geometric 45389.2 75 MAR logarithmic 45389.2 50 OCT 32 identric 45389.2 arithmetic 45409. maximum 41891.4 APR SEP color mapping for absolute 1.x10 1.x10 0.00001 0.0001 0.001 0.01 1.00 11.00 nations linked by language similarities optimal community structure AUG MAY community modularity is 0.839328 1.x10 1.x10 0.00001 0.0001 0.001 0.01 applicants per capita fatty acid binding protein 3 (FABP3) JUN JUL Asylum in the United States Communities of Nations Bridged Congressional Apportionment Polar Plot of a Year’s Hourly by Language Similarity Temperatures WHO USES MATHEMATICA? NEXT STEPS Some of the most important institutions in the world, including: Visit our Data Analysis and Mining Solutions page to find out how to incorporate Mathematica into your daily work and research. The Institute of Statistical Bank of America Mathematics Key resources include: Agilent Technologies • Video screencasts Deutsche Bank AG Analog Devices • Free online seminars Goldman Sachs Teradyne • Full Mathematica documentation, with more than 50,000 examples, Allstate Insurance how tos, and tutorials Schlumberger • Data analysis and mining books and articles WHAT ArE THE EXPErTS SAYING ABOUT MATHEMATICA? “I find its visualization capability very quickly fit into the way I have been taught as a physician. We look at diagrams. We look at pictures. QUESTIONS? We have concepts in our head and now trying to fit these concepts to a Contact us and let us work with you to find the right solution for greater accuracy and precision is what Mathematica has allowed.” your computational needs. Tim Shine Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic WOLFRAM RESEARCH, INC. WOLFRAM RESEARCH EUROPE LTD. “To get these graphs to look like the way our customers need them, we 1-800-WOLFRAM (965-3726) would have to settle for less with another tool.” +1-217-398-0700 +44-(0)1993-883400 (outside U.S. & Canada) Alan Savoy Technical Manager and Architect, nGenera Corporation © 2009 Wolfram Research, Inc. Mathematica is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Mathematica is not associated with Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. or MathTech, Inc. MKT1053 1683835 07.09AG