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Make Rule Teach Rule Keep Rule


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Make Rule Teach Rule Keep Rule

  1. 1. Make Rule Teach Rule Keep Rule By Tom Wilson June 19, 2015
  2. 2. And Toyota NUMMI was a JV between Toyota and GM starting in the early 80’s  Toyota wanted experience working in USA.  GM wanted to know about the mystical TPS. One of the many tools I learned while working with Toyota at NUMMI was a simple tool/phrase ….. MAKE RULE TEACH RULE KEEP RULE ________________________________
  3. 3. Make Rule, Teach Rule, Keep Rule • Make Rule: Make rules, standards, work procedures very clear and reasonable. • Teach Rule: Teach, don’t tell, the rules to everyone and ensure understanding and buy in……’WHY’ • Keep Rule: Need to follow up, reinforce, and reteach to ensure they are understood and followed. Remove those not willing to follow.
  4. 4. Make Rule: Japan vs. West Basis of the Japanese inspired “Standardized Work”: • Japanese: Few rules big on follow. • Westerners: Many rules little follow.
  5. 5. Teach Rule: Japan vs. West • Japanese managers teach and model…”Hands On” • Western managers depend on others to do the teaching and even more recently teaching via internet.
  6. 6. Keep Rule: Japan vs. West • Japanese managers….The shop floor…. Get involved in daily work….Daily follow- up. • Western managers….Time in meetings, office work….depend audits to follow-up • Big difference between effectiveness of daily involvement vs management audits.