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Jd radio review


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Published in: Design
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Jd radio review

  1. 1. JD Radio Review. The suitability for the show is really good, we picked out certain songs at would be appropriate for our target audience. The stuff we talked about was relevant to what was happening in the store such as offers/ deals and the types of clothes that they have. The Technical part of t show was to more of a professional standard this time. In previous shows the fading between the songs has been sluggish ad unprofessional, however this time the fading was better and sounded allot more fluent. A bad thing that we did was we used some of the E6 Radio Jingles instead of the JD ones. With The show being a in store JD radio show, the jingles we use don’t fit in with the show. In the future I will definitely find the correct jingle before starting the show. The chat in the show was professional and fluent is was good for us as sometimes the show sounds robotic and unprofessional. The stuff we talked about was relevant to the target audience as well as making it informative and entertaining. In the middle of the sow there was a little bit of dead are as there was a confusion of who was talking at the time. In future shows we will resolve this by making a better script and talking through who is talking when we are not live on the mics. What I think was good about the show was the amount that we talked and improvised. What we did different this time was having a web page open for each artist so that we could find out some background information on the artist. This made the conversation fluent and more professional, also tis made the show longer as we knew what we were talking about. I think that next time we should be more prepared and we should also use this show as a sort of layout on how we should have the music ad talking.