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  1. 1. Mr Tomas Smutny 1 Vidlers Court The Strand Rye East Sussex TN31 7DB 29 July 2015 NARIC Reference Number: 3000039574 Tomas Srnutny Dear Mr Smutny, Thank you for your recent enquiry. Further to this, I am now able to confirm the following: Country of Qualification: Title of Arrad: Awarding lnstitution: Yearof Completion: Assessment: Additional Infonnation: Slovakia vysveddenie o maturitnej sk0Ske / school-Leaving Examination Certificate (Production of Construction) Vocational School of Construction, Banska Bystrica 2003 ls considered comparable to the overall GCE Advanced level/ Scottish Advanced Higher standard !1eE_subject p-assed may be considered at least comparable to GCSE grades A*-C. English is studied as a second language. V."), b" considereg.g1nlprr"Qtg]q BTEC Levet 3 Subsidiary Diploma / 90-Credit Diploma / Diploma / Extended Diploma standard if awarded from Strednd odbornd Skola - SOS (secondary Technical schoot) or stredn6 odborn6 udiliste - sou (Seconciary Vocational School). Country of Qualification: Title of Award: Aurarding lnstitution : Year of Completion: Assessment: Slovakia Vliudnli list I Certificate of Apprenticeship (Mason) Vocational School of Construction, Banska Bystrica 2001 ls considered comparable to N/SVQ level 2 standard On behali oi BIS lrmtr;lusiness JV eurQass liH |l6Pill*'.1*mmml HEGISTEHFD IN FNGI AND AT ORIFI HNI ISF OCIFI MAN IETI!^iT A' iYO