Webinar Jam Sharing 7 Key Lessons Learned from Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren


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A Webinar Jam by Tom Beal that shares the 7 Key Lessons Learned from Working With Marketing Legends Mike Filsaime & Rich Schefren for 7+ Years Combined. From a Live Google Hangout that was done and the replay is at Tom's blog at: http://tombeal.com/blog/?p=616

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Webinar Jam Sharing 7 Key Lessons Learned from Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren

  1. 1. 7 Key Lessons Learned After Working With Marketing Geniuses, Mike Filsaime & Rich Schefren for 7+ Years by Tom Beal
  2. 2. Before We Get Started a. After you tell your friends on Facebook to join in, pay attention here. One sentence can spark an A-ha for you that changes everything for you and your results. Pay attention! b. If I get booted off, hang tight…will be right back. Technology happens. c. My goal is to share fast, pertinent lessons that may trigger an A-Ha or action item for you to implement, profit and benefit from in 60 mins or less, then open to QnA.
  3. 3. Ask Your Questions As They Occur To You In the Box On this Page. Will have QnA at the end.
  4. 4. Working With Marketing Legends Rich Schefren & Mike Filsaime
  5. 5. Lesson 1: When Inspiration Strikes, Run Fast With It
  6. 6. Inspiration hit me on Wednesday for this training. Followed instinct & ran with it. What about you? What could you train on next week? Announce on Monday, fulfill on Thursday or Friday?
  7. 7. Lesson 2: Know Thyself (strengths & weaknesses)
  8. 8. Knowing my strengths of being able to present on a wide variety of topics that deliver massive value to attendees, combined with my habit of procrastination, had to schedule this & make it happen. What about you?
  9. 9. Lesson 3: Become Extremely Curious About Industry Successes & Failures
  10. 10. Most ALL of the recent large results produced in numerous industries I’m involved in come from thought leaders hosting live streaming events. Are you hosting frequent live streaming events yet?
  11. 11. Lesson 4: Simple Action TRUMPS Complex Delay/Inaction
  12. 12. Simple action was my intent from get go. Look at this from idea on Wed to event on Fri. Wanted to show you, through my example that you can emulate and replicate this IMMEDIATELY, SIMPLY & EASILY, erasing any doubts/fears! Do you see how simply I did this? Can you see yourself doing it?
  13. 13. Lesson 5: Prolifically Proclaim Your Uniqueness (PEP)
  14. 14. Made a conscious choice at end of last year to deliver value to my community at least once per week (every Friday), best way to utilize my PEP is through live trainings with QnA’s. You owe it to your people to share your PEP. Are you ready to step up and deliver it, especially now that is is so SIMPLE?
  15. 15. Lesson 6: DEADLINES!!! Schedule it when it makes you uncomfortable, then just make it happen.
  16. 16. Eager deadline? Idea on Wed afternoon/evening and a live event on Fri. BTW - had zero clue what these steps were when I had idea, and was at a PGA event all day yesterday…hanging with Tiger. Created slides this AM. Can you see how deadlines can assist you as well?
  17. 17. Lesson 7: Leverage
  18. 18. This event would NOT have occurred w/o me leveraging WebinarJam. Period. The things needing to be done, outsourced, paid for, would have been too overwhelming. It would be 1-2 weeks out, and my drive/desire wouldn’t have been there. Too cumbersome w/o WebinarJam. All done in <15 mins.
  19. 19. What about you? Has the light bulb gone on for you as to how you, too, can use, benefit, and profit from live events like this?
  20. 20. Could YOU do what I did today from idea to implementation?
  21. 21. Of course! But like me, not simply, easily, and quickly without WebinarJam..
  22. 22. Let me show you how simple it is to use…
  23. 23. Go Secure Your Copy NOW at: http://tombeal.com/webinarjam ! Consumer notice: This URL contains my affiliate link and if you choose to purchase, I may earn a commission.
  24. 24. The secret is out. The torch has been passed. Now go secure your copy of WebinarJam and start spreading your message right away!
  25. 25. There will be more more LIVE trainings with me using WebinarJam. If you are an email subscriber of mine, you will be notified. If you are not yet a subscriber, go to my blog and join now at: http://tombeal.com
  26. 26. Pertinent Questions & Answers Time
  27. 27. Make Today Great! Tom Beal