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Monolith vs Microservices vs Teams

Talk about why monoliths are not supposed to be evil, how not to make them evil, how to know the right time for decoupling monolith into microservices.

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Monolith vs Microservices vs Teams

  1. 1. monolith vs microservices vs team Tomáš Strejček, Dev Leader, Mall Group @TomasStrejcek
  2. 2. MallGroup, Rockaway, RocDevs, Stuff
  3. 3. No PHP, #bummer But we can chat about it later and I will mention few things about what we do and how. But I must say, lot of things are pretty generic, no matter the programming language.
  4. 4. Don’t take me too seriously No, really. Don’t.
  5. 5. I will not tell you what is better ..but I will show you stuff that matters
  6. 6. I won’t show you how to do M/SOA can google that sh**
  7. 7. Monoliths are #evil Not!
  8. 8. Monoliths are big and strong ..and maybe bloated. But what does it mean? How does it look like?
  9. 9. Big ball of mud something you don’t want. Ever.
  10. 10. Monoliths or microservices, it may still end up in the same hell hole Or not, but you really have to design your application first hand.
  11. 11. All the musts for M/SOA are valid for every software project Documenting! Testing! Loose coupling! No shortcuts! No hacking! Good SW design! Separation of concerns! Fast deployments! Continuous integration! Monitoring! Caching! Other stuff!
  12. 12. Is it really binary (or black and white for nontech) problem? It is not.
  13. 13. 3mw architecture slide
  14. 14. How hard is to find what is going on? Are monitoring tools and logs enough? Do you have API?
  15. 15. Microservices are great, but you need to GET there, not START there.
  16. 16. #MonolithFirst Is then M/SOA last?
  17. 17. Monolith -> ? -> M/SOA ? = time or something else
  18. 18. Modular distributed monolith architecture MDMA for short I made it up obviously but it really made me laugh, so I am rolling with it.
  19. 19. What I mean is.. ..wait for it ..
  20. 20. Is application different when run in CLI instead over FPM? It should be.
  21. 21. Is application different when you access it through user backend or user frontend? It should be.
  22. 22. You, as developers, have great power to change you app behavior via configuration. Incl. feature flags, environment variables etc.
  23. 23. How do you maintain 20 microservices in team of 5 developers? You can’t and you shouldn’t get to the point where you do.
  24. 24. Managing, deploying and scaling complexity is hard. But deploying single app? Just git pull and adios.
  25. 25. Everybody doesn’t have to be DevOps Not even those fancy react redux nodejs javascript hybrid guys rolling on AWS.
  26. 26. Infrastructure as a code to the rescue! Or not, you don’t really need IaaC in monoliths.
  27. 27. What really matters: does it work? :) (for you)
  28. 28. Thank you! Questions? Tomáš Strejček, Dev Leader, Mall Group @TomasStrejcek
  29. 29. More reading… (and watching) Microservices, monoliths and laser nail guns: Etsy tech boss on finding the right focus a-of-cf718a92dc90#.m2jxzcb0l Modular Monoliths - Simon Brown Microservice Trade-Offs - Martin Fowler Modular vs Monolithic: No Holy Grails MonolithFirst - Martin Fowler