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And the new System Center is here... what's actually new?


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Slides from the Advanced Technology Days 12 and a session about the new features in System Center 2016 suite.

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And the new System Center is here... what's actually new?

  1. 1. Advanced Technology Day 16. i 17. studenog 2016., Hypo Centar
  2. 2. I novi System Center je tu... što je točno novo? Tomica Kaniški VIPnet d.o.o.
  3. 3. Capabilities Protect Backup private clouds, physical machines, clients, and server applications Automate Automate management tasks using graphical and scripting tools Self-service IT process management and self-service Monitor Monitor physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure and workloads in real-time System Center 2016 Provision Provision fabric, deploy and manage VMs, and deploy multi-tier apps VMM OM SCO/ SMA DPM SM Configure Configure, patch and update clients & servers CM
  4. 4. Azure, AWS, other hoster Microsoft Operations Management Suite Datacenter WINDOWS HYPER-V WINDOWS VMware WINDOWS What it does? System Center 2016 Manage heterogeneous infrastructure and workloads Monitor cloud resources & services Attach for analytics & supplementary services
  5. 5. Areas of Investment PS-based Automation Rapid innovation for continuous value Full SDDC support Efficient data protection Improved Service Management Hybrid cloud operations management
  6. 6. Credential Guard  Defender  Host Guardian  Shielded VM  SDN Network Controller  Software Load Balancer  Distributed Firewall  Virtual network Gateway  SDN QoS  RDMA  Switch-Embedded Teaming  Storage-Spaces Direct  Synchronous replication  Storage QoS  Online storage resize  Nano Server  Rolling upgrades for zero downtime  Mixed OS Mode cluster  High performance live migration  Hot add/remove Fixed Memory and NIC  VM resiliency  Containers * Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 Compute Security SC2016 VMM  Monitor (SC2016 OM) (Nano, S2D, SDN, Roles…) Storage Network SC2016 CM  Automate (SCO/SMA) SC2016 DPM 
  7. 7. Linux/Unix support
  8. 8. VMware support HYPER-V WINDOWS VMware WINDOWS OM (with partner MPs) Monitor ESX hosts, clusters & resource pools Monitor VMs, virtual appliances Monitor networks, distribution switches, & port groups DPM Backup through vCenter Detect & backup VMs from NFS, SAN, DAS Recover files or folders from Windows VM Detect & protect new VMs automatically VMM Manage VMware VMs V2V conversion from VMware to Hyper-V SCO VMware integration pack
  9. 9. Azure, AWS suport Notification Hubs Operational Insights Redis Cache Scheduler Search Service Bus SQL Azure Storage Accounts Traffic Manager Virtual Machines Websites Application Insights Automation Backup BizTalk Cloud Service (web and worker roles) Data Factory DocumentDB Logic App Media Services Mobile Services Virtual Networks EC2 instances EBS volumes ELB load balancers Auto Scaling and Availability Zones Elastic Beanstalk applications CloudFormation stacks CloudWatch Alarms CloudWatch Custom Metrics Add Microsoft Azure subscriptions to VMM and perform basic actions on Azure instances
  10. 10. VMM & Software-Defined Data Center { Compute Storage Networking Lifecycle mgmt. of Nano Server-based hosts and VMs, Rolling cluster OS upgrades Manage storage clusters with Storage Spaces Direct, Quality of service for VM storage, Storage replica Centrally configure and manage SDN NC, physical and virtual network devices such as routers, switches, gateways, SLB and NSG Assurance Provision and manage host guardian service and shielded VMs
  11. 11. VMM & Nano Server • Nano Server ‐ New minimal-footprint installation option in WS2016 ‐ Better resource utilization ‐ Faster reboots ‐ Fewer updates • Bare metal to Nano Server ‐ Compute clusters ‐ Storage clusters  (hyper-converged or disaggregated)
  12. 12. VMM & Cluster Rolling Upgrade Seamless Zero downtime for hosted VMs Effortless VMM orchestrates the process Safe Maintain backup SLA using DPM
  13. 13. VMM & Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) • industry-standard servers with local storage • create storage pools on this storage • place VM workloads on top of it • steps: ‐ use VMM to create cluster ‐ check the S2D checkbox ‐ a hyper-converged cluster with a global pool and up to two tiers (capacity and performance) is provisioned ‐ create CSV for use as VM storage Storage Pool Storage Space Virtual Disks Virtual Machines Cluster Shared Volumes Software Storage Bus
