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SEO guide for beginners


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Slides from Paul Gardener's talk on SEO for beginners/

Published in: Technology
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SEO guide for beginners

  1. 1. SEO  Defining SEO  How it’s possible to influence Google rankings ESSENTIALLY...
  2. 2. What is SEO? SEO = Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
  3. 3. Why is SEO important? •Search engines bring in visitors More visitors = more customers More customers = more £££s
  4. 4. Search Position and Click Through Rate 1 42.30% 2 11.92% 3 8.44% 4 6.03% 5 4.86% 6 3.99% 7 3.37% 8 2.98% 9 2.83% 10 2.97%
  5. 5. General things ‘onsite’ that influence search results 2. Internal links 3. Written content on the sites 4. Other factors like domain age and filenames 1. Meta data
  6. 6. General things ‘offsite’ that influence search results 2. Blogging 1. External Links (up to 70% importance)
  7. 7. Meta Data The meta title provides a search engine with an idea of what the page is about. It’s important to research keywords and place them here. No more than 68 characters! The meta title is underlined in the search engine results pages. The meta description ‘describes’ the page. Keywords can be put in here, but it’s not as important as the meta title. The meta description appears under the title in the SERPS. The meta description is a good place for a call to action phrase.
  8. 8. Targeted search phrases model Number of times a phrase is used No. of different searches Generic phrase Qualified phrase Long-tail search phrase Longer tail search phrases “agency” “marketing agency” “Marketing agency in Manchester” “Top marketing agency in Manchester”
  9. 9. Links INTERNAL EXTERNAL Links that point to another page within the same website* Links that point to a page on a different website entirely
  10. 10. Links Inbound links signal site importance so the more links the better, similar to a ‘vote of confidence’ HOWEVER If we consider links like friends then we value some friends' opinions more than others One valued opinion (link) is worth more than many insignificant opinions (links) SO
  11. 11. Links If you ever get the opportunity to get an inbound link to Delineo, run it past us in digital, but generally this is a good thing HOWEVER Links MUST be relevant
  12. 12. Written content on the sites Google examines ALL content on a website in order to determine what the site is about. This works in tandem with the meta data to give the website the best chance of ranking for targeted keywords
  13. 13. SEO Do's and Don'ts DO – Include key phrases within text DON'T – Spam text with key phrases DO – Include different variations of key phrases within text and synonyms of core words DON'T – Include phrases where they are not relevant
  14. 14. Good Vs Bad Optimised Text Delineo marketing agency is one of the top marketing agencies in Manchester, and offers marketing services for companies seeking Manchester marketing. Delineo is one of the top marketing agencies in Manchester, delivering passionate and friendly marketing solutions in the North West. GOOD BAD, SPAMMY JUNK!
  15. 15. Summary of ‘on-page’ Influencing Factors If you influence anything that appears on a website, you can influence Google rank Meta title File name Alt tag optimisation Links text Headings (H1/2 tags) Content Keyword-rich links in content
  16. 16. Additional things to remember Google ignores punctuation in text e.g. Manchester. Marketing agencies are often... Google does not only see phrases e.g. Manchester. Some agencies will... Additional information is important for search e.g. advertising, digital, branding and other related terms