Augmented reality mobile world


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Presentation on few interesting examples of Augmented Reality usage for brands and companies in marketing. If you are thinking what can I do with Augmented Reality, you will find plenty of inspiration in this presentation with mobile applications, augmented reality browsers, TV commercials, desktops and laptops, big outdoor TV screens, in shop promotion and games.
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Augmented reality mobile world

  1. 1. Passionate about new Passionate about travel,mobile technologies, digital digital media, family and marketing, travel, photos, skiing motorcycles and sports
  2. 2. o Custom made mobile applications developmento Campaigns using AR on printed media, outdoor, magazines, flyers etc.o Design of printed mediao 3D content creationo AR video and animationo Consulting in mobile applications, augmented reality, digital marketingo Mobile games developmento Creating of mobile catalogs
  3. 3. Mobile devices with inbuilt cameras such as iPhone, DS Lite, PSP orAndroid.A large TV screen with advanced Set Top box and Web cam.A PC or Mac with webcam.Games console with camera accessory.A head mounted display HMDs (eg: glasses or futuristic contact lenses)attached to a wear-able networked computer.
  4. 4. The mobile AR world consists largely of two different types of experiences: geolocation- and vision-based augmented reality which we can also mix: Vision-based AR uses many of these Geolocation-based same sensors to AR uses GPS, virtually display compass and other digital content in sensors in a user’s context with real- mobile phone to world objects - like provide a “heads- magazines, up” display of postcards or various geolocated product packaging - points-of-interest by tracking the (POI) visual features of these objects.
  5. 5. Link your printed media with your digital content!You can create innovative product catalogues, folders, flyers, maps, outdoor banners, online banners,augment your logo or any other graphical sign with:
  6. 6. Create a panoramic 360 virtual tour of a place, stadion, car, airplain, or antything else and run the application wherever you want without a printed trigger.
  7. 7. Virtual Adviser allows to talk to an representative with visual contact via a website, aphone or tablet like you would talk to a real person. It is a very interactive way to get your customers informed about your services and/or products
  8. 8. Sales of mobile devices and market shareof smartphones is expected to increase.Smartphone penetration: 22% of themobile market with 1,6mln smartphonesand 0,5mln tablets350k tablets and 670k smartphonesAbout 50k tablets and 500k smartphonessold in Belgium