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Angel Investing in Africa; Why it matters now!


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Africa is the next, new and final frontier of globalization and the race to build the continent has already started with infrastructure.
Technology enabled services hold the key to Africa’s development and African’s MUST participate in the continent's development and resulting prosperity. Angel Investment syndicates and networks have the potential to become significant contributors (and beneficiaries) in the building of Africa. This presentation is my submission to the ABAN Investor Summit in DEMO Africa 2015 at the Eko Hotel in Lagos.

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Angel Investing in Africa; Why it matters now!

  1. 1. ABAN:  The  African  Trade  Associa2on  for  Business  Angels,  Seed   Funds  and  Early  Stage  Market  Players   “Unlocking  capital  for  early  stage  innova4on"    
  2. 2. ABAN  is  a  pan-­‐African  non-­‐profit  associa2on  founded  to   support  the  development  of  early  stage  investor  networks.   ABAN  began  as  a  consor2um  of  independent  African  Angel   inves2ng  networks  including  Lagos  Angels  Network  (LAN),   Cameroon  Angel  Network  (CAN),  Cairo  Angels,  Ghana  Angel   Network  (GAIN),  Venture  Capital  for  Africa  (VC4Africa),   Silicon  Cape,  DEMO  Africa  and  the  European  Business  Angel   Network  (EBAN).       ABAN’s  mission  is  to  help  develop  early  stage  inves2ng  in   Africa  by  providing  the  support,  networking  opportuni2es   and  essen2al  resources  Africa’s  Angel  Inves2ng  Syndicates  &   Networks  need  to  maximize  their  impact.       ABOUT  ABAN  
  3. 3. Angel Investing in Africa Tomi  Davies   President  ABAN   Why  it  maXers  now!   African  Business  Angels  Network  
  4. 4. Africa is the next, new and final frontier POWER   SECURITY   EDUCATION   HEALTH  
  5. 5. Infrastructure is first in line! • POWER  that  works  for  everyone   • AGRICULTURE  to  feed  the  world   • EDUCATION  for  the  youngest  on  earth   • HEALTH  for  a  mobile  workforce   The  race  to  build  Africa  has  already  started!  
  6. 6. Service is the key that will unlock the continent! Food,  Property,   Transporta2on,   Communica2ons,   Entertainment,   Retail  &  Consumer   Goods,  Professional   Services,  Banking  &   Finance….   The  rise  of  technology  enabled  mobile  services  
  7. 7. Africans MUST participate at each level Private  Equity:   Large  Scale   Regional   Infrastructure   Ini2a2ves   Venture  Capital:   Mul2-­‐na2onal   Corporate   Enterprise  growth   &  expansion   Angel/Seed   Capital:  Micro,   Small  &  Medium   sized  Business   development  and   growth   The  building  and  growth  is  happening  on  all  levels!  
  8. 8. Who is an Angel Investor? •  Accredited  individual  with   annual  discre2onary  income   of  $10k  plus  available  for   investment  in  early  stage   companies   •  3-­‐5  Year  term  commitments   for  invested  funds!   •  Annual  investment  fund  of   $5k  plus  ($25k  in  5  years)   •  Annual  mentoring/coaching   of  20  days  (100  days  in  5   years)   •  Annual  business   introduc2ons  of  4  contacts   (20  contacts  in  5  years)     •  NB:  Target  is  a  pordolio  of   10  startups/early  stage   companies   Each  syndicate/network  is  encouraged  to  adopt  an   angel  profile  standard  as  part  of  its  consStuSon.   ABAN  Guidelines  for  Syndicates  &  Networks  
  9. 9. Angels do better with other Angels! Syndicates/Networks  increase  the  chances  of  success!   –  The  Needle  in  the  Haystack  Challenge   –  Collec2ve  Resources   •  Deal  Flow  &  Terms   •  Quality  Monthly  Mee2ngs   •  Angel  Inves2ng  Resources   •  Networking  Events   –  Interna2onal/Ins2tu2onal  Collabora2on  &   Support   •  Capacity  Development   •  Co-­‐Investment   •  Policy  Development  
  10. 10. We are not alone in the quest to build Africa •  Africa  is  the  next,  new  and  final  fron2er  of   globaliza2on   •  The  race  to  build  the  con2nent  has  already  started   with  infrastructure   •  Technology  enabled  services  hold  the  key  to  Africa’s   development     •  African’s  MUST  par2cipate  in  the  con2nents   development  and  resul2ng  prosperity   •  Angel  Investment  syndicates  and  networks  have  the   poten2al  to  become  significant  contributors  (and   beneficiaries)  in  the  building  of  Africa.    
  11. 11. Thank You! Harry  ’Tomi  Davies   President,  African  Business  Angels  Network  (ABAN)