My music video analysis


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My music video analysis

  1. 1. Ratchet- Bloc Party shot Shot/ camera Angles:Close ups, wide shot, mid shot Music/ Lyrics:There are no lyrics in the song just instrumental. shot Shot/ camera Angles: Close up, extreme close up, mid shot, wide shot. Music/ Lyrics:Who got the beat this time? Who gonna beat me down? Tell it, tell it Who got the beat this time? Keep it hundred Analysis There is an instrument showing it’s the genre of rock/ indie. This is backed up by the clothing of the drummer. Then there is no person around him which brings all focus to him. Then his head changes into a boot showing the randomness of the video. Then the video goes into a close up shot of the singer. The dull background shows the genre of indie as other videos like oasisimportance of being idle is dark aswell. Editing/ Transitions:The guy’s head gets took off his body and CGI replaces it with a boot, it then goes to a close up. Analysis There are many different aspects of this video this makes it confusing for the viewer to see what is going on in the scene. The singer is wearing a snapback this is not normally seen in the genre of Indie, this could be confusing to what genre the song falls under. The amount of editing in this video is extreme there are allot of things going on at once. Then it goes to a long shot of the band in a dark room and a spot light on them. Editing/ Transitions: Montage editing, slow motion, Pictures on a series to create a video.
  2. 2. shot Shot/ camera Angles:long shot, wide angle, bird’s eye view. Music/ Lyrics: (We go, go ratchet) (We go, you better watch yourself) (We go, go ratchet) (We go, you better watch) Analysis In this scene there is a more dark theme like in miles kane- come closer this backs up the genre of indie and all the members of the band look rather miserable and small because of the camera angle this is also shown in the song as it goes slower and quieter. The spot light in the dark is making the viewer look at that certain area. The way the members look shows the genre. The distance shows they want to be apart which comes to represent a gothic theme. Editing/ Transitions:the only editing technique is slow motion which is