  14. 14. VMM & Shielded VMs • VMs whose data, at rest or in transit, can’t be snooped by malware or malicious fabric admins • VMM can create new shielded VMs or shield existing unshielded VMs Shielded VM Admin No access w/o credentials No access to VM data
  15. 15. VMM & SDN Southbound API Northbound API Switch Firewall NATGateway SLB Hyper-V & vSwitches Host interfaces Physical Cloud ManagementControlPlaneDataPlane VMs, HNV Virtual VMMTenants WAP/Custom portal Provision NC Provision SLB, NAT, GW, NSG (Port ACL), QoS Provision SET, RDMA, NIC team Router Provision VNets, NAT, S2S Admin
  16. 16. DEMO System Center 2016: Virtual Machine Manager
  17. 17. VMM (short)  Cluster rolling upgrade  Manage Nano  Production checkpoints  Modify running VMs  Intelligent placement & live migration of VM, storage  Support for 25K VMs on 1K hosts  Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)  Storage replica  Storage QoS  SDN management – NC, SLB, Port ACL for NSG  Switch Embedded Teaming  SDN QoS  virtual network provisioning  Template- based multi-tier app deployment  Drag-and-drop template authoring  Scale-in and scale-out  Custom scripts on VM and app deployment  Creation of guarded hosts  Create and manage Shielded VMs
  18. 18. OM & Software-Defined Data Center {Insights Alerts Fabric Storage Networking OS and workloads Application & Services Audit resource health, state, metrics and usage of virtualization hosts and VMs Monitor storage subsystem, volumes and file shares with actionable alerts Discover network paths, and monitor health of network devices and ports Track availability, config, perf., and security of OS and workloads Track health, metrics and usage of applications and services
  19. 19. OM & Nano Server • Nano Server compatible SCOM agent • Agent installation experience is at par with full agent installation • Supported workloads - DNS, IIS, Failover Cluster, and Base OS (more to come…) • MPs of Nano compliant workloads is updated, to use PowerShell instead of VB Script/JScript
  20. 20. OM & Storage Monitoring (1) System Center 2016 Operations Manager PowerShell Actions Windows Server Health Service Storage System Discovery User Notifications Dashboards  Focus on relevant objects (Cluster/Storage subsystem, volumes and file shares)  No dependency on VMM Management Pack  New visualizations
  21. 21. OM & Storage Monitoring (2) • S2D – view of health and performance that is actionable and easy to understand     fileservershare CSV CSV CSV CSV CSV
  22. 22. OM & Network Monitoring Monitoring support for SNMP enabled devices Load & walk SNMP MIB files to gather SNMP OID Generate MP and explore monitoring capabilities Add components, rules and monitors
  23. 23. OM & SDN/VNF Network Controller cluster nodes Gateways and Gateway Pools Load Balancers Hosts, network interfaces and virtual networks
  24. 24. OM & Operational Simplicity Monitoring Experience • MP discoverability • Data-driven alert management (alert noise reduction) • Schedule maintenance mode • In-place upgrade Improved Fundamentals • Scale improvements for X-Plat • Performance improvements • Improved UI responsiveness • Removing Silverlight dependencies
  25. 25. OM & MP Discoverability 1. Automatically suggests unmonitored workloads 2. Identifies machines containing these workloads 3. Notifies about updates to MPs
  26. 26. OM & (HTML5) web console No Silverlight dependencies Access Web Console from different browsers Faster web console HTML5-based dashboard views
  27. 27. DEMO System Center 2016: Operations Manager
  28. 28. OM (short)  OMS attach including OM management groups  Log analytics and correlation of alerts  Audit collection services  Enhanced data visualization  New MPs for Azure, O365, SQL, Exchange, Server OS, DHCP, DNS, NLB, IIS, etc.  Nano Server and workload monitoring  LAMP stack monitoring  Storage monitoring  CPS monitoring  Extensible network device monitoring  Network performance monitoring with OMS integration  Scheduled maintenance mode  MP updates and recommendations  VSAE for VS 2015  In-place upgrade  Ready discoverability of partner solutions and MPs  HTML5 web console Monitor diverse environments Integrated network monitoring Operational simplicity
