How to leverage social media edited 752011


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How To Leverage Social Media Success Using Other Media Too

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How to leverage social media edited 752011

  1. 1. • Dr. Tom Seymour• Business Information Technology Department• College of Business• Minot State University• Minot, North Dakota•••
  2. 2.  DCN was formed by “fifteen” independent telephone companies in North Dakota who serve 148,000 customers in 244 communities. DCN operates a 100-percent fiber optic communications network linking all regions of the state, including all of the major population centers. The network allows North Dakota customers access to the “telecommunications highway” not only on a state level but also on a national level. DCN utilizes fiber optic networks in adjacent states and Canada to connect North Dakota customers to the world.
  3. 3.  It’s all media that includes a social component ◦ When you share a news story or post a press release with share functionality ◦ When you post on facebook, twitter, etc. ◦ When you write an article that allows for comments or comment on an article ◦ When you use a live chat function on a website or leave a review on Yelp
  4. 4.  Nearly every website now has a social aspect ◦ Take advantage and make your content shareable
  5. 5. • 200 million Twitter users• 900 million+ Facebook users.• 50% of users log on to Facebook in any given day• Average FB user has 130 Twitter: September 2010; Facebook: March 2011 friends.• Social media is critical in your marketing plan!
  6. 6.  Reach New & Younger Audience Generate Direct Customer Relationships New Sales and Service Opportunities ◦ 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations vs. 14% trust advertisements! Increase Customer Satisfaction Mobile is an extension of Social Media! ◦ 10.5% of all Social Media usage is on a mobile device! use social media on their mobile devices!
  7. 7.  Where your customers are!
  8. 8.  Facebook ◦ More than 135 million users in US ◦ Avg. users spends 6 hours each month ◦ Fastest growing demographic is 55+ ◦ Avg. user is a fan of 8.7 brands  #1 reason to fan a brand is to receive promotions*  # 2 reason to fan a brand is show brand support* Information taken from 2010 Exact Target Facebook Report
  9. 9.  EdgeRank – refers to how likely your content is to appear in a user’s “top news” Insights – The analytics collected about your fan page – very important to crafting message North Social – A cost-effective suite of apps that enhance your page across multiple media
  10. 10.  Twitter ◦ 200 million worldwide users ◦ Will show up in searches ◦ Easy way to syndicate content ◦ Main users are early adopters and opinion leaders  Information spreads beyond twitter ◦ Can instantly view conversation about your company
  11. 11.  Search Engine Optimization – Use your keywords in your tweets Timing – Average half-life of a tweet is 4 minutes. It’s OK to share the same link several times. (just vary content and wait several hours) Clients – Programs like HootSuite, Seesmic and Tweetdeck make managing twitter easy
  12. 12.  YouTube ◦ More than 2 billion views each day ◦ Syndicated to facebook, linked through twitter and embedded in websites and blogs ◦ Easy to create and upload ◦ Very easy to share
  13. 13.  YouTube is owned by Google – Videos are great for Search Engine Optimization Users expect videos to be authentic – Don’t worry about content being “perfect” Easily embedded – Place into your facebook page, blog, etc.
  14. 14.  Blogs ◦ Blogs are a great way to enhance your brand ◦ Tell your story ◦ Provide added value for your customers – answers to frequently-asked-questions ◦ Push this content to all of your other social sites
  15. 15.  Host Sites – Many companies use outside sites such as wordpress, blogger, posterous or tumblr Add share buttons – Everywhere Links – Make sure that links to and from your website are easy to find Integrate – Place links to your other sites into your blog
  16. 16.  LinkedIn ◦ Great for B2B outreach ◦ Can add products and services with full social media support ◦ Let company’s find your services ◦ Position company as a thought leader
  17. 17.  Promote – You can add all of your Products and Services to your company profile Take Control – Any employee with a @yourdomain email address can edit the page until you lock it down. Find content – Telecommunications section of LinkedIn Today
  18. 18.  Google and Bing ◦ Search Engine Optimization – how do you rank? ◦ Google and Bing account for 95% of all search traffic*  Google Analytics (free) can report your company’s search engine use percentages ◦ Social Search – Friends social actions affect search rankings Information taken from Mashable April, 2011 report
  19. 19.  Search is Social - ◦ Social Media and Search Engine Optimization go hand-in-hand ◦ The more content you develop across the web, the more chances you have to be ranked ◦ The more your content is shared, the more valuable it looks to search engines
  20. 20.  Know Your Roles!
