Global Speaking Engagement & Interviews Of Thomas D Nastas


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List of global speaking engagements of Thomas D. Nastas

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Global Speaking Engagement & Interviews Of Thomas D Nastas

  1. 1. (Global) Speaking Engagements & Television Interviews of Thomas D. Nastas (2009-1992) Venture Capital (VC) & Private Equity (PE) 1. ‘Management & Organization for New Business Formation,’ presented by Tom Nastas at the 2nd International Conference of the Russian Corporation for Nano Technologies (Rusnano), 6-8 October 2009, Moscow Russia 2. ‘How Russian SMEs Can Raise $ from International Investors,’ presented by Tom Nastas at the 3rd Moscow Venture Forum, 17/18 June 2009, Moscow Russia 3. ‘Innovation in Russia,’ Thomas Nastas’ 30 minute interview on cable TV station Russia Today, 23 March 2009, rebroadcast on YouTube, 23 March 2009 & The Russian Blog, 30 March 2009 4. ‘Scaling Up Innovation in Russia,’ Applied Policy Conference, Early Stage Financing & Investment Readiness of Innovative Enterprises, organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, 23 May 2008, Moscow, Russia 5. ‘How VC Feeds the M&A Deal Pipeline,’ India M&A Forum, Informedia-India Conference, 26 July 2007, Mumbai, India. Mr. Nastas also chaired conference proceeding for both days 6. ‘Clusters & Venture Capital: Scaling Up for Innovation,’ Kirov Regional Administration (Russia) conference with support from the BioIndustry Initiative (BII), U.S. Department of State, 27 June 2007, Kirov, Russia, 7. ‘Technology, Deal Flow, $ and PPPs,’ 11th Russian Internet Forum 5-7 April 2007, Moscow, Russia. 8. ‘The Russian Tech Sector: Are Profits Here Yet?’ C5 Conference, CIS Private Equity Forum, 5 June 2006, Moscow, Russia 9. ‘Technology, Deal Flow, € & You,’ EU/Russian Academy of Sciences Conference, Private-Public Partnerships in Innovation & Technology, 25 January 2006, Moscow, Russia 10. ‘VC in Russian IT & TMT,’ American Chamber of Commerce IT Committee, 2 December 2005, Moscow, Russia 11. ‘New Directions in CIS & CEE Private Equity,’ UNESCO conference ‘World Summit on the Information Society,’ 17-19 May 2005, St. Petersburg, Russia 12. ‘New Directions in Deal Flow & Venture Creation,’ World Bank 4th Annual Knowledge Economy Forum, 24 March 2005, Istanbul, Turkey 13. ‘New Directions in CIS Venture Capital,’ World Bank Forum, ‘Enhancing Latvian Competitiveness in Innovation,’ 8-9 June 2004, Riga, Latvia 14. ‘VC in the CIS,’ World Bank Forum for the Kazakhstan Government, 10 June 2004, Almaty, Kazakhstan Venture Capital Management Development & Training Programs 1. ‘Venture Capital & Private Equity in the CEE & the CIS,’ lecture to MBA students, Graduate School of Business, Michigan State University, 23 April, 2009, East Lansing, MI, USA
  2. 2. Global Speaking Engagements of Thomas D. Nastas Page 2 2. ‘New Directions in Russian Private Equity,’ Private Equity Forum, East Europe & the CIS, 25-26 February 1999, London, England 3. ‘New Directions in African Private Equity,’ World Bank Workshop, East Africa Equity Facility, 30-31 March 1995, Entebbe, Uganda 4. ‘The Global Competition for Capital,’ presentation to the President & Parliament of Kazakhstan, 27 February 1995, Almaty Kazakhstan 5. ‘Workshop: Problems in Joint Stock Companies: Issues & Solutions,’ presented to Kazakhstan Privatization Investment Fund Managers, 31 January 1995, Almaty, Kazakhstan 6. ‘Quasi-Equity: A New Model for European Private Equity,’ Investment Management Program, Financière Saint Dominique, 3 April 1993, Paris, France 7. ‘Workshop: Value Creation in European Private Equity,’ presented to Private Equity Investment Group, Investment Management Program, Financière Saint Dominique, 2 April 1993, Paris, France 8. ‘Implementing the Technology Performance Financing Model in Europe,’ Technology Investment Core Group, DG XIII of the European Union, 28 September 1992,Luxembourg 9. ‘Implementing the Venture Loan Model in Canada,’ Venture Loan Training Program, Federal Business Development Bank of Canada, 6 May 1992, Montreal, Canada Technology & Innovation 1. ‘Potential for Russian Innovation,’ Vedomosti Conference, 16 November 2007, Moscow, Russia 2. ‘Russian Oil Field Services: Scaling Up Innovation for New Growth’ C5 conference on Oilfield Services Market in Russia & the CIS, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 15-16 March 2007 3. ‘In Technology, East + West = The Best,’ C5 Conference, ‘Oil Field Services,’ 30 March 2006, Moscow, Russia 4. ‘Finance Your Technology Thru Venture Capital,’ Oil Vertical Conference, 15 November 2005, Moscow, Russia 5. ‘What VC Can Do in for the CIS Oil Field Services Sector,’3rd International Conference ‘Russian Oilfield Services: Trends, Opportunities and Prospects’ 25-26 October 2005, Moscow, Russia 6. ‘What Venture Capital Can Achieve in the CIS Oil Sector,’ C5 Conference, ‘Investing in the Russian Oil/Gas Sector,’ 23 September 2005, Moscow, Russia 7. ‘What VC Can do for the Petroleum Industry, 3rd Russian Petroleum & Gas Congress, MIOGE, 23 June 2005, Moscow, Russia 8. ‘GameChanging Opportunities with Russian Technology,’ Pennwell 1st Russian Petroleum Conference, 9 March 2005, Moscow, Russia 9. ‘Korea, Japan & Russia Corporate Partnering Workshop,’ 27 May 2003; 10. ‘Corporate Partnering between Russia & the Netherlands,’ 9 June 2003; 11. ‘Biotechnology & Life Sciences Corporate Partnership Workshop,’ 10 & 16 June 2003; 12. ‘Partners for Prosperity Corporate Workshop,’ 5/6 November 2003