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Meeting #02 26.11.13 minute by tom ross


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Meeting #02 26.11.13 minute by tom ross

  1. 1. Production Company: Production Title: Meeting Record Sheet Date Time 10:35 Place Student Area 26/11/2013 Present Alex Nesbit, Tom Ross Apologies Callum Wallace, Lydia Cooke Agenda Picking the 2nd draft for our music video, this will be our final idea. Minutes First 20 minutes – Talking about Alex Nesbit’s 2nd draft, good ideas for Alex’s script: camera pulling into prison cell, POV of guard from window. Bad ideas: Clown in the prison cell. 20-40 minutes – Talking about Tom Ross’s 2nd draft, Good ideas for tom’s script: switch idea at the start of the video, the trashed room at the start of the video. Bad ideas: close up of the fire 40-50 minutes – making the final decision Meeting Closed at: 10:55