Employees comments on performance appraisal


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Employees comments on performance appraisal

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Employees comments on performance appraisal

  1. 1. Employees comments on performance appraisalThere are a number of core HR processes that are intrinsic to good and effectivepeople management. The biggest challenge in companies today is the development oftalent. Most companies apply a number of HR strategies to become an employer ofchoice and to be a great place to work.There are five core people strategies that helps to a company to improve theperformance of their employees:1. How to attract top talent?This strategy is all about building a strong employer brand, so that applicants areattracted to come and work for the company. Part of good recruitment is to attractapplicants so that the company find and recruit the best employees. Best-in-classcompanies have good assessment processes. In a recent survey by the AberdeenGroup of 400 organizations, it was found that top performing companies are usingassessment more broadly across the business, as well as more frequently andconsistently.2. How to motivate employees?Most companies have an annual performance appraisal process. This is the usualprocess of conducting a performance appraisal, which is a formal process ofreviewing the employees performance over the last year. Unfortunately manyperformance systems are better at demotivating employees as supervisors are eitherreluctant or poorly trained to give constructive feedback to employees. Goodperformance discussions focus more on the future than on the past.3. How to reward employees?Reward systems have improved in the last ten years and there is a betterunderstanding of the need to structure pay to reward both short and long termperformance. By having an appropriate fixed pay, the company can then providevariable pay in the form of incentives to encourage performance. For pay systems towork, the systems have to be meaningful and transparent, with clear line-of-sight sothat the employee can impact on their pay outcomes. If companies spend half the timein this area, and more time in developing and growing employees, we would havemuch happier and productive workplaces.4. How to develop and grow employees?Most training takes place to improve the employees performance in the current role,typically technical training or on-the-job training. Far too few companies have goodtraining plans in place for every employee to help them to grow and develop to theirfull potential.5. How to retain talented employees?If all of these five strategies are integrated in a coherent and logical way, this strategyis really about having an open culture so that talented employees share their dreams
  2. 2. and aspirations with their managers, making it easier for a company to provide anenvironment where work is meaningful and rewarding.Now that we have covered the five core strategies, it is much easier to answer ourfundamental question.What is an assessment?Conducting an assessment, usually as part of recruitment, assists in the selection oftop talent. Many companies only do assessment towards the end of the recruitmentprocess, usually just before reference checking. However, there are a small number ofemployers that have realized there are significant benefits in pre-employmentscreening to identify top talent. If you are asked to participate in an assessmentprocess, it is always advisable to understand what sort of tests are going to beconducted and to ensure you get feedback once assessment has been completed.Assessment typically includes a number of tests to determine and measure thepersons knowledge, skills and abilities; as well as beliefs that impact on theirbehavior.What is an appraisal?Appraisal is part of performance management, an essential part of giving an employeefeedback on their performance. There has been a significant shift in performancemanagement in recent years. Employee feedback is a powerful way of motivatingemployees, however in most companies it has become an administrative process,rather than being an opportunity for the employee to do a self-assessment and sharingfeedback with their manager. If you asked to participate in a performance appraisal, itis helpful if you agree with your supervisor on the process beforehand, so that you arewell prepared so that you can fully participate in the appraisal of your performance -after all, you have been experiencing the role firsthand.In conclusion, both these processes share one characteristic, receiving feedback.Assessment is useful to understand an employees potential; and Appraisal assists tounderstand an employees current performance. There is a clear correlation betweenthese two factors - potential and performance. Like champion athletes, an employeewith high potential could also be a top performer.http://performanceappraisalebooks.info/ : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.