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Project poverty


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Published in: Environment
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Project poverty

  1. 1. PROJECT POVERTY Muhammad Yunus
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR ❖Muhammad Yunus He is the the third child of fourteen children. ❖his father encouraged his son to seek higher education ❖he was influenced by his mother who motivated him to help the poor ❖Started Grameen bank to help people suffering from poverty in bangladesh
  3. 3. STARTING OF THE GRAMEEN BANK ❖when he was a professor he lead his student to a village,they interviewed a lady who makes bamboo stools. ❖she said that she had to borrow money for her business and repay the loan shark at a high rates and she would be left with penny profit margin ❖Thus Yunus took everything into his own hand as he wanted to pull them out of poverty ❖So he decided to give micro loans and it formed the Grameen bank in 1983,which means ‘village bank’
  4. 4. HISTORY OF VENTRE ❖This Bank started by Muhammad Yunus, ❖The Grameen Bank is a Nobel Peace-Prize winning organisation which was founded in Bangladesh ❖This bank provides microloans to help the impoverished people without requiring collateral
  5. 5. IMPACT OF THE VENTURE ❖After starting this bank the world poorest people benefited ❖the Grameen Bank provide financial services such as loan and insurance to the rural people ❖ This help farmers to grow more high-valued crops so that they could sell at demand for better rate ,
  6. 6. Team members;hari,jun wei ,shi chong,ricky ;resources; http;//www,grameenfoundation,org and online citizenship badge-bb page