  29. 29. SC2016 DPM App Consistent Hyper-V VMs Azure Backup Recovery Services Vault Azure Hyper-V VMware VMware VMs File ServerSharePointExchangeSQL Server DPM & the backup story
  30. 30. SC 2016 DPM • ReFS Cloning • Deduplication • VHDX • Workload-Volume Affinity Reduced TCO WS 2016 Private Cloud • 3X Faster Backups • 50% storage savings • 2X scale • Reduced storage costs Modern DPM Storage• Resilient VM backups with RCT • Backup VMs stored on S2D • Rolling Cluster Upgrade – Don’t miss backup SLA DPM & news
  31. 31. SCO, SMA & SM
  32. 32. SM & Automation  PowerShell ISE plugin for authoring  Support for PowerShell scripts in SMA  Windows Management Framework 5.0 support  HTML Self Service Portal  Significant Performance Improvements  Service catalog, including support for Lync 2013 & Skype for Business Integrate people, process, and knowledge Efficient resource utilization and SLA tracking Easy publishing and consumption of IT services Deploy cloud services and process automatically
  33. 33. System Center 2016 Workload & App Monitoring - Azure, 0365, Exchange, SQL, VMM - LAMP Stack Monitoring - Application Perf. Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring - Nano Server, Windows Storage (SMI-S support), Container - Microsoft Azure Stack (MAS) - Cloud Platform System (CPS) - Networking performance (L2-L3) - Extensible network device monitoring (without certification) SCOM Infrastructure - In-place upgrade from 2012 R2 - MP Discoverability, Update and Recommendation - Data-driven alert management - Scheduled Maintenance Mode - Performance Updates - VSAE support on VS 2015 - Enhanced Data Visualization - Improve UI Responsiveness - Scale improvements X-Plat SCOM Attached Services - Operations Management Suite - Custom Log Correlation - SCOM Health Assessment Monitor (OM) Reduced TCO w/ Modern DPM storage Improved Private Cloud Protection - Seamless backup of Shielded VMs, VMs stored on Storage spaces direct - Backup SLA with rolling cluster upgrade - VMware VM Backup Flexible - No reboot of production server after upgrade - Seamless migration of backups to Modern DPM Storage - VMware VM Backup Protect (DPM) Automate (SCO/SMA) - SCO Migration Tool Kits - PowerShell Script support in SMA - PowerShell ISE plugins for SMA Self-Service (SM) - Improved usability and perf - HTML5 self-service portal - CM and AD connector perf improvements - Support for SQL 2014 SP1 and SQL 2016 - Integration with OMS Configure (CM) Windows 10 support - Native support for OS deployment as well as upgrade - Management and monitoring of Windows 10 servicing rings - Policy and application management - ConfigMgr 2012/R2 and ConfigMgr 2007 compatibility Update/upgrade improvements - New in-console Updates and Servicing model - In-place upgrade from 2012 SP1 and 2012 R2 Manage Windows 10 devices via MDM with on-premises infrastructure - Updates via Intune - MDM enrollment with Azure AD - Bulk enrollment support - Customer data not stored in cloud Infrastructure - Unified end user portal - Increased scale - Extend peer caching for WinPE - Content distribution improvements - Cluster aware settings Provision (VMM) Ease of Use and Efficiency - Rolling cluster upgrades - Streamlined compute and storage cluster creation - Simplified logical switch creation and deployment - Extending VM Role to support dedicated disk during deployment - Re-associate orphaned VM back to its service or role Security and Infrastructure - Shielded VM management - Guarded host management - Improved storage and networking resiliency Expanded Fabric Management - SDN deployment and management - Port ACL management - Switch Embedded teaming - Consistent device naming for guests - Managing mixed OS clusters - Nano Server management - Storage Spaces Direct management - Synchronous Replication using Storage Replica - Storage QoS policy management
  34. 34. Takeaways • SC 2016 is a significant release that helps you readily leverage Windows Server 2016 for SDDC and simplified datacenter management • System Center and OMS will work together to deliver enhanced management capabilities and experiences • System Center is not going anywhere – it’s here to stay. • don’t forget to patch your deployments with Update Rollup 1! ‐
  35. 35. Resources System-Center-2016/td-p/10624 services-for-operations-management-suite/ vms/