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Survey analysis for evaluation q 3


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Survey analysis for evaluation q 3

  2. 2. In this question I hoped to find out what peoplethought about the use of my camerawork throughoutthe video. From the 5 responses, 60% of people saidit was very good and 40% said it was good. Fromthese responses I can conclude that I’ve usedcamerawork to a good effect.
  3. 3. I asked the same question but this time with mise-en-scene.Although results weren’t as good as in the previous question, 80%still said the mise-en-scene in my video was good.
  4. 4. I asked the same again but with editing; 100% of people whoanswered the survey agreed the editing was very good. This turnedout to be the most effective area out of camerawork, mise-en-sceneand editing.
  5. 5. Everyone who took the survey agreed that having theband members in the music video was a good idea, sothere was no need to add any other characters to it.
  6. 6. To make sure the narrative of my music video was clear and easy tointerpret, I asked the audience what they thought. 100% of people whotook the survey agreed that the narrative was easy to understand, so Ididn’t need to change anything in my video to make sure everyoneunderstood it.
  7. 7. To ensure that my music video was enjoyable to watch, I asked people torate it out of 5. The average came back as 4.2, so I decided that I didn’t needto improve much to satisfy everyone’s needs.
  8. 8. I wanted to make sure that my music video was interpreted as the genre ofmusic that I chose (alternative rock). Everyone agreed that it was relevantto the genre. I made sure that people agreed on this before I completed thevideo, making sure I didn’t stray from the alternative rock genre.
  9. 9. To find out if my album cover was conventional, I asked my target audience.They all agreed that it was (to an extent) conventional, with 80% agreeing itwas “quite conventional” while 20% said it was “very conventional”. Theseresponses helped me decide what I needed to improve on my album cover.One person gave an example of what they liked about the cover, whichhelped me further in deciding what to keep the same on the cover;
  10. 10. To make sure I was on the right track creating a clear link between my albumcover and music video, I chose an image that would ensure some kind of linkbetween them. The audience feedback told me that I had made a good choiceon choosing the appropriate image.
  11. 11. Finally I wanted to make sure that my magazine advert was clear andeasy to understand. 100% of my audience agreed that it was easy tounderstand what the advert was advertising.
  12. 12. OVERALL SUMMARY OF AUDIENCE FEEDBACK The audience said that my use of camerawork was very good in my music video in portraying the events and characters. The mise-en-scene was acceptable, according to my audience, due to there being a fair range of different locations used. To improve this I could add a few more relevant locations to my video. The audience also suggested that the costumes worn by the characters could have been more relevant to the rock genre. More performance elements from the band could have been incorporated to the video, as the audience found it entertaining.