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Augmented Reality (AR) is an information technology allowing to bring about specific results of the application for the mobile devices and other equipped with a camera (e.g. a notebook), when after directing their camera at a given object, photo, symbol being a, so called, „ AR marker” – proper results are brought about, visible on the device’s screen, superimposed on the AR marker recognised by the camera. The easiest example is a black and white symbol, which when printed on a sheet of paper and directing mobile phone camera at it- turns into a 3D object, which can be rotated together with the rotation of the sheet of paper (actually a sheet of paper with the AR marker printed on it is rotating, and on the mobile phone screen- an object assigned to a given AR marker).

The goal of the ARFixer application is to allow print publishers (newspapers, book publishers, packaging, ephemeral etc.) to reach their current readers with all possible forms of media content in one place. Paper publisher through AR technology is the key to all other multimedia content (audio/video/internet), which the publisher would like to convey to the reader, who, using a mobile phone or a tablet, has immediate access to, in the easiest, fastest and intuitive way.

General assumption is to allow the editor to associate with his person a constantly growing audience, not only by what he writes, but also by how he frames his articles and what he “FIXES” to them.

It shall be assumed that the editor creates a given article- usually he has the Internet access and writes it on the computer. Photos which he may use are in the editorial files; the editor creates them by himself or uses agency or archival photos or those publicly available on the Internet. Also through the Internet the editor might find interesting links to the websites, forums, blogs, and any other content he wishes to frame his article in the newspaper with.
The crucial issue is that the editor must be able to quickly and continuously (even after the edition of the newspaper) control and enrich the content with fixed additional materials. In order to do it he needs an online ARFixer ET application, which in real time, next time the reader starts the ARFixer application on the telephone- gives him the access to new content defined by the editor.

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