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Green Lion Digital Reports


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In the past, the retailer was constrained by their business intelligence software requiring a significant amount of resources in the data warehouse. Now, GLD Reports compliments existing BI solutions and ERP systems to provide a cloud-based, scalable solution for sales, inventory and supply chain reporting. Using our proprietary data processing and distribution technologies we can securely distribute data to thousands of recipients, data whose size is beyond that ability of typical database and reporting software tools to capture, store, manage, and distribute.

With the GLD Reports solution there are no blackout periods, spikes in systems usage or bandwidth that need to be managed. The constraints imposed on the structure of traditional reporting and EDI solutions limits the benefits of a vendor partnership program to a small percentage of the total vendor community. Opening the solution up to a greater portion of the community under the GLD Reports model improves vendor relations and reporting through the supply chain. The benefits of the GLD Reports solution are seen at the retailer and the vendor partner, saving both time and money.

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