Performance appraisal in infosys


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Performance appraisal in infosys

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Performance appraisal in infosys

  1. 1. Performance appraisal in infosysBoss - the four letter word which inspires, motivates, demotivates, frightens,depresses the employees worldwide. Very few will have positive feedback about theirboss. Most of the neutral say that boss is always right ! These kind of passive peopleare not willing to take risk by talking negative about boss as they fear victimisation bythe gossip-mongers in the work place. Why people spread only negative things aboutboss? Why there is so much literature available on managing boss ! Is there nopositive thing to spread about boss? Are you aware that you are creating an aurabehind an ordinary person with your negative talking about boss and making him apersonality ! Many of the bosses dont know on what kind of image they are havingamong their employees? Once I asked my boss Do you know what people arethinking about you? My boss simply told me I am not bothered! As I have acceptedhim my mentor, I loved to pester him and asked to explain further. He simply said Ihave to satisfy my boss by getting the things done through my core team. Though Iwill just ratify the decisions taken by my core team, very few decisions are directlytaken by me. As I am leading the organisation, people attribute all decisions to me andtheir emotions towards me are always fluctuating due to their levels of imagination. Amanager may get disturbed with his image among the employees; but a Leader shouldnever get disturbed with his image in the organisation. An employee is alwaysinterested in his pay and perks. But a leader who is running the organisation works inthe interest of every employee associated with the organization.Boss vs. EmployeeThen what is the remedy to avoid this kind of imagination about Boss? One shouldnot imagine things when they are working in organisations, as organisations alwaysrun on some laid down policies and procedures. Employees should follow themdiligently without fail to enhance their performance quotient and to have animpressive appraisal.One has to face facts after joining an organisation. Bosses always insist on generaldiscipline for which employees feel that they are being controlled unreasonably.When you are paid to perform, you are expected to perform without fail. One shouldnot bring our cricketers losing attitude to the workplace and finally making it anational attitude. Everyone in the team should have the will to win and to contributeto the team as a whole to reach the common goal. Bosses always want to take theirteam along with them on a winning path. If the team loses ultimately boss loseswhether in the workplace or in the game of cricket.Boss and communicationGenerally, in any organisation there would not be any communication from top tobottom. During my more than two decades of experience in various industries, I heardmany of my bosses saying you have to pay the price ........ of course - it is for thepoor performance or no performance at all. But this kind of language from the bossesannoy the employees and over a period of time, employees dont care about thecommunication of the boss, and finally they will make the boss feel that they are
  2. 2. disobeying him. Communication is the key to success is not just theory or just asentence to chant again and again, to enjoy the effect of the same. It is literally truewhether you are a leader, manager, peer, subordinate or a boss. Bosses shouldcommunicate well to manage their team effectively and also to get the things done intime.Employees alertness - Bosss successEmployees must be alert to the needs of the boss in the workplace and they mustdevelop their listening skills to facilitate their boss effectively in a professionalmanner. A team without good listening skills is a waste of time to work with. Yourlistening skills are directly related to your performance levels and range ofreciprocation to the instructions of your boss. Listening carefully to what boss sayswill always give you edge over others. You must be assertive while communicatingwith your boss at the professional level, if you wish to become a courageous followerin a phased manner. You cannot become courageous follower overnight and fall preyto the negative forces at the workplace.Emotional intelligence leads to peak performanceSam Pitroda -- Chairman, National Knowledge Commission, India, and Chairman,WorldTel, based in Chicago, USA, is having altogether another story to tell aboutemployees of India. Once Sam said that Indian employees take everything personal;if you tell them your work is not up to the mark, they feel that they are not up to themark. I had terrible problems with this kind of attitude of Indian employees in theworkplaces. This is one more thing one has to understand when you are working inan organization. One should not take bosses words personally and must strive toperform in a better manner to give their best. This may sound as preaching, but if youare interested in building your career, irrespective of the behaviour of your bosses,you must perform or get ready to perish. Even our BCCI is following the HRMpolicies by dropping non-performers from the team and taking performers again backinto the team without much hesitation. Let us wait and watch whether this change willinstill killer instinct and winning attitude in our cricket team!How bosses behave with their team?One day I told my boss that our Personnel Manager is not having good image amongthe employees. Whoever I met, everybody is scolding our Personnel Manager. Myboss retorted - Naturally! He is directly dealing with the employees. In fact, we haveto give him promotion, that he is getting more scoldings, because he is managingpeople well and with the discipline required to help them build their productiveattitude. Finally, our Personnel Manager got promotion to my utter amazement. Thenwhat is the learning : Manage your team to delight your boss !Employees expectationsEmployees always expect empowerment, encouragement, excitement from their job.Employees dont like anybody telling them to come in time. Employees do not likepreachers in the workplace. Their ego mantra is papa.... Dont preach ! Thats whymost of the employees do not attend training programs in the workplace and
