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Tom Matthews CV


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Tom Matthews CV

  1. 1. Tom  Matthews     0423  063  846     8  Australia  Street  Croydon,  NSW  2132       KEY  SKILLS     Technical  Skills   o Outlook   o Word   o Excel   o Photoshop   o Logic  Pro   o POS     Customer  Service   o Training  in  acting  and  physical  performance,  both  stage  and  street   o Experience  in  roving  performance   o Experience  in  multiple  formats  of  customer  service  from  retail  experience   and  promotional  experience   o Experience  in  traffic  and  crowd  control     Licenses  and  Certificates   o Current  full  Drivers  License   o Working  With  Children’s  Check         EDUCATION     o Charles  Sturt  University   Bachelor  of  Communications  (Theatre/Media)     o Canberra  College   International  Baccalaureate  Diploma       o Canberra  College   Year  12  Certificate              
  2. 2. EMPLOYMENT     Site  Crew/Crowd  Marshal/Merch   Sydney  Festival  –  Sydney   January  2016     Achievements   o Lifting,  moving  and  placing  various  crowd  control  equipment  (Trackmats,   CCB,  Event  Grip,  Lighting  equipment,  Sound  equipment.   o Aiding  construction  of  stages  and  installations   o Operating  tools  and  radios   o Crowd  control  and  customer  service   o Selling  merchandise   o Directing  pedestrian  traffic     Brand  Ambassador   oOh!  Edge  –  Sydney   Black  Diamond  Agency-­‐  Sydney   Our  Boys  and  Girls  –  Sydney   DMC  Promotions  –  Sydney     October  2016  –  present     Achievements   o Engaging  with  customers  and  pedestrians   o Character  and  suit  work   o Sampling  products   o Reaching  KPIS  (Sales)   o Managing  own  stall     Sales  Assistant  (Keyholder)   Kathmandu  –  Burwood   March  2016  –  October  2016     Achievements   o Opened  and  closed  the  store   o Balanced  tills,  managed  floats  and  did  the  banking   o Visual  Merchandised  shop  floor   o Problem  solving  and  customer  relations   o Processing  returns,  refunds,  exchanges  and  faults   o Supervised  junior  casuals   o Unpacked  and  repacked  stock   o Experience  with  a  POS  system     Spruiker/Merchandise  Sales   Circus  Oz  –  Entertainment  Quarter   January  2016  
  3. 3.   Achievements     o Customer  service  and  entertainment   o Managing  own  float  and  sales   o Performing  in  front  of  large  audiences   o Managing  patrons  of  all  types  e.g  refugees  to  business  CEO’s     Site  Assistant/Tent  Crew   Circus  Oz  –  Entertainment  Quarter   December  2015     Achievements   o Setting  up  foundations  for  circus  tent   o Setting  up  tiered  seating   o Assisting  with  wiring  and  electrics   o Rigging  lights   o Tying  and  securing  canvas   o Building  stage       Sales  Assistant  (Senior  Casual)   Factorie  –  Bathurst   August  2013  -­‐  January  2016      Achievements   o Opened  and  closed  the  store   o Balanced  tills,  managed  floats  and  did  the  banking   o Visual  Merchandised  shop  floor   o Face  to  face  contact  with  customers   o Processing  returns,  refunds,  exchanges  and  faults   o Supervised  junior  casuals   o Unpacked  and  repacked  stock   o Experience  with  a  POS  system     Pizza  Maker   Crust  Gourmet  Pizza  Bar  –  Erindale   April  2011  -­‐  November  2011     Achievements   o Multi-­‐tasking  with  multiple  orders   o Cleaning  and  general  house-­‐keeping              
  4. 4.     PERSONAL  INTERESTS     Circus  arts  |  Theatre  |  Film  |  Acting  |  Music  |  Soccer  |  Animal  care  and  training         REFERENCES     Jess  Wilson     Stacey  Wilde       Mel  Fyfe   Store  Manager   Store  Manager     Company  Manager   0408707086     0497989466     0404  149  407