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What is Cloud Native, and why should I care?


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An ignite talk where I try to summarize what I've learned about Cloud Native. Presented at DevOpsDays Berlin and London.
We hear a lot about building cloud native applications and platforms. But what does it really mean? Is it just about using a public cloud? Or is it relevant when you want to benefit from microservices architecture? I will try to dig into what are the reasons why Cloud Native is worth investing our time. And also what are the patterns of it and how can we benefit from them. As it’s only a 5-minute ignite talk, I’ll try to find what is the essence of this approach to application delivery.

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What is Cloud Native, and why should I care?

  1. 1. What is Cloud Native, and why should I care? Tomasz Tarczynski @ttarczynski
  2. 2. Improvement
  3. 3. Cloud Native Landscape
  4. 4. How is it defined?
  5. 5. WHY Cloud Native?
  6. 6. Case Studies
  7. 7. Reliability
  8. 8. Velocity
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Efficiency
  11. 11. HOW?
  12. 12. Containers
  13. 13. Dynamic Management
  14. 14. Microservices
  15. 15. Technological Paradigm
  16. 16. Useful Abstractions
  17. 17. Infrastructure Managed by Software
  18. 18. Applications Managed by Software
  19. 19. Thanks! Tomasz Tarczynski @ttarczynski