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N:\media as\need this for the blog


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N:\media as\need this for the blog

  1. 1. Magazine cover Analysis one.AudienceThe target audience for this issue of NME would mainly be for the younger generation as Lily Allen’s music is often named as “young and fresh”. The target audience would be subject to 14-25 year olds. The cover is very female orientated as the front page is of a female with the caption “lily Allen takes on the world”. It meets the directed audience as the cover star is in the age range for the target readers Music star such as Queen wouldn’t appeal to this target audience.IdeologyThe ideology of this cover is that females are just as willing as males to become successful artists. The main headline is an example of this as it focuses on the power of women. The ideology that men are the greater sex is proven wrong here, as we can see by this cover, the main feature is a women and it is not always males that can dominate music magazines or any kind. This shows women are not the inferior sex when it comes to being a successful music artist.Cover LinesThe cover lines for this issue of Nme also promote other inside articles to let the reader know what else the magazine will feature. This is good for buyers and for the magazine as readers will have a better insight to what the magazine Is all about and will persuade them to buy it. The names of the artists are all in bold with white writing on a black background which will grab lots of attention when scanning across the front cover. Extras in the magazine are also made to catch people’s attention such as the ‘plus’ at the bottom is in block capital letters and is placed next to lowercase words to empathise important elements by contrasting the two.There are two circled text boxes displayed on the front cover. These are promoting other additions in the magazine such as “gossip” and famous celebrities like “Eminem”. The splashes are used to gain the readers attention as they are set apart from everything else on the front cover of NME. There are also banners used to promote other articles within the magazine, such as the top of the page there is a banner running across the cover, the colours used such as the black and yellow set the banner apart from the rest of the magazine to separate any different information. Banners and splashes are used to promote many other additions the magazine has to offer. The banner at the bottom of the cover also stands out with the uses of red and white, as white stands out on a red background which again grabs the reader’s attention so they aren’t just looking at the centre of the page which is where the main cover star is placed . Splashes / Banners Lily Allen is known to dress different, therefore usually celebrities are often made to look “glamorous” on the front of the cover; however Lily takes a more laid back approach with a check shirt which shows she is not like any other “classy” cover star such as Madonna. Her outfit conveys her edgy fashion and daring personality which is important to the magazine as it will attract more readers who see lily as a popular and unique artist. The uses of the red checked shirt and shiny black hair matches the colour scheme of the whole cover and these warm colours such as red will move towards the viewer drawing additional attention to the magazine.RepresentationThis cover had quite a controversial Representation of women. It has a positive impact on the readers as it says ‘lily Allen takes on the world’ showing reader’s lily is strong and determined. However the cover sends another message across which is quite a negative representation of female artists “I can’t keep living this like, it’s doing my head in” this suggests females cannot handle situations as males can. However there is also a negative representation on male artists as well, for example at the top right of the page the box which states ‘how Bowie started the credit crunch’ this makes it seem that the cover is quite a stereotypical view on males and females where the females are not as equipped for being famous than male artists, but on the other hand males are getting the blame for issues that are happening in today’s society.MastheadLily Allen is the cover star for this issue of NME. Lily Allen is a British singer and as this is a British magazine many people will know Lily. She is a famous celebrity and therefore she will attract many readers for the appropriate target audience. Cover – Star NME magazine is shorter for “New Musical Express” and is a popular music magazine in the United Kingdom and is published weekly. It was the first British paper to include a singles chart. The Magazine became closely associated with punk rock, and then the paper championed the new British groups emerging at the time such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones frequently featured on the front cover.Costume17240254191001703070390525 <br />