Search and Social Media Marketing Course Slides - Salford Universtiy


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Slides from Delineo Head of SEO Phil Morgan's session at SEO Training: Search and Social Media Marketing Course from Salford University.

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Search and Social Media Marketing Course Slides - Salford Universtiy

  1. 1. Search & Social Media Week 1 | 20th September 2012 Phil Morgan
  2. 2. About Me• Head of Search at Delineo• Been working in search for over 5 years, primarily as an SEO• Worked in-house and agency-side• Computer Science background (bit of a techie)• 1st Class BSc (Hons) Computing – Multimedia Systems – Leeds Metropolitan University• MSc Computer Science – Liverpool University @philipmorgan
  3. 3. About Delineo• Established in 1982• 40+ people over 2 locations• Top 50 agency outside London• In the top 5% of all creative agencies nationally• Winner of 2 RAR 2012 awards• Winner MI Network award 2011• Voted in the top 3 of The Co-operative‟s roster of agencies© Delineo 2012 no ideas, information or material to be reproduced without written permission
  4. 4. Overview • Current Search Landscape • What is an Algorithm update? • Developing a Keyword Plan • Importance of Forecasting & Keyword Targeting • Blog Writing – implementing keywords… • Measuring ROI – Google Analytics Key Metrics • Case studies including key metrics • Cool New Features of Google Analytics • Blogs and Twitter Users to Follow
  5. 5. Current State of Search – Google Still King “Google dominates mobile advertising with 95% market share for search ads and 52% market share for all types of mobile ads, according to eMarketer. The number of paid clicks on Google ads increased 42% over last year.” growing-pains.html?_r=0
  6. 6. Google’s Search Algorithm –What is an Update? More than just Pandas and Penguins
  7. 7. Google’s Search Algorithm• Updates form a core part of Google‟s search algorithm• Often „Quality‟ related• Panda affected 1% of all searches• Penguin affected 3.1% of searches• Other updates have included • Vince (2009) – Favour big brands • May Day (2010) – Impact on long- tail, precursor for Panda • Venice (2012) – Integration of local search data
  8. 8. Google’s Search Algorithm – Why so scared?• ALWAYS changing and tweaking• Effects of algorithm changes can be easier to detect than manual changes (penalties)
  9. 9. It All Starts with a Solid Keyword Plan
  10. 10. Where to Start with Keyword Research? • Think core services • Use Site Structure • Highest margin / Most profitable products • Vanity (can be called brand awareness) • Competitiveness • What‟s the likely time investment vs. return? • Is the site new or well established?
  11. 11. Excel Is Your Friend • CSV‟s, VLOOKUP, Tables…
  12. 12. Google Muscle Can Help Here! • Google AdWords Keyword Tool • Google Traffic Estimator – More accurate data for PPC Campaigns • Google Analytics – what‟s performing well and might just need a boost • Google Insights for Search – What‟s the demand like between keywords • AdWords Campaign Data (if you‟re lucky)
  13. 13. Google Insights for Search • Judge keyword demand /
  14. 14. Utilise Google Suggest • UberSuggest • Its free! • Great for keyword ideas • Easy export to text document • Utilises Google Suggest so there‟s a good chance there will be some search
  15. 15. Google AdWords Keyword Tool • Best tool for search volumes (in my opinion) • Drop in all keywords you‟ve found so far • Use exact match to get a good idea of what has volume and what doesn‟t • Export everything to Excel! • Combine with bing to see what competitors are doing…
  16. 16. Google AdWords Keyword Tool • Enter core keyword into Bing • Grab the URL from the search result
  17. 17. Google AdWords Keyword Tool • Drop this URL into the website box in AdWords Keyword Tool • See what the top 10 sites are optimising for and add to list
  18. 18. Refining Your List - Short Tail vs. Long Tail (BuyingCycle) • Balanced keyword portfolios are best • Think about short term and long term targets • Lots of products – may benefit from long-tail strategy
  19. 19. The Importance of Forecasting and ROI• What does a number one ranking mean in terms of revenue and ROI? Are they still the right keywords?• Speaking a clients language (£££)• Tricky in terms of SEO • 7-pack results • Local results • Video • AdWords• Provide a starting point and refine as data becomes available
  20. 20. SEO and ROI• Local UK search volume (Google Keyword Tool)• SEO Click Through Rate ( ctr-study/)• Website Conversion Rate• Average Order Value Search Vol. x CTR x Conv. Rate x Ave. Order Value = SEO Revenue
  21. 21. Refining Forecasts and Setting Expectations• Use as much data as you can get your hands on • Google Webmaster Tools • Conversion Rates at Product Levels• Target keyword list should include: • Long term short tail keyword targets • Short term „quick wins‟ • Existing keywords that need push (nearly 10% CTR difference between position 1 and position 2)
  22. 22. A guide to blogging• Regular website content• Wordpress/Blogger• 250-500 word posts on topics relevant to your industry• Space to write about news/industry topics/comment/opinion• Traffic driver from social networks• SEO benefits – Internal links
  23. 23. Good content topics• Top 10 ways to…• My thoughts on…• How do you…Tips and techniques• Share on social networks• Be professional• What will your intended audience be interested in?
  24. 24. Key Search Metrics • Revenue! • Non-brand aware search traffic • Non-paid, non-brand aware keywords • Conversion Rate • Exit Pages (Pain Points) • Creating Visitor Personas and Profiles
  25. 25. Visitor Persona – Real World Example Measure the overall quality of traffic Used to evaluate the customer journey by including specific pages
  26. 26. My Recommended Reading• Distilled Excel for SEO •• Google Webmaster Videos •• Search Engine Land •• The Art of SEO (Eric Enge)• Web Analytics 2.0 (Avinash Kaushik)
  27. 27. Twitter • Ross Hudgens @RossHudgens • Jason Acidre @jasonacidre • Matt Cutts @mattcutts (Head of Google WebSpam Team) • Econsultancy @Econsultancy • David Mihm @davidmihm (Local SEO Expert) • Tom Mason @totmac (Delineo Head of Social Media) • Richard Baxter @richardbaxter (SEOGadget) • State of Search @stateofsearch (Search & Social Blog) • Blueglass @blueglass (US Search Agency – Great Blog) • Delineo @delineo • Me! @philipmorgan
  28. 28. Questions? @philipmorgan