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WinDays15 - RemoteApp


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Presentation about Microsoft RemoteApp solutions, delivered at Microsoft WinDays15 conference in Croatia.

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WinDays15 - RemoteApp

  1. 1. RemoteApp TOMICA KANIŠKI Citus d.o.o.
  2. 2. • deliver applications to mobile platforms (BYOD) • respond to dynamic business requirements for IT: – seasonal/temporary workers – vendors – new employees (mergers and acquisitions) • reduce infrastructure costs (move CAPEX to OPEX) • provide access to legacy applications • protect corporate resources and ensure compliance Today’s challenges
  3. 3. • make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the end user's local computer • integrated with the client's desktop, runs in its own resizable window, can be dragged between multiple monitors, and has its own entry in the taskbar RemoteApp
  4. 4. • can reduce complexity and administrative overhead in many situations: – branch offices, where there may be limited local IT support and limited network bandwidth – situations where users need to access programs remotely – deployment of line-of-business (LOB) programs, especially custom LOB programs – environments, such as "hot desk" or "hoteling" workspaces, where users do not have assigned computers – deployment of multiple versions of a program, particularly if installing multiple versions locally would cause conflicts Why use RemoteApp?
  5. 5. Standard (demo) deployment AD DesktopHostingService RDCBRDLic DOM01 File Server RDS03 Hyper-V Infrastructure Services Storage RDSH RDS02 RDS01 RDWebRDGW
  6. 6. DEMO RemoteApp on-premise
  7. 7. • your entire RemoteApp deployment can be built on top of Azure IaaS – connected with your on-premise? – load-balanced? – Traffic Manager maybe (for LB/HA)? – using DirSynced credentials? RemoteApp in Azure?
  8. 8. Simple? Tenant Cloud Service (RemoteAzure01) AD DesktopHostingService RDCBRDLic RDS01 DOM01 File Server Other Tenant Services RDS03 Load Balancer Hypervisor Infrastructure Services Storage Management Portal Infrastructure Services RDWebRDGW RDSH RDS02
  9. 9. Tenant Cloud Service 1 (RemoteAzure01) AD DesktopHostingService RDCBRDLic RDS01 DOM01 File Server Other Tenant Services RDS03 Load Balancer Hypervisor Infrastructure Services Storage Management Portal Infrastructure Services Tenant Cloud Service 2 (RemoteAzure02) RDGW RDS04 Traffic Manager ( RDWebRDWebRDGW RDSH RDS02 Enhanced?
  10. 10. DEMO RemoteApp in Azure IaaS
  11. 11. Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Remote applications delivered from Azure’s reliable platform Access from Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices Delivered via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol and RemoteFX Scale without large capital expense Flexible hybrid or cloud deployment options * RemoteApp-as-a-Service ()
  12. 12. Deployment options RemoteApp Cloud Deployment • Office 2013 ProPlus preinstalled • Rapid provisioning: apps quickly available • Automatic maintenance: OS and apps always up- to-date, Microsoft anti-malware • Users can logon with Microsoft Account or with corporate credentials federated with Azure AD RemoteApp Hybrid Deployment • Apps, OS and settings are fully customizable • IT can manage template images and apply updates via Azure Portal • Full access to on-premises network • User logon with corporate credentials federated with Azure AD Server 2012 R2 Session Virtualization Dynamic Scalability Global presence High Fidelity with RDP Secure, WAN-ready connectivity Clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  13. 13. Cloud Deployment RemoteApp service Pre-built template image Automatically maintained Published Apps Session Host … Session Host Session Host Elastic Runtime Persistent user data (50GB per user) Microsoft Account Azure Active Directory On-premises Network Windows Server Active Directory DirSync (optional) RDP Identity Options Authentication
  14. 14. Hybrid Deployment RemoteApp service Session Host … Session Host Session Host Elastic Runtime Persistent user data (50GB per user) Azure Active Directory RDP Authentication Custom template image Maintained via Azure Portal Corporate Apps Published Apps On-premises Network Windows Server Active Directory Azure VPN Domain Joined Subject to IT policy via GP, System Center, or other enterprise management tools DirSync
  15. 15. DEMO Microsoft Azure RemoteApp
  16. 16. • very simple process: – create an empty VHD (!) – install Windows Server 2012 R2 – add RD Session Host role – don’t add the RD Connection Broker – add the Desktop Experience feature – install updates – disable encryption – sysprep – upload – deploy • step-by-step with details: – Creating the image(s)
  17. 17. • Cloud Deployment – automatically maintained (Microsoft) • latest OS and application updates rolled out on an ongoing basis • always the latest Microsoft Office 2013 ProPlus • Hybrid Deployment – updates under IT Control • ongoing updates – running RDSH VMs can be updated with GP, WSUS, SC, and other management tools from on-premises • image-based updates – you can upload a new template image and apply it to a RemoteApp service instance – update will be rolled out automatically Patching and Updates
  18. 18. Pricing?
  19. 19. • networking „challenges” – totally different implementation of Vnets • can be connected to existing Vnets, but…  – gateway creation and provisioning takes „so looong” in some DCs  – gateways must use Dynamic mode! • even on the Azure VNet side (if interconnecting) – gateway changes are… „challenging”; don’t use ADSL/dynamic IPs for production  • directory „challenges” – add the UPN suffix into your on-premise network if using Hybrid Deployment (otherwise authentication fails) • PowerShell makes your life so much easier!  Keep in mind…
  20. 20. … it depends?  So… which one will you choose?
  21. 21.
  22. 22. MobilityDay je vodeća regionalna konferencija u području primjene mobilnih rješenja, novih tehnologija i njihove primjene u poslovanju, obrazovanju i svakodnevnom životu. Na MobilityDay 2015 na jednom mjestu susretnite:  IT profesionalce, poduzetnike, razvojne inženjere, poslovne ljude, učitelje, profesore, predstavnike javne uprave  koji su uz to i gamer-i, roditelji, umjetnici, bajkeri i sportaši • Na MobilityDay 2015 konferenciji:  očekujemo 350 sudionika iz preko 8 zemalja  više od 30 predavanja, panela i diskusija DODATNI popust 10% na sve vrste kotizacija za sve sudionike WinDays-a. Voucher: #msevnt15 Pridružite nam se!
  23. 23. Nagrađujemo vas sa 100 WinCoin bodova što ste posjetili predavanje. Osvojite dodatnih 100 WinCoin bodova ukoliko popunite službeni upitnik.HVALA!
  24. 24. MVA Uspješni profesionalci nikad ne prestaju učiti. Microsoft Virtual Academy nudi online Microsoft treninge vođene od eksperata da pomognu profesionalcima u daljnjem usavršavanju. Treninzi su vođeni od vrhunskih stručnjaka na različitim tehnološkim područjima. Nakon odslušanog treninga možete također provjeriti svoje znanje. Za bolje razumijevanje ovoga predavanja savjetujem da odslušate treninge na temu: • Corporate Apps Anywhere, Anytime with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp • Remote Desktop Services on Microsoft Azure Deep Dive • Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Corporate Apps Anywhere, Anytime with Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Link Remote Desktop Services on Microsoft Azure Deep Dive Link Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Link