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7 QA Habits Every Translator Should Adopt


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Have you ever hit “send” moments before realizing that the perfect article you just submitted to a client was perhaps not meant to be titled “Eating for a Healthy Brian”? It’s never too late to start practicing good pre-send-button habits.

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7 QA Habits Every Translator Should Adopt

  1. 1. Review the original assignment and make sure you haven’t spent time answering a question that wasn’t asked.
  2. 2. Doing thorough terminology research (and sometimes a glossary) is essential to a good translation.
  3. 3. Run an ear test on a hard copy of the translation to see if it reads well & sounds
  4. 4. Make sure you’ve converted currencies, measurements, and temperatures correctly, and that all numbers and dates are both accurate and in their culturally appropriate format.
  5. 5. hub/read-before-you-send-7-qa-habits.php