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Proposal and treatment


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Proposal and treatment

  1. 1. Proposal And Treatment Artist: Arctic Monkeys Song: why do you only call me when your high. Production Company: 2loud music productions Director: Thomas Ross Contact Email:
  2. 2. General Concept: My music video is based on the video from ‘why do you only call me when you’re high’ I want my video to be narrative however I would like a performance side to it. In my video I would like the piece to be very fun and appealing to my target audience. My target audience are the people that listen to indie-rock music. I would like various locations to bring a sense of mystery to my video. My rules I will use in my video: I will have a band performance because then it adds a sense of live music. I will use a slider or a really steady hand to film the band as it will create a better effect. I will add different effects to my video to make a more random video but not too random that it becomes a concept video. The lighting of my video will be very bright and colourful, using such colours like blue, green, red, and yellow. This would create a club effect which I would have at the end of my piece. However this is the opposite of my chosen song. The lights in that are dark. I would need about 10 extras as there are people needed in the background of my video. Some for the bad performance and some for the dance seen at the end of the video. I would shoot my video mostly indoors to get the best effect form the lights. However I will shoot some shots outside to get some shots of Manchester town centre and then I would add effects to these. The costume for my video would be very indie and chilled I would like to have different coloured Harrington jackets and skinny jeans. I would also like the people in my video to have a fairly indie hairstyle this consists on lots of volume. I will use cut-to-cut editing to create a better flow in my music video. However in the bridge part of my video or at the end, I will use montage editing to create a faster more crazy effect in the video. Inspirations For My Music Video From YouTube Arctic Monkeys –Why do you only call me when you high?
  3. 3. Arctic Monkeys- Teddy Picker- when the guy starts the music by pressing a button The Foals- My Number- for when the band is playing live. Martin Garrix- Animals- Manly for costumes and setting design. Crew Director/ Production Designer- Callum Wallace Photography director- Tom Ross Assistant Director- Alex Nesbit- Lydia Cooke Production Manager- Lydia Cooke Set Decorator- Callum Wallace Make up- Lydia Cooke Editor- Tom Ross Sound recorder- Alex Nesbit Equipment- Callum Wallace Production Concerns Budget- The budget is hard to work with due to the fact that we have no money at all. I will overcome this by researching where and when I will film my video so that I can plan it for that day. Work- By this I mean that there is a lot of work to do so we will have to be organised and well managed. Vehicles and catering- We will have to figure out how to get to the venues and how we are going to eat during the day we are filming. This creates a problem due to the fact that everyone lives really far apart. Attendance of the crew- We will need to be on time and not late as we only have a few days to film. We will also have to have good communication because we will have to arrange where to meet up. Costumes/Props- We will have to make sure that we have the correct costumes and that the props are in good condition so that the music video looks professional.
  4. 4. Camera Work- We will have to have good camera work to make the best quality music video. I will overcome this by practising with the camera and making sure I know what to do and where. Deadline- Make sure we have all our work complete and finished by the deadline. I will overcome this by writing up a plan sheet so we know what we are doing on what day. In my music Video I hope to have many exiting things that will appeal to my target audience, I will achieve this by talking to people that are in my target audience and see what they like in a music video. My target audience will be people that listen to indie rock music for example; The Foals and the Arctic Monkeys. In some of their videos they have some things that I would like to use, in one of the Arctic monkeys videos called Teddy Picker they use a bit where they push a button on a recording table and the music starts playing and then the band is playing along. Also I would like to take inspiration form the Foals in their video My Number as at the start of the video you can see the band playing the song. This is what I want throughout the video. Different angles of the band playing the song. The type of music video I want is performance/narrative video. The reason I have chosen these types is because I would like to have a meaning to the video but I would like to have different camera shots and angles to make it look like the band is performing the video live. This adds a better effect of my skills as a camera man and director. In the music video the costumes I would like to have is mostly indie clothing such as Harrington jackets and skinny jeans.