Focus group analysis


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Focus group analysis

  1. 1. Focus Group Analysis This is one of the magazine covers I annotated for myresearch and planning. I used this cover as an example for myfocus group.I asked specific questions about it,hoping the audience’s responses wouldhelp me make the best possiblemagazine cover I can.1) Do you like the colour scheme of thismagazine cover? If not, what two ormore colours would you prefer it to be?- On an average, most people whoanswered this question said they likedthis cover’s colour scheme, but otherpopular colours suggested were blue andgreen.2) Do you like the cover’s layout? If not,how else would you prefer the layout?-Popular answers were being able to seemost of the guitar, rather than half of itbeing blocked by coverlines, etc. Theyalso said they would prefer a few moretaglines rather than just pictures of bandmembers.3) What particular member of a band would you prefer to see onthe cover most of all? (e.g. Guitarist, Lead singer, Drummer, etc.)- The answer to this question was just about unanimous; Guitaristwas the most popular answer.4) Name 3 rock bands that you would like to appear intaglines/coverlines on the front cover of a rock magazine such asthis one.- Popular answers included Rage Against The Machine, Muse and 30Seconds To Mars.5) Do you like the Camerawork used on this front cover? (In thiscase a low angle shot) If not, state another shot that you would liketo be used.- Low angle shot was a popular choice, followed by mid-shots andhigh angles.
  2. 2. This is the contents page I chose from my analysis work formy research and planning.Like for the magazine cover, I asked questions about this contentspage hoping for enough feedback to help me make my owncontents page.1) The contents page for thismagazine has a different style toits cover page. Do you thinkthey should have different housestyles, or should they be thesame?- Most people said the housestyles between cover andcontents page should bedifferent/mixture.2) What do you think about thelayout? Do you think thereshould be more images, moreinformation about the magazinescontents or a balance mixture ofboth?- On an average, the mostpopular answer was “a balancedamount of both” and “moreinformation than images”.3) Which appeals more? A. A contents page with article information from top of the page to the bottom with content images (a mixture). B. Half the contents page dedicated to photos and half dedicated to article information.- Most people went for A, so I will lay my contents page out in thatway.4) Should the photos in my contents page be of the band that I’mgoing to make up together or each member individually playingtheir specific instrument?- A high majority of people said they would rather see the individualmembers of the band playing instruments.
  3. 3. 5) What is the ideal amount of pages you would like to see in amusic magazine?- The most popular answers came between 25 and 30.
  4. 4. This is one of the 3 “2 page spread” that I annotated and havechosen to be in my focus group.Just like the cover and contents page, I asked the audiencequestions about this 3 page spread; whether they liked it or thoughtit needs improvement, and a few other questions that will hopefullyallow me to produce the best 2 page spread possible.1) Do you like the layout of this two page spread; with a bandmember on the right and the text more to the left/middle?- Most people who answered this question liked the layout but saidthey would prefer the text to be mainly on one page rather thanspread across it.2) What do you think of the colour scheme of this 2 page spread fora rock magazine? E.g. too dark, too bright, etc.- Most people liked the darker look to the page but agreed that itshould be contrasted with brighter colours/font around the 2 pagespread.3) Choose three colours that you think would go well together (orcontrast well) for a dark themed 2 page spread.- Black, red and yellow were the most popular answers given.