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Sap Leonardo - what is it, and why would I want one?


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A quick run through of the technologies running through SAP's Innovation portfolio of products, called SAP Leonardo, and use cases where it has been deployed successfully with customers

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Sap Leonardo - what is it, and why would I want one?

  1. 1. Tom Raftery Global VP, and IoT Evangelist SAP Leonardo – What is it, and why would I want one?
  2. 2. Tom Raftery • Global VP, Futurist, & IoT Evangelist, SAP • • • • +34 608 252 871 • @tomraftery
  3. 3. Only 5% of organizations feel they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from competitors. Source: Accenture, Digital Transformation in the Age of the Customer Companies with 50% or more of revenue from digital ecosystems achieve 32% higher revenue growth and 27% higher profit margins. Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem 72% of global CEOs believe the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years. Source: Forbes Insights, 2016 Global CEO Outlook Digital Transformation Imperative “
  4. 4. SAP announcements to invest into IoT and introduce SAP Leonardo brand Sept. 2016 Jan. 2017 May 2017 June 2017 July 2017
  5. 5. •What is it? •Why would I want one?
  6. 6. What is it?
  7. 7. SAP HANA | SAP Data Hub | SAP Vora | Other SAP | Open Source Storages | SWIFT AWS S3 Hadoop … Design Led Innovation Solution Ideation & Vision Rapid Prototyping Integration Blueprint Business Case Development SAP Cloud Platform Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Data Management Microservices | Open APIs | Flexible Runtimes | Integration SAP • Security • Mobile • Integration • Analytics • Business Services • UX & Collaboration Open Ecosystem Rich Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  8. 8. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine LearningMachine Learning • SAP Cash Application • SAP Brand Impact • SAP Service Ticketing • SAP Fraud Management • SAP Customer Retention • Document Feature Extraction • Image Feature Extraction • Time Series Change point Detection • Time Series Forecast Translation • Image Classification Applications Services Conversational UI • Conversation AI Framework • SAP CoPilot Machine LearningSAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  9. 9. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Open Scalable Big Data Data Hub • Manage, scale & govern the entire data landscape • Create pipelines to connect systems & data stores • Hybrid solution for both on-premise & cloud SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  10. 10. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning Analytics Comprehensive Predictive Portfolio Analytics • Real time view of entire business • Enable transformation by to connecting to various data sources • SAP Analytics Cloud • SAP Predictive Analytics • Digital Boardroom • Enable citizen data scientists • Robust set of tools for a variety of use cases SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System Business Intelligence Planning Predictive
  11. 11. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning Data Intelligence Live Insights Data Services Live Customer Cloud Data Intelligence • Powered by machine learning • Turn transactions from SAP cloud solutions into actionable insights • Cloud data monetization platform • Create the ecosystem, connect the data & extract the insights • Anonymization and distribution services • Standardized data sets • Processing services • Industry & LoB data services SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  12. 12. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning Blockchain Ecosystem Store Build Blockchain • Blockchain-as-a-Service • Value-added & application integration services • Apps with integrated Blockchain already • Distributed blockchain networks across SAP data centers SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  13. 13. SAP Leonardo Technologies Internet of Things Big Data Data Intelligence Blockchain Analytics Machine Learning Internet of Things IoT Applications SAP Leonardo Bridge IoT Services Internet of Things Connected Products Connected Machines Connected Fleet Connected Infrastructure Connected Markets Connected People • Edge Services • App Enablement • Thing management • Integrated & extendable suite • Real-time view of connected things • Built on business processes SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System
  14. 14. Connected Markets Connected Infrastructure Connected Products Product & Project Network* Engineering Control Center Product Lifecycle Costing Ariba Sourcing * future scope Product Insights Connected Assets Connected Fleet Connected People Connected Goods IBP for response & supply Hybris Billing Goods & Equipment Supply Chain Control Tower Track & Trace* Ariba Advanced Supply Chain Automation Supply Networks Asset Intelligence Network Predictive Maintenance & Service Work Manager Ariba Advanced Supply Chain Automation Fixed Asset Insights Manufacturing Execution Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence Plant Connectivity Manufacturing Execution Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence Global Batch Traceability Track & Trace* Distributed Manufacturing* Manufacturing Networks Vehicle Insights Predictive Maintenance & Service Asset Intelligence Network Mobile Asset Insights Transportation Safety* Connected Parking EHS dangerous goods Logistics Safety Track & Trace* Yard Logistics Warehouse Management Networked Logistics Hub Vehicle Networks Logistics Networks Real-Estate Cockpit Cloud for Real-Estate Plant Maintenance Energy Management* Ariba Procurement Building Insights Project Management Track & Trace Yard Logistics Construction Predictive Maintenance Asset Intelligence Network Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence Energy Grids Customer Activity Repository Connected Goods Connected Marketing Market Insights Vehicle Insights Predictive Maintenance Connected Agribusiness* Rural Areas Networked Logistics Hub (Ports) Smart Traffic Connected Parking Urban Areas Knowledge Workspace* SAP JAM People and Work Connected Goods Connected Patient* People and Health Connected Homes* (Insurance) People and Homes In 2017 SAP is positioning six IoT application categories SAP Leonardo Innovation Portfolio for IoT Applications (Solution Spotlights) Ready to be sold
