Tom Nastas board of directors appointments


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List of Nastas appoitments, to Board of Directors, USA & International, from 1986-now

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Tom Nastas board of directors appointments

  1. 1. Contributions of Thomas Nastas, Board of Directors, Foreign & USA Companies, 1986-NowInvestee/Location Product/Industry Role Contributions/ImpactsKazakhstanMinistry of Education Technology dev. & Technology & 1). Launched $85 million grant program& Science, Republic commercialization: Commercialization Board, to finance R&D through productof Kazakhstan, invest to advance seven members, five commercialization, established policiesAstana, Kazakhstan R&D and bring international scientists & & procedures for investment. Results: innovations to two venture investors (I am  Personally evaluated 178 tech market—achieve 1st one of the two specialists proposals (367 received) in 1st customer sale. in commercialization & tender, held in 2011 venture capital)  Selected & approved 1st set of Tech targets of grant grants, committed $10.5 million to program—alternative Appointed member of the 10 R&D groups doing tech energy, biotech, ICT, Board, July 2010 by development in nanotech, ICT, electronics, oil & gas, Minister Zh. Tuymabayev, oil/gas, medicine-pharma, metallurgy & Ministry of Education & agriculture & construction construction materials Science, Government of 2). Lead effort, create tech transfer office Kazakhstan to commercialize tech developed from Sources of funding: grants made. Defined objectives, KPIs $75 million-Gov’t of Term: 2010-present and all tasks of tech transfer operation. Kazakhstan + $10 Created all docs to initiate tender to hire million-World Bank international commercialization contractor to manage tech transfer officeRUSSIASuntyco, Cyprus Food & beverages: Elected Independent 1). Oversee the corporate holding inSunty, Moscow coffee and tea product Director, August 2009 by Cyprus & its joint venture in Russia lines sold through shareholders: Tata Group 2). Manage shareholder relations & Board wholesalers, (Mumbai, India), European decisions-KPIs, strategy, investment, distributors & key Bank for Reconstruction & finance & budgets. Results since 2009: accounts to retail Development (London)  +14% growth in sales, ahead of outlets, supermarket and Celeste Holdings target market growth of 8%, with 2 chains & (Moscow) to the Cyprus new products launched; profits hypermarkets in holding Suntyco & Sunty, grew marginally – achievements Russia and select its joint venture in Russia despite devaluation in Russian countries in the CIS ruble – global financial crisis Term: 2009-present 3). Lead creation of Sunty’s digital media strategy for RussiaSotsgorbank, Moscow Banking & financial Elected as 1st foreign & 1). Set strategy, KPIs for top managers,Russia services to Russian independent director, July approve all budgets, strategic & operating corporations, small & 2007 for one year, re- plans + investment. Results: medium enterprises elected in 2008 & 2009 (to  Net income increase of 2x-$34MM (SMEs) & individuals complete three year  Growth in assets +22% (retail banking) commitment)  +27% growth in loan portfolio (retail, corporate & SME lending) Term: 2007-2010  Increase S&P rating, from CCC to B-, maintained despite global Committee member: financial crisis 1) Risk Management—  $20 million new equity raised from Audit Committee Firebird Investors (USA) 2) Strategy Committee 2). Secured 10 year-$10 million loan from US lender World Business Capital with an OPIC (US Gov’t insurance agency) guarantee to initiate SME lending program in Russia-a real achievement for a mid-size bank ranked #173 in assets  Mgt increased SME loan volume 4x with this new financing 3). Secured $12 million equity investment offer from Renaissance Capital (Moscow), Feb. 2008, of 5,800 rubles/share, a 30% increase in valuation just seven (7) months from Sotsgorbank’s 1st equity financing, Aug. 2007
  2. 2. Investment Results/Board of Directors Participation Thomas D. Nastas Page 2Russian Corporation Nanotechnology Senior advisor to Rusnano, 1). Created & lead initiative to establishof Nanotechnology int’l partnering with US technology proof-of-concept program &(Rusnano) Moscow, universities in tech fund with Universities of Colorado, UtahRussia development, tech transfer, & Michigan. Negotiated & secured & cross-border execution signed agreements to Russia. 2010 Board of 2). Established strategy, business model Directors nominee to & budget to create start-up teams in Rusnano’s Zelenograd nanocenters across Russia, with mgt Nanocenter investment practices of commercialization modeled and transferred from US university partners, localized to the Russian cultureIndependent Directors Non-profit trade Elected June 2008 as Educate the market & deployAssociation (IDA), association Independent Director, international corporate governanceMoscow member-Board of practices to Russian companies. Directors for three (3) Represent IDA internationally-joint years, re-elected in 2011 projects with US & Asian corporate for one additional year governance associationsBPOcom, Moscow Outsourcing services Independent Director. Set strategy & approve budgets. Establish Term 2009-2012 sales channels to multinational customers. Mentor CEO on executionMRCI, Sakhalin Seafood, fishing Inherited growth stage Quarterly reporting. Approved new $1.5Russia & Seattle, industry, consumer & investee with $8.5 million million follow-on investment. ExitWA, USA institutional invested by Russia through a management buy-out Investment FundFlexoprint, Printing services, Structured, closed Monthly reporting. Replaced GeneralVolgograd, Russia multiple industries & $600,000 investment, HP Director with Finance Director. customers Russia LPFrank’s Ice Cream, Ice cream, consumer Inherited early stage Monthly reporting. Stopped furtherMagadan, Russia products industry $250,000 deal. Russia financing due to non-performance Investment FundRolti, Samara, Russia Windows & doors, Observer: HP Russia LP Engaged UK industry expert to lead construction sectors $3.2 million invested market expansionLada Xleb, Samara Bread, consumer Observer: HP Russia LP $3.2 million investedSaratov Wallpaper Wallpaper mfger Observer: HP Russia LP $3.2 million investedUSALarta Institute, Los Commercialize tech Appointed, member, Provide strategic counsel to Larta, accessAngeles & Palo Alto, developed from the Global Investment to global networks & new opportunitiesCA, & Washington US Gov’t Small Advisory Committee, for international partneringD.C. Business Innovation August 2009 Research ProgramApplied Intelligent Machine vision, Led & closed early stage Monthly reporting. Scale up the mgtSystems Inc, Ann (hardware/software), investment $700,000 of team, separated bus dev., mkting & salesArbor MI, USA automotive & Michigan Product function from President to VPs. Cash semiconductor Development Fund returns of $12,500,000 (17x) in capital industries gains, trade sale to ESIO, NASDAQNeogen Corp., Semi-conductor Led & closed early stage Monthly investment mgt. IPO with totalLansing MI, USA instrumentation & investment of $700,000. shareholder value >$750,000,000, NEOG biotech for agriculture Michigan Product Fund NASDAQPersonal Bibliographic Co-led & co-managed Scale up mgt. team & strategy to exploitBibliographic software & data base early stage investment of opts in search business. Cash returns ofSystems Inc., Ann retrieval $200,000. Michigan $175k + trade sale to Thompson (NYSE:Arbor, MI, USA Product Dev. Fund TRI & NASDAQ: TRIN)Face Technologies, Computer peripheral Co-led & manage start-up Monthly reporting. Liquidated investee.Ann Arbor, MI, USA boards $330,000 investment, Asset sale of $50k Michigan Dev. FundGateway Systems, E. Database & enterprise Co-manage early stage Monthly reporting. Co-led follow-onLansing, MI, USA software, multiple investee, $700,000 financing. Cash returns of $300k & sale industries investment + follow-on of royalty investment $200,000.