FSU DEMO 9.20.07


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Multimedia capabilities demo of the Foodservice Univeristy eLearning System

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FSU DEMO 9.20.07

  1. 1. Situation Analysis Product-Specific Sales Training is more critical than ever to Customer Satisfaction and Employee/Sales Partner Retention... BUT…how is your product knowledge delivered now?  WHO is responsible?  HOW OFTEN is it done?  HOW EFFECTIVE is it?  HOW do you KNOW?
  2. 2. The Reality Reality Revised The foodservice sales chain includes direct & market-based representatives Foodservice University ® with: can assure: • Little regular interaction with HQ • A common message to the field • Differing levels of selling experience • Better trained, more confident • Varying objectives and motivation representation • Responsibility for a wide array of • Improved customer penetration product groups • New customer acquisition • Serving every foodservice segment • Customer loyalty and satisfaction • Selling into a highly fragmented supply chain • Improvement of field sales relations, motivation, and performance
  3. 3. Who is Foodservice University®? An Interactive, Web-based Training Resource developed for the Foodservice industry An organization established in 1999, staffed by experienced Foodservice Professionals from all sectors of the industry A state-of-the art industry platform for knowledge distribution and eLearning
  4. 4. Who is Foodservice University®? Your Sales & Marketing Information – “Repurposed” for online asynchronous eLearning – FOCUSED on product knowledge and the selling process – Modular Courseware: 30 frames of content, 12 quizzes, and 10-question random-selected Final Exam Delivered in Flash™ Technology – Audio, animation, and full-motion video capabilities Corporate IT friendly – Dial-up or Broadband connections – A Thawte® Secure Site
  5. 5. Why Use Web-based eLearning? • Cost effective • Track results and comprehension • On-demand availability • Interactivity aids in comprehension • Delivers a consistent message • Dynamically updated to reflect your needs • Easily blends with other sales productivity initiatives
  6. 6. Students Learn More With Web Based Training Retention Rate 75% 40% 20% Listening Listening/Visual Listening/Visual & Interactive
  7. 7. Foodservice University ® Client Applications • Core product training for field sales, DSR’s, and sales support staff • New product rollouts • Communication of marketing objectives • Chain account product implementation • As a component of broker certification • To reinforce complex sales initiatives • Drive/Focus Sales and Profitability • Orient customer service and staff
  8. 8. Let’s See How It Works!
  9. 9. Final Examination
  10. 10. FSU PowerFEEDBACK™ Management Reporting System
  11. 11. Foodservice University® Program Summary  A professionally developed, interactive eLearning system  Cost effective with a tangible ROI  Easily implemented and managed  Online…on-demand  Tracking assures accountability  Customized to meet your objectives  Maintains a consistent field message  Becomes a permanent sales resource  Fosters broker and distributor partnership
  12. 12. Empower your sales group and assure their effectiveness by enrolling them in Foodservice University®
  13. 13. Thomas D. Rector President P.O. Box 28069 Atlanta GA 30358 Office 770.956.7494 Wireless 404.394.1849 trector@foodserviceu.com ~ www.foodserviceu.com