Cover analysis 2


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Cover analysis 2

  1. 1. GENRE A music magazine that focuses mainly on new alternative rock. It also refers older music that has had an impact on that style of music. It focuses on interviews reviews and bands opinions on the music industry. DATE/PRICE/BAR-CODEThis is essential to the reader as it will establish both how much the magazine is and how recent it is. This issue is from November 2006 and NME’s pricing normally ranges between 2 to 3 ponds which is reasonable for what it contains.9715501095375COVERLINESThere are several band names on the front cover all capitalized. There is obviously more information about the bands inside but the magazine shows them without a descriptions of weather it is an interview or album review as you would have to buy it to find out. Obviously the Oasis article is probably the most anticipated an biggest article in the magazine as there name is the biggest on the page by far. The Oasis text is in a light blue colour to make it stand out in contrast to the dark background.REPRESENTATIONThis magazine cover particularly is very male orientated even though the magazine does appeal to both sex. There is not a single female artists on the front as that would put a female off buying it. Oasis are also the main feature and are not the type of band that would attract the attention of the opposite sex.AUDIENCEThe target gender for NME is definitely a mix between young men and woman and is therefore its content is very uni-sex. Age range would be anyone above the age of 15 to late 20’s as it appeals to the younger generation by keeping up with popular culture but also takes into account older music and reprises from time to time. The majority race would be young alternative rock fans essentially white that are interested and want to read about the music they are listening to.IDEOELGYThe text of the magazine seems to mainly stick to impact text for bands and quotes but the text of Oasis is a cool suave text but also bold to signify that they are more acknowledged then other bands on the cover.COVER STARSThe cover stars on the front of this issue for NME are Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis. As the to are very out spoken and been a huge part of NME’s success they have put a quote from the interview inside to spark controversy and then underneath “Back to tell it like it is” meaning the interview is full of there controversial opinions on the music industry. BANNERS/SPLASHESThere is a banner at the bottom of the page which isn’t boxed or have a different colour background it still in banner formation and runs across the bottom of the magazine so people will be able to see if the magazines worth buying in a small amount of time. There is also a splash which comments on my chemical romances successful album the black parade and says it will rveal the hidden sectrets of it inside. MASTHEADNME stands for the new musical experience. As this is a weekly magazine it keeps u up to date with the latest music and up and coming events. Its claim is that it is up to date with all the modern music and where it is coming from and hopefully serves more of a purpose than rival magazines like Q.COSTUMEThe dress of both Noel and Liam is typical cool indie outfits with shirts, leather jackets and trademark sun glasses inside look. Liam is wearing a black coloured, small poker dotted shirt and Noel is wearing a dark jacket both wearing dark colours to present themselves as one. <br />