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The new power of the customer voice - social media's place in business


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Social Media have given the customer a new voice, a powerful voice they haven't had before.

How are they using that voice, and how can your business benefit from it?

This presentation (for the Atos customer CxO forum in Brussels) seeks to answer some of those questions.

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The new power of the customer voice - social media's place in business

  1. The New Power of the Customer Voice Tom Raftery Stratos event Oct 2012, Mechelen, Belgium 1
  2. Before I start Image - Google Maps 2Great to be in Belgium
  3. Before I start Image 3A country famous for its art
  4. Before I start Photo 4famous for its cuisine
  5. Before I start Photo 5Belgium is famous for its cuisine
  6. Before I start Photo 6And, of course, its beer!
  7. Before I start Speaking of beer ... 7We’re in Belguim - home of great beers - I’m Irish (famous consumers of beer!) have to relate a beer story
  8. Before I start 8Untappd - social network for beer
  9. Before I start 9Checkin to a beer on Untappd - can add photo, location and rating (with comment)
  10. Before I start 10Untappd - social network for beer
  11. Before I start 11My Untappd profile - friends, toasts, comments and best of all - badges
  12. Before I start 12My Untappd profile - friends, toasts, comments and best of all - badges
  13. Before I start 13One of my Untappd badges
  14. Before I start 14One of my Untappd badges
  15. Before I start 15Nate Heisey - 163 followersThis tweet has been favourited 16 times and retweeted 33 times (incl by me - I have >10k followers)Nate now has a much higher impression of the brewery & next time faced with a choice is more likely tobuy their beer
  16. Tom Raftery • Principal analyst, RedMonk • • • • +34 677 695 468 • 16Don’t like bullet points generally - apologies for this slide!
  17. FYI - slide layout Photo 17Slide layout -ImageURLCreative CommonsRedMonk
  18. Who are you? Photo 18How many of you:Read blogs?Watch online video?Have a FaceBook a/c?Have a LinkedIn a/c?Have a Twitter a/c?Consider FaceBook/YouTube/Twitter a waste of time?
  19. Social Media 19
  20. Social Media Photo 20Social media fundamentally changed the web - now a two-way medium
  21. What I had for breakfast? Photo - 21Social media is just people telling people what they had for breakfast
  22. What I had for breakfast? 22It@cork - a not-for-profitWeb 2.0 term - warm & fuzzyO’Reilly - open sourceCease & desist - strong arm bullying tactic
  23. What I had for breakfast? 23Volunteers created more than 2 million profiles on the siteplanned 200,000 offline eventsformed 35,000 groupsposted 400,000 blogsand raised $30 million on 70,000 personal fund-raising pages
  24. What I had for breakfast? Photo 24Hosni Mubarak - President of Egypt from 1981-2011Photo of Hosni Mubarak in Oct 2009
  25. What I had for breakfast? Photo 25Photo Sept 2011Ousted in an uprising which would not have been possible without social mediaOn 2 June 2012, Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment by an Egyptian court.
  26. Social Media Video 26This video is 1.5 yrs old - the numbers in it are well out of date - most significantly higher now
  27. TodayChallenges for business 27
  28. Increased Competition Photo 28
  29. Brand Management Photo 29
  30. Recruitment/Retention Photo 30Brand management issues have follow-on consequences for recruitment/retention
  31. Information Overload Photo 31
  32. Social MediaHow can social media help? 32
  33. Brand Management 33
  34. Brand Management Photo 34Deepwater Horizon exploded April 20, 2010 - 11 men killed, 17 injured.Over next 3 months - spilled about 4.9 million barrel & still leaking today 2.5 yrs later
  35. Brand Management 35BP did such a poor PR job that a spoof account was set up
  36. Brand Management 36
  37. Brand Management 372191 RTs!
  38. Brand Management 38
  39. Brand Management 39Current BP account - still not learned lesson - all broadcast
  40. OTOH 40
  41. Brand Management 41
  42. Brand Management 42This ad alone has had 43m views
  43. Brand Management 43185 videos in 24 hoursResponded in realtime to questions posed to #OldSpiceOld spice sales up 100% in month that followedStill up 50% a year later (with help from coupons)
  44. Recruitment/Retention 44
  45. Recruitment 45Which co. would you prefer to work for?
  46. Customer Service 46
  47. Customer Service 47
  48. Customer Service 48
  49. Customer Service 49
  50. Customer Service 50Seems to be genuinely Murdoch tweeting
  51. Customer Service 51
