BANNERS/SPLASHERSThere is a boxed text running along the bottom highlighting some of the main articles and interviews of t...
Cover analysis 1
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Cover analysis 1


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Cover analysis 1

  1. 1. BANNERS/SPLASHERSThere is a boxed text running along the bottom highlighting some of the main articles and interviews of the magazine. The box highlights some of the other sections of the magazine that may not be as popular as the ones at the top therefore they are all put together an in one box to make them more appealing. There is also a plash on the page saying the 25 greatest to appeal to maybe the older generation that don’t care so much for the modern era of bands and also like movies. But this splash isn’t a main feature of this page it is just I a side feature to attract a different type of audience to the main readers. It is used in this way to attract single attention to it and not to the rest of the articles advertised.COVER-STARLily Allen is the cover star for this edition of Q magazine. She is the only artist on the cover with two panthers by the side of her with the slogan sexy beast Lily Allen and raunchy front cover appealing to men as she is mainly a female icon but the male fans would buy it for sexy pictures inside and her infamous story’s she will tell in the interview. Although she a very famous celebrity therefore she will definitely attract potential consumers because of her popularity.MASTHEADThe title of the magazine is Q. The magazine evolves around different aspects of British culture, mostly mainstream and popular culture but does feature up and coming artists and un mainstream as well. Q is the abbreviation of the term que wich is when a song is about to be played and you have to que it in. Therefore I believe that it’s like queing any new tracks, albums or artists that are about to be released. This specific magazine features a quotation explaining what the magazine an especially this issue is about stating that Q has a different take on music being different to all other music magazines..<br />66675078105<br />COSTUMEIn this particular issue of Q Lily Allen is wearing skirt and tights and is topless, Q is mainly a men’s magazine but with Lily Allen on the front cover it will attract her female fans but for the men who aren’t so interested in her music they can see the pictures and then read her article. <br />COVERLINESThe cover of the magazine promotes some inside articles in order to give the reader an insight into what the magazine contains. It also persuades them to buy it. The names of the artists are highlighted to make them stand out more, whereas the names of the articles are in lower case. This shows that the artists and the music are the main focus of the magazine and sells it self through celebrity endorsement.<br />IDEOLOGYThe ideology of the magazine could be perceived as sexest as most female stars on the cover would be represented in the same way as other bands or artists but Lily Allen is topless contradicting the normal stereotypical cover and going for a more FHM style cover.<br />AUDIENCEThe target audience for this issue would be a young audience of 16 to 20 as Lily Allen is popular to the young generation as she is the main focus of the magazine. There is also the articles on U2, Oasis and rare interviews with The Stone Roses. which appeals to the main audience that usually buys Q.REPRESENTATIONThe cover has a negative representation of woman as male artists would never do a raunchy front cover. But to attract the male interest to the magazine they need to make it appeal to men as well. Everything else on the magazine is presented towards men for example the type of bands and the 25 greatest rock movies.<br />