  21. 21.  Customer Communications Engagement Tool Listening Tool Media Relations Brand Management
  22. 22.  Google Alerts – Allows you to capture any conversation about your company or other keywords online Provide places for customers to give feedback ◦ Twitter – create a unique hashtag for product launches or other promotions ◦ Offer review or discussions tab on Facebook ◦ Review Sites – see what customers think about your business (yelp, Google places)
  23. 23.  You must understand your current efforts! ◦ What are you currently doing in Social Media? Create a baseline for your social media efforts and benchmarks! What accounts does your business have? Are they the appropriate type? ◦ Facebook Fan Pages NOT PERSONAL PROFILES ◦ Twitter Accounts ◦ LinkedIn Profiles ◦ Foursquare / Locations Pages
  24. 24.  Join conversations ◦ #hashtags allow users to have a conversation over twitter ◦ Review blogs that relate to your industry – ◦ Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic all allow for easy monitoring of social sites Ask questions ◦ Customers love feeling valued
  25. 25.  Make your press releases easy to find and share Syndicate press releases through your own channels Take advantage of wire services with share features ◦ Businesswire, PR Wire, PR Log
  26. 26.  The Social Media Press Room ◦ Have share buttons for all press releases ◦ Add your press releases as individual web pages rather than PDF’s for greater searchability ◦ Include links to any images, videos or other collateral ◦ Have shareable versions of all company fact sheets, logos, and bios.
  27. 27.  Social Media has no gatekeeper Produce content that shows your brand’s personality Ex: New Ford Focus Campaign
  28. 28.  What are people saying about you online? ◦ Do you know? Develop a strategy to overcome bad reviews on social media and engage those with positive feedback! A few bad reviews can turn people away from your business! ◦ Customers can broadcast their sales and service experiences quickly and easily. ◦ Who is monitoring what is being said publicly about your brand everyday?
  29. 29.  Focus Your Message & Strategy
  30. 30.  How much time can you devote? Who will “own” the social media channels? What are your goals? Where are your customers?
  31. 31.  Content is key to your social strategy ◦ Give customers a reason to return to your social channels ◦ Review what type of content is popular  What’s the difference?  Type: photo, link, video  Content: community focused, product driven  Timing: early morning vs. afternoon
  32. 32.  Content Calendars ◦ Easy as an excel spreadsheet or email calendar  Determine how often you want to update each channel  Facebook: 1-2 times a day  Twitter: 3-4 times a day  Blog: 2-3 times a week  YouTube: 1 time every two weeks
  33. 33.  Determine what you want to talk about ◦ Divide content into topics  Promotions  Community focused  Value added – additional info customers are seeking ◦ Will you need images, video, links?  Posts with these items are shareable on facebook
  34. 34.  Ideas for content ◦ Photos from events ◦ Video of employees talking about company  Especially C-suite ◦ New campaigns ◦ Interesting links relating to your products and services ◦ Questions Get every department involved in the brainstorming process!
  35. 35.  Develop a social media policy for your sites:
  36. 36.  Does This Help Us Make Money?
  37. 37.  Social Media Goals ◦ Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, etc Engagement ◦ Twitter Retweets ◦ Facebook Comments and Likes ◦ Referral Traffic to websites Revenue = Results ◦ New customers ◦ Sales tied to Social Media
  38. 38. Medium How to use it for salesFacebook Create awarenessScoutmob, Groupon (costs money) Drive foot traffic or couponing in local areasTwitter Lead generation through following, direct messages on promotions, create awarenessLinkedIn Drive inquiries through discussion posts, event posts, and article postsYouTube Drive awareness and higher search rankings
  39. 39.  Maintain Monthly Counts of Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers of your competition. What are they doing well? How can you do it better? Identify competitor growth on a monthly basis! ◦ What are they doing to grow their audiences? Set a goal to become the local market leader!
  40. 40. What’s An App?• An “App” (short for application) is a program on a phone or other device that does a certain job.• Many types such as games, productivity apps, organization apps etc.• Range in price from free-to high dollar prices.
