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Change Your Life 2.0


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How to really change your life? Play it Safe or be a ROCK STAR?

Change Your Life 2.0

  1. How  to   Really   Change   Your  Life?  Fred  The  Frog   By  Coach  Bay  
  2. Fred’s  Life  “I  am  Safe”   By  Coach  Bay  
  3. My  Friends  “They  are  Safe”   By  Coach  Bay  
  4. My  Place  “It’s  Safe”   By  Coach  Bay  
  5. “Safe  is  Good.  Safe  is  Nice.  Safe  is  BORING…”   By  Coach  Bay  
  6. “I  have  a  DREAM”   By  Coach  Bay  
  7. “How  do  I  Change?”   By  Coach  Bay  
  8. HOLY  KAW!  “Apply  Three  Principles”   By  Coach  Bay  
  9. Knowledge  “I  Study  How  To”   By  Coach  Bay  
  10. Able  “I  PracSce”   By  Coach  Bay  
  11. Willing  “I  am  Ready”   By  Coach  Bay  
  12. HOLY  KAW!  Knowledge   Able   Willing   “Study”   “PracSce”   “Ready”   By  Coach  Bay  
  13. HOLY  KAW!  “Is  that  enough?”   By  Coach  Bay  
  14. “No,  I  am  Stuck.  SSll  playing  Safe.  WHY?”   By  Coach  Bay  
  15. Because…   By  Coach  Bay  
  16. My  Friends  are  sSll  the  same…   By  Coach  Bay  
  17. “You  are  the  average  of  the  five  people  you   spend  the  most  5me  with.”  –  Jim  Rohn   By  Coach  Bay  
  18. My  Place  is  sSll  the  same…   By  Coach  Bay  
  19. “The  environment  is  stronger  than   your  will.”  –  Buckminster  Fuller   By  Coach  Bay  
  20. So  what  do  I  do?   By  Coach  Bay  
  21. HOLY  KAW!  “Yes,  it  starts  with  the  KAW”   By  Coach  Bay  
  22. HOLY  KAW!  Knowledge   Able   Willing   “Study”   “PracSce”   “Ready”   By  Coach  Bay  
  23. And…   By  Coach  Bay  
  24. New  Friends  “With  similar  interests  and  dreams”   By  Coach  Bay  
  25. New  Place  “That  supports  my  new  lifestyle”   By  Coach  Bay  
  26. How  to  Really  Change  Your  Life?  New  Me   New  Friends   New  Place   By  Coach  Bay  
  27. How  about  YOU?  Play  Safe  or  be  a  ROCK  STAR?   By  Coach  Bay  
  28. Thank  You!  Like  It?  Share  It!   By  Coach  Bay  
  29. “You   are   given   the   unlimited   right   to   this   document   and   to   distribute   it  electronically  (via  email,  your  website  or  any  other  means).  You  can  print  out   pages   and   put   them   in   your   favorite   coffee   shop’s   window   or   your  doctor’s   waiSng   room.   You   can   transcribe   the   author’s   words   on   the  sidewalk,  or  you  can  hand  out  copies  to  everyone  you  meet.  You  may  not  alter  this  document  in  anyway,  though,  and  you  may  not  charge  for  it.”   By  Coach  Bay