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Drywall Installations


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Drywall installations in an 8000 sq. ft. custom home in Costa Rica.

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Drywall Installations

  1. 1. Thomas Rosenberger Specialty Drywall Installationstray, diamond, circular & orange peel dome ceilings 1
  2. 2. plywood ribs to support drywall structure of orange peel dome 2
  3. 3. corner angular brackets for plywood supports 3
  4. 4. drywall metal structure attached to plywood supports
  5. 5. installing thin (¼”) drywall laminates on metal structure
  6. 6. apply regular tape & plaster on drywall joints. On the orange peel joints, apply multi-flex tape with quick dry plaster for an elevated appearance
  7. 7. TYPES OF DRYWALL TAPES WE UTILIZE Standard paper – Fiberglass mesh – Multi-Flex with metalPaper for normal joints. Fiberglass mesh to strengthen. Metal for extra strength on curved joints 7
  8. 8. TYPES OF DRWALL PLASTER WE UTILIZEStandard joint compound – Quick Set for curved and larger joints 8
  9. 9. sanding plaster on drywall laminates
  10. 10. circular dome plywood supports
  11. 11. drywall & plaster applied to circular dome
  12. 12. circular dome with multiple applications of standard plaster and Quick Set
  13. 13. applying plaster to diamond ceiling
  14. 14. diamond ceiling plastered and painted 14
  15. 15. rectangular tray ceiling
  16. 16. structure of custom tray ceiling to emulate design of island cabinetry
  17. 17. install drywall on custom tray ceiling 17
  18. 18. Thomas Rosenberger 18