Manchester metropolitan university careers week


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Delineo advertising: Our social media manager Tom Mason spoke at the Manchester Metropolitan Careers Employability Week on how to use social media to job hunt.

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Manchester metropolitan university careers week

  1. 1. Using social media for job hunting Manchester Metropolitan University May 2012
  2. 2. About me:• Social media manager @delineo• Graduate of Manchester University• Found my job through social media• @totmac/@delineo
  3. 3. The three things to consider when using social media to jobhunt • Finding the jobs • Standing out from the crowd • Making the best impression
  4. 4. Finding the jobs: Why do employers use social media to findcandidates? • Cheaper than traditional methods • Reach more relevant candidates • Get more coverage • Familiarity
  5. 5. Finding the jobs: Twitter • „Jobs‟ • 3,836 mentions over 5-day period
  6. 6. Finding the jobs: Twitter
  7. 7. Twitter: Following the right people• Follow people in the industry you want to work in.• Follow official accounts - they tweet the jobs first.• Follow recruitment agencies• Search for job titles• Hashtags
  9. 9. Finding the jobs: LinkedIn• Professional Facebook• Recommends jobs based on your profile• Search for jobs• Jobs posted in groups
  10. 10. Finding the jobs: LinkedIn
  11. 11. Standing out from the crowd91% of employers use social media to screen candidates
  12. 12. Extreme examples of standing out from the crowd
  13. 13. Twitter• Promotion• Demonstrate a passion• Create relationships• Learn more
  14. 14. Twitter: Promotion• Profile blurb – promotional box.• Promoting anything you‟ve done relevant to your career(blogs, work experience)
  15. 15. Twitter: Demonstrate a passion• Post interesting content relating to what you want to do.• Website links• Your own thoughts on industry topics
  16. 16. Twitter: Let people know your situation
  17. 17. Twitter: Create relationships• RT and reply to other tweets• Leave your own opinion• Get into discussions• Look at popular events/hashtags• Work experience
  18. 18. LinkedIn• Online CV• Allow you to keep in contact with „connections‟• Share links and information• Promote your skills and experience
  19. 19. LinkedIn: Finding connections• Work experience• Past jobs• Networking events• Only use if it‟s relevant to you
  20. 20. Blogging • Great for promotion and raising awareness • Display a passion and knowledge • Increase your knowledge- of industry and platforms • Promote this content via your social channels insight • Posterous/Tumblr
  21. 21. Blogs don‟t have to be serious insight
  22. 22. Blog: What to blog about• Industry news• Your work• An event you‟ve been to• Stuff that interests you insight• One or twice every two weeks
  23. 23. Making the best impression“Every young person one day will be entitledautomatically to change his or her name on reachingadulthood in order to disown youthful hijinks storedon their friends social media sites.” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google insight
  24. 24. Keep an eye on your online footprint• Everything on Twitter is viewable insight
  25. 25. Facebook• Privacy settings – check to see what everyone can see• 53% of employers take a look at Facebook insight
  26. 26. Facebook insight
  27. 27. Make the best impression• Check your spelling• The mum rule insight
  28. 28. Some general pointers • There are no set rules • Don‟t feel like you have to do all at once • Stick with it