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When posting messages on social media ?

Always wondered what would be the perfect timing to reach your audience, customers or followers via social media ? In this report, you'll find the answers.

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When posting messages on social media ?

  1. 1. When  to  post  on  Social  Media?   Choose  the  right  5me  for  the  right  medium    
  2. 2. Social  Media  is  always  on     Deciding  the  right  5mes  to  post  on  Social  Media  and  blogs  is  vital   to  Digital  Marke5ng  success.    The  op5mal  5me  to  share  may  vary   of  the  following  criteria:     ✓  social  media  plaBorm   ✓ your  audience   ✓ nature  of  your  business     Respec5ng  those  three,  will  certainly  maximize  your  reach  and   virality  
  3. 3. Social  Media  5ming  tools     There  are  many  tools  you  can  integrate  to  gauge     your  5ming:       ✓  Hootsuite    Monitoring  and  scheduling  automa5cally  your  posts  on  TwiHer,    Facebook  and  LinkedIn   ✓ SocialBro    Analyzes  the  5meline  of  your  followers  and  creates  a  ‘best  5me  to  tweet’    report   ✓ Engagor    Most  complete  and  professional  applica5on.     ✓ Topsy,  Timing+,  Social  flow    To  discover  …  
  4. 4. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  Facebook  ?   Facebook  Facts   -­‐  751  million  people  use  Facebook  mobile   -­‐  80%  of  mobile  users  check  their  phones  early  each  morning   -­‐  People  are  not  likely  to  check  Facebook  during  work  hours   -­‐  Facebook  insigths  reveal  te  best  5mes  to  address  your  audience   best  5mes:  weekdays  6am-­‐8am,  2pm-­‐5pm   worst  5mes:  all  weekends,  10  pm-­‐4am  
  5. 5. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  Twi4er  ?   TwiHer  Facts   -­‐  Unlike  Facebook,  TwiHer  engagement  goes  up  30%  on  weekends  compared  to   weekdays     Quick  Tips   -­‐  Short  tweets  are  more  likely  to  receive  engagement  than  tweets  over  100  characters     -­‐  Ask  for  retweets  and  you  will  be  far  more  likely  to  be  retweeted   -­‐  Use  2  #  on  each  tweet  for  best  results   best  5mes:  weekends,  1pm-­‐3pm   worst  5mes:  8pm-­‐8am  
  6. 6. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  LinkedIn  ?   LinkedIn  Facts   -­‐  LinkedIn  is  most  oden  used  before  and  right  ader  work  hours   -­‐  Tuesday  and  Thursday  typically  receive  the  most  social  media  traffic  from  business   people     best  5mes:  week,  7am-­‐9am,  5pm-­‐6pm   worst  5mes:  Mon  and  Fri,  9am-­‐5pm  
  7. 7. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  Google+  ?   Google+  Facts   -­‐  As  with  all  posts,  night  5me  posts  will  perform  the  worst  by  far   -­‐  Analyze  your  Google+  page  and  your  audience  to  determine  the  best  5me  for  your   best  results   best  5mes:  9am-­‐11am   worst  5mes:  6pm-­‐7am  
  8. 8. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  Pinterest  ?   Pinterest  Facts   -­‐  Pinterest  appeals  to  the  home  decorator,  party  planner,  hair  stylist  and  other  DIY   persons   -­‐  The  average  Pinterest  visit  is  over  16  minutes  –  This  makes  the  average  visit   dura5on  longer  than  almost  all  other  social  media  sites   best  5mes:  Sat  morning,  2pm-­‐4pm  &  8pm-­‐11pm   worst  5mes:  5pm-­‐7pm,  1am-­‐7am  
  9. 9. BEST   WORST  When  pos)ng  on  Blogs  ?   Blog  Facts   -­‐  Blog  do  bests  when  posts  are  made  regurarly  and  consistently  –  For  best  results  ,   post  minimum  once  per  week,  on  the  same  day  every  week   -­‐  Research  your  audience  and  5me  your  posts  to  that  specific  demographic     -­‐  Post  links  to  your  blog  posts  on  social  media  using  the  5mes  already  adressed     best  5mes:  Mon,  Fri  and  Sat  at  11  am   worst  5mes:  11pm-­‐8am  
  10. 10. Best  )mes  to  post  on  social  media  as   indicated  by  the  icons  
  11. 11. Author:  Tom  Sweetlove     For  Tom  Sweetlove  bvba,     Digital  Marke)ng  Agency          “Connec'ng  your  business”