  15. 15. N E W Y O R K C I T Y PA R I S B A N G A L O R E S A O L E O P O L D O SAP Leonardo Centers Experience spaces End-to-end offerings Tangible showcases A global network to help our Customers Partners Startups Universities In their digital transformation journey IoT Analytics Machine learning Blockchain Supported by our partners. System integrators Software solution providers Technology partners IoT sensor and machinery partners Big Data
  16. 16. Global SAP Leonardo Centers for design thinking and innovation Bring innovative ideas to life; iterate and refine with SAP Build Create, test & refine business case for ROI and strategic value Create technology roadmap, identify dependencies & remediate risks Solution Ideation & Vision Rapid Prototyping Business Case Development Integration Blueprint SAP Leonardo Innovate Quickly move from brainstorming to blueprint Achieve measurable value in weeks, not years
  17. 17. Why would I want one?
  18. 18. ‘Better Outcomes’ – The real reason for IoT and Industrie 4.0 projects Optimized Productivity Improved Turnarounds Less Waste Lower cost Increased Uptime New Products & Services New Revenue Faster Deliveries Usage – Based Pricing Greater Capacity Better Efficiency New Business Models
  19. 19. Reducing Down-Time Reduce Maintanance Effort and Costs Faster Delivery Optimizing Machine Efficiency Transform Products to Services New Business Models New Customer Experience Personalized Products & Services (Lot-size 1) Efficiency Led Models New Digital Services
  20. 20. Efficiency led models
  21. 21. Caterpillar
  22. 22. SAP IoT customers – predictive maintenance
  23. 23. SAP Leonardo customers – predictive maintenance
  24. 24. SAP IoT customers – connected supply chain
  25. 25. 26INTERNAL© 2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. ǀ C O - I N N O V A T I O N
  26. 26. New Business Models
  27. 27. UPS
  28. 28. Continental
  29. 29. SAP IoT customers – new business models / AIN
  30. 30. SAP Leonardo IoT 100+ Customers Live or Deploying Reduce Energy Cost -20% Production Breakdown +6.5% Quality -20% Production Breakdown +6.5% Quality Reduced lead time to produce custom motorbikes from 21-day cycle to 6 hours! Improve Quality in real time Simplify car refueling experience 1-2% asset maintenance cost reduction 95.7% faster load forecasting improve service levels for customers & new business model. Customer Satisfaction & Cost improve service contract compliance and new business models 8-10% reduction in maintenance costs Predictive Quality Paint Issue Detection Visibility into customer’s fitness footprint and workout habits using IOT. Engage Better and Grow revenue Upsell and Cross with predictive capabilities and connected shoes Monitor consumption of food and beverages to provide insights and recommend combo-based promotions 100% Improvement on Speed of information retrieval & reliability of data send to ERP 5mins Reduction in Truck Idling time at Port + double cargo handling $120m Energy Saving in Year 1 Flood Reduction 15% Reduction in driver turnover​ in the first year Improved Talent development and driver safety​ Better Patient Engagement – Diabetes connected kit Better customer service, reduce carbon footprint and pay per use model Provide real time insights and to increase vehicle uptime Efficient Supply chain & cost reduction with predictive for Container Repositioning 23% Improved Equipment Effectiveness Reduce Maintenance Cost of data centers Increase customer satisfaction Increase Forklift operator safety and real time insights Hundreds of patients saved after alerts notify clinician Deliver Personalized Experience Provide value add services to customers and reduce operational cost SEAT, SAMSUNG and SAP join forces to develop the “connected car” of the future Deliver Personalized consumer service Deliver Personalized consumer service to locate food and parking Recent Wins Providing customers new digital services
  31. 31. Next Steps
  32. 32. Conclusion • Digital is the future • Leonardo is SAP’s Digital Innovation System • Leonardo is Digital for Enterprise
  33. 33. Internal Thanks  Contact information: Tom Raftery Global VP & IoT Evangelist SAP S.A. • • +34 608 252 871 • @TomRaftery
  34. 34. Internal ?’s Contact information: Tom Raftery Global VP & IoT Evangelist SAP S.A. • • +34 608 252 871 • @TomRaftery
  35. 35. • Award Winning UX & Design Services Multiple “Red Dot“ awards for design excellence, and one of the most established Design Thinking practices for enterprises worldwide • Rapid Prototyping With SAP Build, quickly design, build, and test beautiful apps that users will love • Rapid & Agile Seamless transition from Design to Prototype to Production, using SAP’s suite of traditional and cloud-native applications • Low Risk Model With fixed priced services, SAP shares project risk and eliminates cost overruns • Flexibility & Choice of IaaS SAP, AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platform • SAP Cloud Platform At scale integration, big data, IoT, analytics and machine learning as a service + natural language capabilities • Edge to Cloud Streaming data processing at the edge for massive scale in IoT and database synchronization for offline cases • Boardroom to Mobile Run Live from the SAP Digital Boardroom to brilliant, simple mobile apps • Pre-Built Accelerators Industry and solution-based accelerators to reduce the time to solution delivery • Core Business Systems Scale innovation with integration to key existing systems (S/4HANA, etc.) • No Data Replication Eliminate the cost of complexity of replicating data to the cloud • Citizen Data Scientists Make every business analyst a data scientist with self-service and user friendly predictive analytics • Partner Services Choose services from SAP, or global partners • New Commercial Models SAP shared project risk through fixed price services, simple licensing & pricing, and low cost accelerators SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System Innovate Integrate Scale SAP Leonardo is a systematic approach to digitally transform businesses, focused on repeatable solutions to well understood business problems across many industries. SAP Leonardo accelerates and de-risks digital transformation using proven methodologies and pre-integrated software components. It brings together award-winning design services, an industry-leading cloud platform and applications, deep expertise in business processes, and the most innovative new technologies such as analytics, blockchain, IoT and machine learning.