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Presentation on the work of Nordicom, publisher of specialist works in the areas of sociology, communication, media studies and other social science disciplines.

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  1. 1. New book! University of Borås, November 24, 2017 Ingela Wadbring, phd, professor Director of Nordicom
  2. 2. Launch in three formats: print pdf e-book Press release, in Sweden and abroad Promoted on international lists: ECREA, IAMCR Promoted by the Nordic national research associations for media and communication science on their e-mail lists Sent on review to newspapers and scientific journals, in Sweden and abroad Promoted on social media – watch out Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. 3. Contents Authors: Annika Bergström Lars Höglund Elena Maceviciute Skans Kersti Nilsson Birgitta Wallin Thomas D. Wilson
  4. 4. About Nordicom Knowledge centre in media and communication science (1975) Purpose: enhance knowledge on the role of media in society Non-commercial and independent Financed by Nordic Council of Ministers The Swedish Ministry of Culture The University of Gothenburg Network/node – in Scandinavia and global, for research and knowledge (conferences, UNESCO, researchers, the media industry/politics) Publish almost everything open access
  5. 5. Nordicom’s work 1. Follow and report on the development of the Swedish and the Nordic media markets: structure, ownership, media use etc. through different channels 2. Conduct and publish the Swedish annual Mediebarometern 3. Publish a scientific journal: Nordicom Review 4. Develop venues between the media industry, the academy and politics 5. Publish scientific anthologies 6. Participate in Nordic and international networks 7. Organize and evaluate the bi-annual Nordic conference NordMedia 8. Provide a databas with relevant Nordic media scholars 9. Follow the development of media reserach in the Nordic countries and report about it 10. Projects with the Nordic media authorities
  6. 6. General media consumption: all media forms, analogue and digial Annual since 1979 Independent study about media use in Sweden
  7. 7. Books in Swedish
  8. 8. Media and information literacy
  9. 9. Nordic anthologies
  10. 10. International anthologies
  11. 11. Most welcome to read in print, online, or in an e-book reader!
  12. 12. A small but important actor in a large global world: numbers of users around the globe