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Kansas City Area Homes Sell Faster & For More Money!


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One real estate company is a standout among its kind in the greater Kansas City real estate market. On both sides of the state line, Keller Williams Key Partners LLC outperforms the others by selling homes faster and for more money than any other real estate company in the Kansas City Board of Realtors. Hire a sales professional from KW Key Partners located in Prairie Village, KS; and you will have a powerhouse in the real estate market working for YOU.

Courtesy of Tom McChesney - Keller Williams Real Estate. 913-908-2453.

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Kansas City Area Homes Sell Faster & For More Money!

  1. 1. LoRE Report Why Sell with Key Partners? The numbers speak for themselves!
  2. 2. LoRE Report Thisyear,KeyPartnershasSOLD16%more Listings(15%higherthantheBoard!). Key Partners KCRAR 16% 1%
  3. 3. LoRE Report WeareconsistentlysellingourListingsfasterthan theBoard(over40daysfasterinmostcases!!). 0 14 28 42 Key Partners KCRAR 56 70 DOM 25 66
  4. 4. InAugust,ourclientswere15timesmorelikelytoSELL theirhomewithKeyPartnersthanourcompetition. KCRAR Key Partners LoRE Report
  5. 5. LoRE Report KeyPartnersisAboveandBeyondtheBoard! 15% More Contracts Written Closings in 1/3 the Time Homes Selling for 2.3% More KWKP +16% Board +1% KWKP 25 DOM Board 66 DOM KWKP 99.2% SP vs. OP Board 96.9 % SP vs. OP