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Review for my internet radio show


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Published in: Design
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Review for my internet radio show

  1. 1. Review For My Internet Radio Show This show was better than last time; it was more fluent with a little bit more improvisation. This would make it more enjoyable for the audience and then the show would become more popular. The sound quality of the show was good and consistent and this made the show sound more professional. However at the start of the show I mess up and there is dead air at the start of the show. This makes the show unprofessional and makes the target audience loose interest in the show. The fading effects of the show were ok in parts. However on some songs the sons didn’t blend and they sounded unprofessional. The chat part of the show the show is more fluent this time. However at the show it was very robotic and scripted. This was unprofessional and this would make the target audience loose interest in the show. I think the music choices for the show was very good as it was appropriate to the audience and it was also playing very recurrent music and this is the type I like. I think that we should do more improvisation and more chatting during songs this would improve the overall flow of the show and make the show more interesting target audience.