Task 1


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Task 1

  1. 1. Tom Ross Filming: The first thing that we started to film was the drum room in our college. We filmed shots of the drum kit. We did this by listening to the music in the back ground and playing along to it. This made the shot look more professional and more realistic. We shot many different angles to get as many shots as possible. We filmed them in different lightings to see which one looked the best on the camera. We also filmed other instruments as well as the drums ones. We then filmed at strangeways prison; this was to get the shots of the old part of the prison. We wanted the old part because we thought as a group that it looked more like a prison than the new bit. Also we thought that it was a small amount of Manchester history, and this is something we wanted to incorporate due to the indie Manchester theme.
  2. 2. Tom Ross We then went to my dad’s yard and we filmed most of our shots there. We shot as many camera angles as we could this would make the music video have a better outcome. In one of the shots we and to have the camera up really high as we were filming to try and get a CCTV effect. We wanted this effect as this would make our prison break story line look realistic. We then went back to college and loaded all our shots onto the computer. We then had to rename them all this makes them easier to find when you place them into premier. We edited the clips to make the music video. I used nearly all of the clips that we shot. This made my music video look good and have a good story to it. However I would like to get some more shots as this would make my music video look more filled. Also it would make the video look better as it would not be staying on the same shot.
  3. 3. Tom Ross After I put my clips together in premiere I then went over to after effects. The reason for this was because the black and white effect that was in premiere wasn’t strong enough so I went to after effects and added different layers to added the effect as the ,lighting was different in every shot. I then exported my video. This made it easier to watch and then I also uploaded it to youtube.
  4. 4. Tom Ross