Evaluation of my final music video


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Evaluation of my final music video

  1. 1. Tom Ross Evaluation of My Final Music Video In my music video i tried to create the effect of a prison break. I did this by filming in places that had minimum detail and were very plain in colour. This created the effect of a prison cell. This then made the video more authentic and realistic towards the audience. We also filmed at strangeways prison to get the main shots so that the video had that prison theme. We filmed at the older part of the prison so that the video seemed set in a older time, we wanted this effect as the video was an indie themed video. So everything was set a little bit older. The song that we chose was an indie song to. This meant that we had to dress in indie clothing to make the video authentic. I love Also some of the shot that we did were extremely common in indie music videos. Such as the shots of the drum kit and guitars. The place that we filmed these shots was at the college drum room. We picked this room as it was plain and dull; this gave the impression of a prison cell and also it made video look realistic and proper.
  2. 2. Tom Ross The editing proses of the video were extremely time consuming. I spent 3 weeks placing my clips in order so that the story made sense. This was done using adobe premiere. I then added a light black and white effect making the shot look more in depth and to my liking. I did this to my entire video. After I finished adding this effect I exported my video. This took a number of attempts as I had placed a few clips in the wrong place and didn’t add the black and white effect to all my clips. I then put the whole video into after effects, the reason I did this was because the effect that I added wasn’t strong enough. I added the effect by adding a colour correction. I added the effect by using new adjustment layers over the top of my piece. I had to do this for each clip. In total I had 10 adjustment layers. The reason I had to use more than one was because some of the clips had different lightings to the other. I then had to render out the clip. This took around about 45-50 minutes.
  3. 3. Tom Ross The shots that we had were extremely good and represented the song well. In the editing proses I edited the clips at the start of the video to go along with the bass guitar. This made the video footage flow better with actual song. The overall video fled slightly away from the original idea. As the original idea we were supposed to set the prison on fire. However we did set the prison on fire but we didn’t get the shots that we intended to get. For example we were supposed to get Callum singing whilst the fire was burning behind him. This came to be impossible or extremely hard as we could not get the real fire as the place where we filmed wouldn’t let us start a small fire. (which is understandable) i recon that if I could do it again or have more time I would get more shots so my video didn’t have as many long shots in it. Also I would go somewhere that would let us start a small fire so that we could get the appropriate shots. Overall I feel that my music video music good and fluent. I thought that it told the story very well. However I would re-shoot my music video as I need more shots and I would make the shots at strange ways prison. What I mean by this is that when we shot at strangeways we shot in 1080p 24 frames, when the rest of the music video was in 1080p 25 frames.
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