  3. 3. surprisingly some bosses also resist training their employees, saying that traininghours are man hours wasted on unproductive task. I wonder why IT companies likeInfosys, Satyam and placement consultants like Mafoi have started their ownleadership training centers. Most of the employees feel that they know everything asfar as organisational discipline and requirements are concerned. But very few followthem diligently without getting noticed by the HR policing.Extract more work with less pay - Bosses Mantra for SuccessBosses always want to push their employees to extract more work from them for lesspay. In this process, Bosses want to impress their bosses that they are getting thethings done in a result oriented manner and meeting deadlines effectively. This kindof imbalance in professional and personal relations create flutter and compel us tojudge Boss immediately at personal level. This will start a gang of opinionated peoplewho always spread opinions not just about their bosses, but all of their colleagues,peers and subordinates.Do not impress - Express with your performanceAnother mantra for success in the workplace which would help to enhance yourperformance quotient is do not perform to impress your boss - for that matter do notwork to impress anybody. Always work to satisfy yourself and at the end of the daypat your back that you have given the full days work and did justice to your pay.Bosses are not super humanOnce I asked our General Manager Sir ! What is our Boss doing! Pat came the reply -He has just created a problem and is struggling to solve it to get the credit of being aproblem solver! Bosses are just human beings like us. They are not super human tofind solutions for all organisational problems and they are not ready made remediesfor our promotion, pay and perks. You have to promote yourself with yourperformance. Bosses cannot promote you. They may change your designation withone signature but you have to enhance your performance.Organisations are permanent ........ not Boss !When it comes to supporting boss or organisation, I will support organisations whichare to stay here to serve the ever growing needs of the Society. Organisations are thereflections of the Society. As legendary IT Czar of India Mr.Narayana Murthy, ChiefMentor, Infosys, rightly put it - Always fall in love with your work; never fall in lovewith your organisations; because you do not know when the organisation stops lovingyou!How to become a courageous follower?One must be a courageous follower not just by following the instructions of boss, butto correct the boss whenever there is a need to make him right. One must be tactful inhis communication while correcting the boss, following the principles of a courageousfollower as propounded by Ira Chaleff ( in his award winningbook The Courageous Follower - Standing up to and for our Leaders. I had theprivilege of attending Ira Chaleffs workshop during his promotional tour to India.Some of the participants responded to his workshop saying that if we becomecourageous followers in our workplace; we will lose our jobs! He smiled gently and
  4. 4. said one must be tactful while talking to the boss; and more tactful while correctinghim! But as we are all aware, the ego levels of Indian bosses is legendary and theydont want their subordinates to become courageous followers and correct them. In myexperience, many of my bosses allowed me to speak out with whatever courage Ihave, though with a bit of straightforwardness. Of course, you have to take risks withyour career and it may lag behind compared to others who always follow your bosswith a family pack of Amul butter! Even then, you will have the soul satisfyingexperience for being one of the courageous followers and a class of your own!Meditation on FollowershipI conclude this with Meditation on Followership, and let us take an oath to changethe world called our workplace.For me, becoming a courageous follower, like becoming a good human being, is botha daily and a life-long task. Visualising a desired state helps to realize it. I share thismeditation as one visualisation of the state I aspire to. You may want to refer it fromtime to time.o I am a steward of this group and share responsibility for its success.o I am responsible for adhering to the highest values I can envision.o I am responsible for my successes and failures and for continuing to learn fromthem.o I am responsible for the attractive and unattractive parts of who I am.o I can empathise with others who are also imperfect.o As an adult, I can relate on a peer basis to other adults who are the groups formalleaders.o I can support leaders and counsel them, and receive support and counsel from them.o Our common purpose is our best guide.o I have the power to help leaders use their power wisely and effectively.o If leaders abuse power, I can help them change their behaviour.o If I abuse power, I can learn from others and change my behaviour.o If abusive leaders do not change their behaviour, I can and will withdraw mysupport.o By staying true to my values, I can serve others well and fulfill my potential.o Thousands of courageous acts by followers can, one by one, improve the world.o Courage always exists in the present. What can I do today?
  5. 5. (Excerpted from The Courageous Follower - Standing upto and for our Leaders byIra Chaleff)Action speaks louder than wordsApply these principles of courageous behaviour in the workplace to enhance yourimage as a performer and become a brand loyal follower of your boss.Do not convince - Be convincedAs Zig Ziglar rightly put it - Life is too short to spend your precious time trying toconvince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting thatperson your best shot, but dont hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude topull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.Finally, in a democratic country, you will get what you deserve ! : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.