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Tom ross music video ideas


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Tom ross music video ideas

  1. 1. Tom Ross Music Video Ideas Mood Boards
  2. 2. Music Genre Moodboard I chose these photos because these are the bands that I want to base my music video on. That particular type of music comes under the genre of ‘Indie-Rock’ and these are my favourite bands. They consist of Arctic Monkeys, The Foals and The Janice Graham Band. The other photos are because I play guitar and I want a short clip of just a guitar on its own doing a guitar solo, so I picked some of the greatest guitarist ever. These consist of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and slash.
  3. 3. Settings I chose these images because I would like to have these different places in my music video. I would like this because, I can picture a band performing in a recording studio and the being lots of technical equipment and many different instruments around the room. I would also like a shot of a mixing board because in my head I can picture one of the switches being pushed up then the music playing. I want this because my Video type will be Narrative/ performance.
  4. 4. Costume and Equipment. I have picked this clothing line because this suits the type of genre that I picked. This is Indie- Rock. This type of clothing is commonly wore by people who listen to this type of music. I also picked a certain type of instruments be these instruments are usually played by bands from that category E.G: Arctic Monkeys. I would use these types of clothing and instruments in my Music video.