  52. Customer Service 52Obviously this doesn’t scale but...
  53. Customer Service 53Call centres swamped120 people in shifts for 7 days on FB & TwitterNow has 23 strong social media dept“customer service agents in the social media dept are 75% more productive than those in call centres”
  54. Customer ServiceFor the 27 airlines in the Star Alliance, nearly one-thirdof customer feedback now comes from social media. Jaan Albrecht, CEO of Star Alliance Services 54
  55. Customer Service 55
  56. Customer Service 56Early 2000’s SAP had 170,000 customers - support needs, esp for new products were becoming unmanageable
  57. Customer ServiceTo make it work... would be 90% us and 10% them atfirst. But we knew if we did that, it would eventually be10% us and 90% them. Mark Finnern, Chief Community Evangelist, SAP SCN 57
  58. Customer Service 58More than 100,000 joined in first 2 yrsNow over 2.5m usersSAP: SCN improves customer retention, creates efficiency and drives top line growth and revenue
  59. Customer Service 59Not easy to create an SCN but Getsatisfaction helps you start on that road
  60. Customer Service 60Lots of case studies on their site
  61. Customer Service 615 months ago I raised this issue36 others have the same q40 repliesAnd still this hasn’t been addressed by Dashlane
  62. Crowdsourcing 62Another popular social strategy
  63. Crowdsourcing 6318k ideas submitted740k votes97k comments520+ ideas implemented
  64. Crowdsourcing 64
  65. Crowdsourcing 65Free resource provided by IntuitUpdated by tax professionalsNow the place to go to see tax law in US
  66. Inside the firewall 66
  67. Retention Photo 67David Legge - Fortis BC - guy walking out of interview
  68. Retention 68Like putting a rotary dial phone on their desk with a lock on the dial
  69. Retention 69Twitter as news/info gathering medium
  70. Retention Twitter is a primary source to gather information about changes in my industry. It helps the organization stay current with the latest trends and thinking. Casey Coleman, CIO of the U.S. General Services Administration 70Don’t take my word for it
  71. Internal Communications 71
  72. Internal Communications Photo 72Social media can be powerful way to share info within orgsAnd stop co losing info when ppl leave
  73. Internal Communications 73Has to be genuine though!Don’t use Pointy Haired Boss blogging strategy!
  74. Internal Communications 74IBM internal blogsTag clouds - recommendations, similar blogsIBM has 20k internal blogs - running blog program 9 yrs
  75. Internal Communications 75IBM internal blogs - going strong for years now- internal social network- knowledge sharing- self-promotion tool
  76. Internal Communications 76Wikis are another great way to share info internally in an orgit@cork example
  77. Internal Communications 77
  78. Internal Communications 78Cloud-based SharePointalternative
  79. Internal Communications 79SAP’s offering in this space - to be superseded tomorrow, by an offering called Jam, I understand
  80. Internal Communications 802 ppl working on a spreadsheet remotelyIn a browserAnd chatting
  81. Analytics 81No enterprise talk is complete without discussing analytics these days!
  82. Big data! 82Twitter - half a billion tweets per day
  83. Big Data! 832.5 billion content items per day!More interesting stats on the page - was getting too bulletpointy,
  84. AnalyticsTheres no such thing as information overload - onlyfilter failure. Clay Shirky, Prof NYU, Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society 84
  85. Analytics 85Gatorade’s Social Media command centre - Mission Control
  86. Analytics 8670 employees monitoring and dealing with social media11 languages25,000 social media events for the company each day
  87. Analytics 87Dell contributed funding and tech forthis
  88. Analytics 88Twitter is faster than, and as accurate as the official records at detecting the start and early progress of theepidemicAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine
  89. Analytics 89researchers at Virginia Tech developed system that provides auto manufacturers an efficient way todiscover and classify vehicle defectscan be used to discover vehicle defects from social media posts across multiple car brands
  90. Analytics 90GE - Grid IQ Insight
  91. Analytics 91GE - Grid IQ InsightIf someone posts a pic - then utility knows exactly what equipment to send in truck roll
  92. Analytics 92DataSift deep analytics of Social Media
  93. ConclusionSocial Media has conferred massive new power on the voice of the customer. How will you use it? 93
  94. Thanks! Contact information: Tom RafteryPrincipal Analyst, Energy & Sustainability, RedMonk,, +34 677 695 468 94