  41. 41. AndroidApplications
  42. 42. IPAD APPSIpad apps are available from Apples online app store, which can be downloaded directly from the Ipad. Theres virtually an app for every category. And more are added every day Business Entertainment Educational Social Networking Travel & More!
  43. 43. Let’s look at real worldexamples
  44. 44.  Case Study: Great Plains Communications ◦ Awareness Campaign ◦ Brand Management ◦ Search Engine Optimization ◦ Listening Tool
  45. 45.  Situation ◦ No social media presence until September 2010 Goals ◦ Wanted to increase search engine rankings – differentiate from similarly named company ◦ Provide customers with additional tools to engage with company ◦ Increase channels customers have for finding information
  46. 46.  Solution ◦ Integrated set of branded channels including  Facebook  GPC-Blog  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn
  47. 47.  Facebook ◦ 200 fans with an average of 10,000 post views/month ◦ Helps drive traffic back to blog and website  Top referring site to GPC-Blog ◦ Provides area for customer engagement ◦ Ads drove 27% of traffic for recent HD launch with a price tag of $65
  48. 48.  YouTube ◦ 2,500 views ◦ FAQ’s received strong feedback ◦ Used for Video Contest  No video formatting issues  Videos received 3,000 views independent of channel views (within 6 weeks period)
  49. 49.  Blog ◦ GPC-FLASH – with frog icon ◦ Provides mix of product news, community spotlights, helpful tips and tricks ◦ Includes FAQ tutorial videos ◦ Used as informational site for customers and employees
  50. 50.  LinkedIn ◦ Products and Services added ◦ Encouraged employees to be active on related LinkedIn groups ◦ Had “photo day” to increase employees with full profiles
  51. 51.  Results ◦ Top place page rankings for brand on Google and Bing ◦ Facebook has 200 fans and counting ◦ CRC now uses blog as consistent learning tool and refer customers to social sites ◦ Blog has been syndicated internationally
  52. 52.  What do I do now?
  53. 53.  If you don’t have a personal Twitter, Facebook or FourSquare account – create one now! ◦ Unless you are a social media user it will be difficult to see the opportunities. Follow other sources on Facebook and Twitter. ◦ Study how they are interacting with their readers.  Blogs – either related to your business or not  National Manufacturer Websites  Manufacturers like Ford are getting very involved in Social Media!
  54. 54.  Sound like a lot of work? ◦ Getting started is the hardest step. ◦ It will quickly become part of your core strategy. Look for a Social Media partner that can grow audience and manage content. Two primary options for moving forward: ◦ Hire an expert internally. ◦ Source social media from a firm specializing in engagement.
  55. 55.  Social Media requires daily involvement! Empower appropriate staff members to manage accounts. ◦ Teamwork makes it easier. Establish Content Guidelines. ◦ We have a sample set of Social Media guidelines to provide you with a starting point. ◦ Do what you feel is right for your market and audience.• Customers want a conversation that adds value. ◦ Conversation ◦ Responsiveness ◦ Answer questions and be a resource to your social media audience.
  56. 56.  Facebook Fan Box on Website ◦ Allows for readers to “Like” your inventory! Allow sharing of content on Social Networks from inventory pages. Promote using integrated assets: Advertising / In-Store / Web / Email / POS /Etc. should all work together. Online contests are successful audience drivers! ◦ Play by Facebook’s rules or risk being banned!
  57. 57.  It’s all the social web Determine your goals before you start your social campaign Create content calendars for all channels Use the content you create across as many channels as possible MEASURE RESULTS!
  58. 58.  – view employee tweets and manage multiple corporate Twitter accounts – Extract dubious links, messages, and Wall posts from Facebook – Clear and Organize messages – Use this beta plug-in to post protected status updates and comments on Facebook
  59. 59. Combine + Conquer or Risk Losing to Those Who Do News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + Blogging Research/White Papers InfographicsComment Marketing Social Networks Online Video INBOUND MARKETING! Webinars Forums (Find Your Audience Organically on the Web) Document SharingSocial Bookmarking Word of Mouth Direct/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites
  60. 60. Google + 7 Years to Develop
  61. 61. THE ADVENT OFMOBILE Devices and Social Media