Using social media for job hunting


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The presentation given to Manchester students by Delineo's social media manager Tom Mason at ProDevDay

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Using social media for job hunting

  1. 1. Using social media to job hunt
  2. 2. About me • Social media campaign manager for Delineo • Plan and operate social media campaigns for a number of clients including The Co-operative • Manchester University Graduate – 2006 • Any questions, tweet me @delineo or @totmac
  3. 3. What social media sites can you use to job hunt?
  4. 4. Do employers use social media to recruit? • Yes. • Cheaper than traditional methods • Reach more relevant candidates • Get more coverage
  5. 5. • Manchester is the third biggest city in Europe for Twitter users • Number of influential users including: • Managing directors, HR managers, marketing managers • For example:
  6. 6. Jobs are often posted on Twitter • Add relevant people/companies (Google Twitter accounts, look on company websites, use Twitter lists • Interact with them (@, RT) • Tailor your updates towards what you want to do… • Ask if you’d like to work for this person? • Don't spam them with job enquiries
  7. 7. • Wordpress/Blogger • Blog about your interest • Very attractive for employers (Shows passion and expertise) • Write for the intended audience • Combine with social media to get it out there
  8. 8. • Online CV • Add previous experience/placements • Add a picture! • Join relevant local groups – e.g Manchester Digital, Northern Soho • Add people you meet • Get recommendations
  9. 9. • Not suitable for everyone – creatives/freelancers • Set up a page • Integrate existing materials – blogs, images, video • Keep an eye on it for spurious comments
  10. 10. • Flickr: Set up a photo set • YouTube: Video (CV, interests) • Let people know about these materials (add it all to your CV)
  11. 11. Graeme Anthony Video CV
  12. 12. Networking events • Create ‘proper’ connections with people • Creative/Marketing events: • CING • MESH MCR • Manchester Young Creatives • Social Media Café • Orchard - • Eventbrite • Meetup
  13. 13. Do employers care? • 53% of employers check candidates on social networks • Make sure: • Facebook privacy (photos, updates) • Remember Twitter is open • Anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see
  14. 14. Top reasons for not hiring a candidate: 43% found content that caused them not to hire the candidate • Candidate showed poor communication skills (31%) • Candidate posted content related to drink or drugs (10%)
  15. 15. Top reasons for not hiring a candidate: • Candidate made discriminatory comments (13%) • Candidate posted inappropriate photographs or information (9%)
  16. 16. Half of employers found content which resulted in a job offer… • Candidate showed solid communication skills (41%) • Profile provided a good feel for the candidate’s personality and fit (28%) • Candidate conveyed a professional image (22%) Positives of using social media
  17. 17. • Show an interest • Be aware of the image you’re projecting • Be creative In summary...
  18. 18. Any questions? • @totmac • @delineo